Awaken: Chaos Era Tier List (January 2023) - Best characters for PVE

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January 11, 2023: We updated our list to include the characters from Attack on Titan

Ready to raid in this month's big mobile RPG release? The Awaken: Chaos Era tier list will be the judge of that. This brand-new release is bound to turn heads due to its similarities with another well-known mobile RPG. And while they are similar, they're different enough that players of both should be able to happily co-exist.


As you scroll down this page, you'll learn what makes the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list tick, why it exists, and how you can start your account off right by pulling for only the best heroes in the game.

Looking for mobile games to play? We've been busy creating tier lists and codes guides for months now. Our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list is worth checking out. As is our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list if you prefer something softer. For more active combat, the current Mobile Legends tier list is for you.

Here's the PVE Awaken: Chaos Era tier list for launch.

Awaken: Chaos Era tier list - best characters for PVE

Tier Heroes
SEren, Mikasa, Levi, Rodira, Gangelo, Santis, Charles, Hakrin, Valuk, Mytheasia, Blackhorn, Nathalia, Zatlux, Evelyn Firstdawn, Lunar Melizza
ABrand, Rogge, Marian Shadowblood, Yolanda, Connor, Brand the Brilliant, Joseph, Mulhex, Jacob, Valeria, Orakh, Evera, William, Antinua, Okubi, Hydrissea, Crazed Urzag, Ciara, Hulens, Windstrex, Boolin, Corrupt Orakh, Imogen
BAndre, Celine, Marian, Zachary, Myla, Cece, Earendil, Melizza, Mulago, Hector, MogNar, Kane, Thomas, Agzul, Bruszakk, Vance, Tia, Celestial Kane, Ztlin, Opal, Edicris, Rujago
CLightwing Zachary, Darkened Nicklaus, Dark Dragon Asrina, Hassel, Rourke, Dulov, Lydia, Nicklaus, Tuzago, Harbeg, Balberith, Muudos, Desmond, Vidar, Lordrec, Freya, Sylan, Borden, Abaddon
DVught, Helmar, Maluk, Urzag, Gubeg, Barack, Hugh, Ghajar, Savanna
FHarbeg, Ghajar, Dulov

As a team-building game, there's little to gain from taking the Awaken: Chaos Era at face value. Building a team of nothing by S-tier characters won't get you far. Their stats and skills might be powerful, but if you end with a team of nothing but raw attackers, you'll miss having the holy trinity of damage-dealers, tanks, and healers that play an integral part in basic RPG team building.


As such, it's recommended that you use the above Awaken: Chaos Era tier list as a guideline for building your own teams. You presumably won't have a perfect selection of S-tier units. So what you want to do instead is identify your best few units using the tier list, then pad out any role slots with others.

You want that team synergy, and getting it will make characters of any tier come into their own. A good example is building a team around the Abaddon and Zachery units you can get with the latest Awaken: Chaos Era codes.

And that's it for the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list for now. We've already updated our tables with a bunch of new post-launch characters, and we'll continue to do so for as long as they appear. If you're looking for similar games to play, our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list and League of Pantheons tier list can help there.