Cookie Run Kingdom voice actors list

Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors include Finn from Adventure Time in the lead role.

Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors include Finn from Adventure Time in the lead role.
October 2023, 2023: We added Pinecone Cookie's VA to the lis.

Wondering whether any of the Cookie Run Kingdom voice actors perform for any of your favourite anime and videogame characters? Cookie Run: Kingdom has a star-studded lineup of English voice actors. With over 80 playable characters to cover, we have a long, long list below that's always growing.

Finn from Adventure Time plays a major role, with voice actors from Persona 5, Nier, Sailor Moon, and even Falcon and the Winter Solider being present as well. So whether you've recognized an iconic voice or just want to see who you know from the new English patch, read on.

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English Voice Actor
Known For
Chris Parson
Final Fantasy XV (Gladio), Overwatch (Junk Rat)
Jeannie Tirado
Genshin Impact (Kujou Sara)
Ray Chase
Nier Replicant (Nier), Final Fantasy XV (Noctis)
Erika Ishii
Code Vein (Female PC), Vacation Simulator (Vacation Bot)
Courtenay Taylor
Resident Evil (Ada Wong), OK K.O.! (multiple)
Elysia Rotaru
Avengers (Alisande Morales), Anthem (Princess Zhim)
Black Raisin
Tiana Camacho
Cris Tales (Galley, June), Cells at Work! (White Blood Cell Neutrophil)
Michelle Phan
Marvel Avengers Academy (Jessica Jones)
Rosanno Pansino
YouTube (MichellePhan)
Chili Pepper
Kiera Please
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Cookie Run Kingdom is always adding new characters to the game, so we expect this list of voice actors to increase as time goes on. This update brought two more along with it, and with a big new event kicking off as well, there's a lot of additional content in the pipeline.

As the story continues and new characters emerge to counter others in its growing PVE section and competitive PVP playlist, the chance for other well-known or fresh-faced voice actors to play their part is always on the cards.

While most videogame voice acting used to be done in a studio alongside the voice director, a mixture of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased availability of high-quality audio equipment means that lots of voice actors record in their own homes now. We don't know if this is true for the Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors.

There may be a studio, but for travel reasons and due to the size of the cast, some may still prefer, and be allowed to, record from their homes or personal studios. You can learn more about the Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors, their craft, and their equipment by watching the behind-the-scenes playlist on YouTube.

After the February 24 update, it's easy to see who voices your favourite Cookie Run: Kingdom character. Just hop onto the story page for the cookie you want to know more about, and you should see the provider of the character's voice in the bottom-left corner. It's a good way to confirm a Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actor if you've just heard a single line that makes you think "I've heard them before."

And that's it for the Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors list for now. We're always updating it as and when new cookies release. For more mobile RPG recommendations, check out the League of Pantheons code list and Awaken: Chaos Era tier list. They're both big new RPGs in the same vein as this real-time arena battler.

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