Epic Seven tier list - Every character ranked (November 2022)

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Looking for an Epic Seven tier list? This turn-based RPG sees you collect and build a team from a vast selection of characters, each with their own class, element, and playstyle. In some ways, this anime RPG is a little reminiscent of AFK Arena, with its own distinctive 2D style, gacha mechanics, and skill animations, though without the idle play element.

Epic Seven also features a variety of PvP arena and raid content, meaning you'll have to create a strong team and build your characters if you want to overcome everything the game has to throw at you. That's where this Epic Seven tier list comes in. We've collated every character in the game according to their usability, strength, and overall rating.


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Epic Seven tier list

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Though we have sorted our page into lists of each class type, each hero has an element attributed to them, and a star rarity, too. These factored into our choices.

Without further ado, here's our Epic Seven tier list broken down into every class in the game!

Knight Tier List

There's no shortage of candidates for the premier Epic Seven Knights, but not all are worth your time.

Tier Character
SCharles, Adventurer Ras, Tywin, Krau
ACharlotte, Shadow Rose, Rose, Last Rider Krau, Falconer Kuri, Lilias, Fallen Cecilia, Crimson Armin
BMort, Yulha, Belian, Senya, Ilynav, Crozet, Chaos Inquisitor, Armin, Shadow Knight Phyllis, Cecilia, Ambitious Tywin, Fighter Maya
CButcher Corps Inspector, Arowell, Phyllis, Ras, Eaton, Kikirat V2, Bask, Hasol, Maya, Helen, Troublemaker Crozet
DTaranor Royal Guard, Kluri, Christy

Warrior Tier List

Only the best of the best will do when you need a powerful fighter for your team.

Tier Character
SMartial Artist Ken, Yufine, Sigret, Ravi
ASol Badguy, Hwayoung, Little Queen Charlotte, Ken, Cermia, Chloe, Straze, Apocalypse Ravi, Kitty Clarissa, Assassin Cartuja, Mercenary Helga, Rem
BLuna, Dingo, Free Spirit Tieria, Inferno Khawazu, Lilibet, Choux, Commander Lorina, General Purrgis, Rimuru, Clarissa, Dark Corvus, Jack-O, Khawazu, Lena, Zahhak, Conqueror Lilias, Mediaor Kawerik, Mui, Baitisse, Lionheart Cermia, Alencia, Gunther, Captian Rikoris, Church of Ilryos Axe, Designer Lilibet, Taeyou
CJudge Kise, Taranor Guard, Bad Cat Armin, Lorina, Mucacha, Great Chief Khawana, Camilla, Purrgis, Rikoris, Ains, Cartuja, Chaos Sect Axe, Helga
DCorvus, Melany, Tieria, Jauta, Enott, Azalea

Mage Tier List

Mages come in all sizes, though the best ones blend support options with DPS, making them invaluable to any team.

Tier Character
SSilver Blade Aramintha, Auxiliary Lots, Specter Tenebria, Vivian, Luluca
AChampion Zerato, Zealot Carmainerose, Aria, Researcher Carrot, Ludwig, Fairytale Tenebria, Baal and Sezan, Kawerik, Celestial Mercedes, Tenebria, Aramintha, Melissa, Dizzy, Top Model Luluca, Challenger Dominiel, Basar
BCarmainerose, Politis, Gloomyrain, Zerato, Eda, Romann, Benevolent Romann, Guider Aither, Mistychain, Angel of Light angelica, Sage Baal and Sezan, Ram, Serila, Mercedes
CArchdemon’s Shadow, Otillie, Hurado, Zeno, Milim, Carrot, Dominiel, Doll Maker Pearlhorizon, Solitaria of the Snow
DJena, Pearlhorizon, Adlay

Ranger Tier List

Don't neglect the Ranger class. Their debuffs can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

Tier Character
SSeaside Bellona, Landy, Briar Witch Iseria
AOperator Sigret, All Rounder Wanda, Watcher Schuri, Iseria, Leo, Lidica, Cerise, Flan, Bellona
BElphelt Valentine, Pavel, Silk, Yuna, Celeste, Command Model Laika, Furious, Vigilante Leader Glenn, Wanderer Silk, Schuri, Glenn, Wanda, Bomb Model Kanna, Pirate Captain Fian, Summertime Iseria
CIan, Godmother, Nemunas
DRoaming Warrior Leo, Kris, Rima, Muse Rima

Soul Weaver Tier List

Any team needs a good Soul Weaver to keep everyone fighting fit. These are the finest of the bunch.

Tier Character
SAchates, Ruele of Light, Roana, Angelica, Tamarinne
AMagic Scholar Doris, Lots, Blood Moon Haste, Rin, Mascot Hazel, Diene, Angelic Montmorancy, Shooting Star Anchates, Ray, Maid Chloe, Destina, Blaze Dingo
BAither, Lucy, Kizuna Al, Sonia, Requiemroar, Emilia, Desert Jewel Basar, Sinful Angelica, Elena
CJecht, Hazel, Ainos, Shuna
DElson, Montmorancy, Doris

Thief Tier List

Rack up the critical hits with these top thief picks for Epic Seven.

Tier Character
SArbiter Vildred, Vildred, Kise, Blood Blade Karin, Violet, Kayron, Sez,
AAssassin Coli, Celine, Baiken, Haste, Remnant Violet, Karin, Specimen Sez, Assassin Cidd, Ervalen, Cidd, Crescent Moon Rin, Coli
BMirsa, Tempest Surin, Righteous Thief Roozid, Surin, Peira, Closer Charles, Ran, Verdant Adin, Adin, Khawana, Muwi, Penelope, Orte
CAlexa, Spirit Eye Celine, Sven, Hataan