The Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Wildberry Cookie Toppings

May 11, 2022: We're putting the latest tough cookie through his paces. We'll have more on the best Wildberry Cookie toppings soon.

Now out in the wild, the best Wildberry Cookie toppings are slowly starting to become known. This brand-new "big" cookie resists knockbacks and other such mechanics with his large body, making it easier to place him into a team against the current Cookie Run: Kingdom meta.

Down below, we're going to theorize what the best Wildberry Cookie toppings could look like. His move is simple, but testing it isn't. We've gathered up a good guess as to how to build him already, but we'll be tweaking it as the days go by, so don't invest too much into this new Cookie if you're already short on funds.

If you're struggling to pull the new cookie, why not read up on how to correctly build two other recent additions with our Caramel Arrow Cookie toppings and Cherry Blossom cookie toppings guides. And click that blue link at the top to jump straight to our dedicated Cookie Run: Kingdom page for even more guides.

Best Toppings
Alternative Toppings
Juicy Apple Jelly x5
Searing Raspberry x3, Solid Almond x2
DMG Resist, Crit%
Squishy Jelly Watch

It's too early to say what the definite Wildberry Cookie toppings are right now until we can give the character's ability a deeper test across most modes, but the spread above should give a general idea of what to aim for when it comes to the best Wildberry toppings around.

By aiming for Crit% first and foremost, the aim is to get Wildberry Cookie's hard-hitting uppercut to hit even harder. With a generally low cooldown, getting consistent critical hits can mean crazy damage numbers in hectic fights.

For sub-stats, we look to ATK and Damage Resist to make for more consistent damage alongside survivability. After all, Wildberry Cookie deals more damage the more times he is hit during his ability - not based on exactly how much damage he takes.

If we can reduce the damage numbers, he'll be in a better position to counter those hits time and time again.

How Do I Get Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Unlike the new Clotted Cream Cookie that released alongside him, Wildberry Cookie does feature as a rate-up character in his own banner. That means he's relatively easy to get through the current banner - provided you have the luck and crystals to grab him.

We understand you probably have a lot of Wildberry Cookie questions (trust us, we do, too) but that's all the information we have on hand at the moment. Tuesday can't come soon enough, but until then, maybe look into how to get Sailor Tails in Sonic Speed Simulator if you're into that similarly grindy game.

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