The Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom Toppings Build

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Image of Cherry Blossom and Cherry Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom
April 20, 2022: We've settled on the best Cherry Blossom Cookie toppings and explained whether or not Cherry Blossom Cookie is any good. Read our thoughts below.

Freshly announced during the DevSisters livestream, we now know the Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom release date and, as such, the details we need to conjure up the best Cherry Blossom Cookie toppings build we can think of. If you've managed to grab her in a gacha pull but don't know the best topping loadouts, then we've got you covered.

As teased by a fairly innocent tweet a few weeks ago, Cherry Blossom Cookie is here to ring in Spring. This adorable cookie is already in other franchise games like OvenBreak, but has recently made her way to Kingdom, which makes planning the perfect Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom toppings build just that little bit easier.

Elsewhere in the delightful gacha game, our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes list can prep you for her arrival. We've also got a Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to help you choose your roster, as well as a specifically tailored Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP tier list to give you that crucial competitive edge.

The Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom Cookie Toppings Build

Best Alternative
5x Sweet Candy M (Amplify Buff)5x Sweet Candy S (Amplify Buff)

Right now, the best approach seems to be kitting the next character with nothing but Amplify Debuff toppings - those are what we consider to the best Cherry Blossom Cookie toppings right now. Things could change as we test further, but the very basic idea is to bypass the ten stack limit of her ATK buff by simply increasing the boost it gives.

It scales very well from skill level, and Amplify Buff toppings only boost it further. It's easy to hit the ten stack limit - Cotton Cookie is still a common sight in PVP, and landing Cherry Blossom's skill on her sheep can easily turn the tide with extra stacks.

Image of Cherry Cookie below a tree in Cookie Run: Kingdom
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Is Cherry Blossom Cookie Good?

Whether you're pulled her already or you're looking to spend your gems, you'll want to know whether Cherry Blossom Cookie is good or not before investing precious resources like Star Jellies and topping pieces.

For the most part, whether or not Cherry Blossom Cookie is good depends on what you expect from her - or what you want her to help you with. Her skill isn't the best for most PVP battles: the damage isn't terrific, her buff can be hard to build, and you're just generally better off benching her for a better cookie. But for PVE, where there are lots of enemies to quickly scale the team's attack off, she can pull her weight.

Again, though, with her main buff scaling from the number of enemies hit, she isn't going to be the deciding factor in boss battles later in the story. Instead, she shines more in areas like the Tropical Soda Islands and Cookie Alliance, where she can quickly build ATK stacks for the team and deal solid area damage.

In all, Cherry Blossom Cookie isn't fantastic. Instead, she fills in for where cookies like Caramel Arrow and Eclair failed to leave their mark. They were good in boss battles like the Guild Dragon and PVP, but not terrific elsewhere. Cherry Blossom Cookie is the opposite.

What Is Cherry Blossom Cookie's Role?

Cherry Blossom Cookie is a rear Ambush Cookie. That goes against the apparent leaks that billed her as a front Defender. In hindsight, we've had a few of those recently with Cocoa and similar Cookies like Dark Cacao.


What Is Cherry Blossom Cookie's Ability?

As an Ambush-class Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie's ability is a complicated barrage of high-damage hits that will require a particular team setup to make the most of.

First and foremost, it's a PVE skill designed to get through wave-based content like the Soda Islands and Cookie Alliance. It scales off the number of targets it hits, making larger battles far more important. In PVP, the stacks are predictable until someone like Cotton Cookie spawns a bunch of extra enemies for her to extract more power from.

That's it for our early look at Cherry Blossom in Cookie Run: Kingdom! Now she's here, why not also use our Affogato Cookie best toppings build guide to get a feel for another fighter. That's on top of our Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors list, so you can put a name behind your favourite characters.

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