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Cookie Run: Kingdom Voice Actors

The full Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors list has been released just in time for the big English update. Though the patch includes some new battle content for series veterans to get stuck into, it's bound to be the perfect time for a swarm of newcomers to enter the game. So whether you've recognized an iconic voice from before the update or just want to see who you know from the new English patch, read on. We even have them set against some of their most popular roles.

Already, Cookie Run: Kingdom has a star-studded lineup of English voice actors. With 64 playable characters and plenty of other friends and enemies to voice as well, you're sure to recognize a name or voice as you make your way through the game. Finn from Adventure Time plays a major role, with voice actors from Persona 5, Nier, Sailor Moon, and even Falcon and the Winter Solider having parts to play.

The release of the Cookie Run: Kingdom English language update is a great time to pick up the game. After all, it ranks high on our best gacha games list. If you're just getting started, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to ensure you're pulling for the best. And if you need more gems to do so, we have plenty of new and exclusive Cookie Run Kingdom codes you can redeem as well.


All Confirmed Cookie Run: Kingdom Voice Actors

Character English Voice Actor Known For
AdventurerChris ParsonFinal Fantasy XV (Gladio), Overwatch (Junk Rat)
AlchemistJeannie TiradoGenshin Impact (Kujou Sara)
AlmondRay ChaseNier Replicant (Nier), Final Fantasy XV (Noctis)
AngelErika IshiiCode Vein (Female PC), Vacation Simulator (Vacation Bot)
AvocadoCourtenay TaylorResident Evil (Ada Wong), OK K.O.! (multiple)
BeetElysia RotaruAvengers (Alisande Morales), Anthem (Princess Zhim)
Black RaisinTiana CamachoCris Tales (Galley, June), Cells at Work! (White Blood Cell Neutrophil)
BlackberryMichelle PhanMarvel Avengers Academy (Jessica Jones)
CarrotRosanno PansinoYouTube (MichellePhan)
Chili PepperKiera PleaseMusician
CloverKimberly BrooksPsychonauts 2 (Hollis Forsythe), The Owl House (Skara)
Cream PuffLucien DodgeKonoSuba (Dust), Danganronpa V3 (Keebo)
CustardCassandra Lee MorrisPersona 5 (Morgana), World of Final Fantasy (Enna Kros)
Dark CacaoPatrick SeitzBeastars (Riz), River City Girls (Abobo)
Dark ChocoIsaac Robinson SmithAvengers (Theo), Marvel's What If...? (Brick)
Dark EnchantressPatty McCormackThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - 1960 (Joanna Wilkes)
DevilAleks LeLost Judgement (Shinya Kawai), Final Fantasy VII Intergrade (Sonon Kusakabe)
EspressoZach AguilarYakuza: Like a Dragon (Sota Kume), Tales of Arise (Gayne)
FigGiselle FernandezShironeko (Theo)
Fire SpiritAustin Lee MatthewsFinal Fantasy VII Remake (Roche), Pokémon Evolutions (Professor Sycamore)
GingerBraveJeremy ShadaAdventure Time (Finn)
Golden CheesePilar UribeA.I.C.O (Akiko Nanbara)
GumballCaylusYouTube (Caylus)
HerbKhoi DaoDeathloop (Charlie Montague), Genshin Impact (Albedo)
HollyberryElizabeth MaxwellPersona 5 (Sae Niijima), Persona 5 (Rosaria)
KnightDaniel AmermanLeague of Legends (Ezreal), Final Fantasy VII Intergrade (Polk)
KumihoKimlinh TranThe Rising of the Shield Hero (Keel), Wargroove (Ragna)
LatteVivian LamolliBosch (Yum Yum)
LicoriceCameron BowenInjustice 2 (Red Hood), Infinite Crisis (Robin)
LilacBehzad DabuHow to Get Away with Murder (Simon Drake)
MadeleineYong YeaPaladins: Champions of the Realm (Vatu)
MaLa SauceCaitlyn ElizabethLittle Witch Academia (Croix Meridies)
MangoChristian BanasPokemon Journeys (Fisherman, Team Rocket Grunt)
MilkDaman MillsSonny Boy (Aakaze), Dragon Ball Super (Frieza)
Millennial TreeKeith SilversteinGenshin Impact (Zhongli), Persona 5 (Masayoshi Shido)
Mint ChocoZeno RobinsonCris Tales (Cristopher), Pokémon Journeys (Goh)
MoonlightGK BowesAggretsuko (Tsunoda)
MuscleOJ GamingYouTube (OrangeJuiceGaming)
NinjaStephen FuWonder Egg Priority (Shuichiro Sawaki)
OnionLilyPichuGenshin Impact (Sayu)
PancakeInquisitorMasterYouTube (InquisitorMaster)
ParfaitLeeandLie (AmaLee)Cardcaptor Sakura (Akiho Shinomoto), Pokémon Evolutions (Lillie)
PastryColleen O'ShaughnesseySonic the Hedgehog (Tails), Digimon (Sora Takenouchi)
Poison MushroomA.J. BecklesTokyo Revengers (Takemichi Hanagaki)
PomegranateVictoria GraceMirai (Mirai), The Last of Us: Part II (Yara)
PrincessEden RiegelNier (Devola/Popola), Persona 5 (Hifumi Togo)
Pure VanillaYuri LowenthalSpider-Man PS4/PS5 (Spider-Man/Peter Parker)
Purple YamSean ChiplockRe:ZERO (Subaru Natsuki), Lost Judgement (Matsui)
RaspberryChristina KirkmanAll That (2003-2005)
Red VelvetMax MittelmanPersona 5 (Ryuji Sakamoto) Final Fantasy VII Remake (Red XIII)
RyeAmber Lee ConnorsWonder Egg Priority (Kurumi Saijo)
Sea FairyLaura PostA Whisker Away (Kaoru Mizutani), Nier Reincarnation (Akeha)
Snow SugarAnalesa FisherGenshin Impact (Saimon)
Sorbet SharkArianna RatnerWorld of Warcraft (various)
SparklingXander MobusPersona 5 (Ren Amamiya)
Squid InkCourtney LinKageki Shojo!! (Ruri Shirohana)
StrawberryAnairis QuinonesNew Pokémon Snap (Rita), Wonder Egg Priority (Rika Kawai)
Strawberry CrepeValeria RodriguezGenshin Impact (Sucrose)
Tiger LilyStephanie ShehSailor Moon (Sailor Moon),
Twizzly GummyDawn Michelle BennettWonder Egg Priority (Neiru Aonuma), Freedom Planet (Lilac)
VampireJason KayeRed Dead Redemption 2 (various)
WerewolfDesmond ChiamThe Falcon and the Winter Solider (Dovich)
White LilyErica MendezSailor Moon (Sailor Uranus), New Pokémon Snap (Phil)
Wind ArcherKellen GoffLost Judgement (Sakaki), Genshin Impact (Abyss Herald),
WizardKyle McCarleyNier (9S) Harry Potter Wizards Unite (Harry Potter)

Cookie Run: Kingdom is always adding new characters to the game, so we expect this list of voice actors to increase as time goes on. This update brought two more along with it, and with a big new event kicking off as well, there's a lot of additional content in the pipeline.

As the story continues and new characters emerge to counter others in its growing PVE section and competitive PVP playlist, the chance for other well-known or fresh-faced voice actors to play their part is always on the cards.