Cookie Run Kingdom codes (February 2024) - Free crystals and more

Screenshot of characters from Cookie Run: Kingdom, with cookie-based characters and a pink background
February 26, 2024: We've added a bunch of new Cookie Run Kingdom codes for you to redeem.

Cookie Run Kingdom codes can help provide all the crystals you need to pull the best characters in the game, but you'll need to redeem them fast: they don't last long. Our list is constantly updated to reflect the latest working and expired codes, so you'll never miss out on any freebies if you check back often.

Codes for Cookie Run Kingdom award anything from gacha crystals to EXP Jellies, topping pieces, rainbow cubes for the costume gacha, and just about any in-game item you can think of. And you can redeem them super fast online, too, if you're away from your phone.

For more Cookie Run Kingdom guides, check out our updated Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. And if you're stuck as to which toppings to use for some of the best cookies in the game, we have a Crunchy Chip Cookie build ready, a Wildberry Cookie build, and a Caramel Arrow Cookie build, too. Just click that blue link to see the lot.

Cookie Run Kingdom codes

New WELCOMETOBEASTYEAST3000 Crystals, 1500 Rainbow Cubes, 10 Magic Cookie Cutters
New CRK3RDANNIVERSARYA150 Topping Pieces
New CRK3RDANNIVERSARYYE5 Magic Cookie Cutters
New CRK3RDANNIVERSARYAS5 Special Cookie Cutters
DESPERATEMEASURESLCS100 Stamina Jellies and 100 Star Jellies EXP
DESPERATEMEASURESLCS100 Stamina Jellies and 100 Star Jellies EXP
HOLESOMEADVENTURE3,000 gems and 1,000 Rainbow Cubes
DESPERATEMEASURESLCS100 Stamina Jellies and 100 Star Jellies EXP

Expired Codes

Screenshot from the Cookie Run: Kingdom code redemption site
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  • Head to the Cookie Run Kingdom coupon redeem page.
  • On the website, start by typing in the name of your DevPlay account exactly as it's shown in the 'Info' tab of the Cookie Run: Kingdom settings page. This is not your Player ID.
  • Enter your CRK codes in the box below this, then press the 'Claim Reward' button.
  • If the code is valid, you’ll get a message on the web page saying so.
  • Restart the Cookie Run: Kingdom app and the items will be in your mailbox.

For a mobile game, the method of using Cookie Run: Kingdom codes is surprisingly difficult. In fact, you can’t redeem them from within the mobile app. Therefore, your only option is to head to a PC, or web browser, to redeem.

Once you've confirmed that one code works, close the game and redeem all the working cookie Run: Kingdom codes. You'll be able to claim them all in one go without repeatedly logging in.

The official Cookie Run Kingdom Twitter is updated daily, and as such, will be the best place to keep an eye on for new codes. The game’s Instagram is equally active, as is the Discord channel - all of which are useful when snooping for codes.

Equally, there are some ways to get Cookie Run: Kingdom freebies without waiting for codes. The official Twitter occasionally runs competitions and giveaways, where anyone can get some new items. Add that account your list of notifications or daily checks and you'll see plenty of opportunities to score some free gems.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to bookmark this page and check back regularly. We’ll be updating the list as and when new Cookie Run: Kingdom codes release, meaning this should be your first port of call for more baked fun.

Those are all the Cookie Run Kingdom codes we have right now. For more freebies, grab some Roblox codes like Sumo Simulator codes and Haze Piece codes.

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