League of Pantheons Tier List - Best Heroes and Reroll Method

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Looking to climb the ranks of another mobile RPG? You'll want to build your team around the current best heroes on the League of Pantheons tier list. It's early days for the latest in a long line of mobile auto-battle RPGs, so the tier list is still subject to a lot of changes as new characters and balance patches roll out. But as a starting player, you'll want to aim for the highest on the list right now if you're to have any chance of keeping up.

By pulling for characters high on the League of Pantheons tier list at launch, you'll stand the best chance of pushing through the campaign and staying atop the PVP leaderboards as you flesh out your teams and strategies. And the better you do early on, the more rewards you'll reap to keep yourself on top as bigger and better characters release.

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Valkyrie is an easy-to-get character high on the League of Pantheons tier list.
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League of Pantheons Tier List - Best Launch Heroes

Tier Heroes
SVenus, Pandora, Nidhogg, Abaddon, Illsya
AZeus, Raphael, Hel, DPH, Erial, Jormugand
BDionysus, Gaiming, Cynthia, Sphinx, Fenrir, Valkyrie, Hamdell
CAlleria, Hera, Titan, Ratatoski, Poseidon, Nezha, Pheonix
DHades, Dark Lord, Anubis, Odin, Loki, Prometheus
FWyrmlich, Athena, Aensland, Magma Fiend, Seraph, Pan, Apollo

The current League of Pantheons tier list includes only five-star characters for the time being, nor does it take team synergy into account. Weighed only on the raw strength and abilities of each individual character, it isn't to say a randomly stacked team of S-tier League of Pantheon heroes will defeat a well-built and thought out team consisting of heroes spread across different tiers and rarities.


As such, it's worth only taking the current League of Pantheons tier list at face value. Early on, when five-star heroes are at a premium, the key is to use the tier list as a reference point when building a team. Either build a team around the strengths and weaknesses of a five-star character you already have, or pad a new team with your desired roles from across hero rarities and use the tier list to find which five-star hero in your collection is best suited to fill the final slot.

How Do I Promote Heroes in League of Pantheons? - Full Materials List

Current Hero Ranking Resulting Hero Promotion Ranking Required Hero Promotion Materials
Four-StarFive-Star2x Same Hero (four-star), 5x Same Element hero (four-star), 4x Same Element hero (three-star)
Five-StarSix-Star1x Same Hero (five-star), 1x Exclusive Hero (five-star), 3x Same Element Hero (five-star)
Six-StarSeven-Star4x Same Element Hero (five-star), 1000 Adept Stones
Seven-StarEight-Star3x Same Element Hero (five-star), 1x Same Element Hero (one-star), 2000 Adept Stones
Eight-StarNine-Star1x Same Hero (five-star), 2x Same Element Hero (five-star), 1x Same Element Hero (one-star), 4000 Adept Stones
Nine-StarTen-Star (MAX)2x Same Hero (five-star), 1x Same Same Element (one-star), 1x Any Hero (nine-star), 10,000 Adept Stones

Like any mobile auto-battle RPG, you'll be spending the vast majority of your time farming materials to upgrade your best League of Pantheons heroes. Though you can find many of the best heroes at five-star promotion levels from the gacha if you're lucky enough, any character can be promoted all the way up to a ten-star rating.

To do so, you'll need a lot of resources. Not only will you need multiple copies of the same character at a four or five-star rating (depending on their own), but you'll need to "feed" them other characters of similar rankings and elements. At the very top of the upgrade cycle, you'll even need a boatload of Adept Stones as well.


To make it easier to identify and keep hold of items you may need for hero promotions, we've broken down the entire resource list into the table above. That way you'll know exactly what you need to promote a four-star League of Pantheons hero all the way to the ten-star max promotion ranking.

Here's how to perform a League of Pantheons reroll and get a character high on the tier list straight away.
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How Do I Reroll in League of Pantheons? - League of Pantheons Reroll Guide and Steps

  • Log into the game
  • Tap the Profile icon, Settings, Redeem Pack, and type LOP999 into the window
  • Go to your inventory and use the Revelation Summon Scroll
  • Resummon until you get Valkyrie

Rerolling in League of Pantheons is really easy. If you know where to look, at least. Though the game gives you a couple of single summons right at the start, these are likely fixed for the sake of the tutorial. And given there's no easy way to get 2000 gems for a ten-pull quickly, rerolling by deleting your account (as is the case with most mobile gacha games) isn't really viable.

Instead, to reroll in League of Pantheons, you need to use a promo code. Type LOP999 into the code redemption screen once you're out of the tutorial to get a Revelation Summon Scroll. This will enable you to reroll a fixed banner as many times as you want until you get the desired result.

Right now, you want to perform a League of Pantheons reroll until you get at least one Valkyrie. You can try for a second, but it could get time-consuming. Once you're happy with the results, confirm the reroll and play the game.

You can bind a League of Pantheons guest account to your email address.
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How Do I Bind a League of Pantheons Account?

Note: You can't go back and tie a League of Pantheons guest account to anything but your email.

If you've started the game with a guest account (or multiple) to speed up the League of Pantheons reroll process, you'll want to bind your account to trusted service to keep it from becoming inaccessible if you ever log out or change devices.

You can bind your League of Pantheons guest account by tapping your in-game profile icon in the top-left corner, tapping into the Settings menu, and tapping the Bind Email button.

Make an effort to tap the Copy ID button as well. Store your account number somewhere safe and you'll stand a better chance of recovering it through Customer Support if it's ever hacked or lost.