Nier Reincarnation Tier List - Best Characters for PVE and PVP

June 14, 2022: We've checked our list and kept it up to date.

Where does every character fit on our Nier Reincarnation tier list? Though you'll likely be able to get through Nier Reincarnation's tear-jerking storyline just fine with whichever heroes you manage to find on your travels, some will be blatantly better than others. Between story chapter releases, however, you may want to turn your attention to PvP to keep the battles coming. For that, we've crafted up-to-date tier lists for both PvE and PvP.

Because you'll want to roll in different banners depending on how you intend to play the game, we've also put together a small section on how to perform a Nier Reincarnation reroll in case you've come into the this a little too late and didn't get the best starting pull.

Beyond that, we actually have tier lists for a bunch of different mobile games right now. You can check out our tier list hub for those. And if you're looking to maximize your gains in the biggest mobile titles around, we have a codes hub for promotional goodies as well.

Nier Reincarnation Character Tier List

PvE Tier List

PvE Tier
2P (Mock Machinery), Gayle (Gelebretory Hunter), A2 (Divergent Attacker), Emil (Divergent Oddity), Fio (Intoner Girl), Griff (Abstract Captain), Gayle (Gelebretory Hunter), Noelle (Celebratory Weapon), The World-Ender (Divergent Lad)
063y (Fractured Prisoner), 2B (Divergent Battler), Akeha (Summer Assassin), Dimos (Abstract Gunman), Gayle (Abstract Hunter), Gayle (Bloody Hunter), Griff (Celebretory Captain), F66x (Abstract Captive), Fio (Abstract Girl), Fio (Summer Girl), Levania (Reborn Beast), Priyet (Abstract Werebeast), Rion (Mechanical Exile), Rion (Summer Exile), Zero (Divergent Sister)
9S (Divergent Scanner), Akeha (Abstract Assassin), Akeha (Dissenting Assassin), Akeha (Mechanical Assassin), Argo (Celebratory Traveler), Dimos (Dessenting Gunman), F66x (Dissenting Captive), Fio (Celebratory Girl), Fio (Dissenting Girl), Fio (Mechanical Girl), Fio (Simulacrum Girl), Kainé (Divergent Warrior)
063y (Abstract Prisoner), Argo (Abstract Traveler), Argo (Dissenting Traveler), Lars (Abstract Soldier), Lars (Reborn Truant)

If you're just looking to get through the story without too much trouble, the characters at the top of this PvE Nier Reincarnation tier list should carry you.

You'll need to build your team properly and go into the tougher fights with a solid strategy still, but there's generally more room for error with characters that are simply better at their role than others found further down the tier list.

As you'd expect, a lot of the top-tier PvE characters in Nier Reincarnation are from crossover banners and limited-time events. Some actually struggle to keep up and are better suited to PvP, however. Once you know how you intend to play the game, use the relevant tier lists to know where and when to spend your gems.

PvP Tier List

Characters from our Nier Reincarnation tier list engaged in battle against monsters
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PvP Tier
Gayle (Bloody Hunter), Gayle (Abstract Hunter), 2B, Griff (Abstract Captain), 2P, Aheka (Mechanical Assassin), Lars (Fractured Soldier)
Lars (Abstract Solider), Dimos (Abstract Gunman), A2, The World-Ender, Fio (DOD3), Zero (DOD3), 063y (Fractured Prisoner), Rion (Summer Exile), Gayle (Celebratory Hunter)
Rion (Mechanical Exile), Argo (Abstract Traveler), 9S, Emil, Fio (Abstract Girl), Noel (Abstract Weapon), Akeha (Summer Assassin), Argo (Celebratory Traveler), Griff (Celebratory Captain), Noel (Celebratory Weaon)
Akeha (Abstract Assassin), Fio (Mechanical Girl), F66x (Abstract Captive), 063y (Abstract Prisoner), Kaine, Rion (Abstract Exile), Fio (Summer Girl), Fio (Simulacrum Girl), Fio (Celebratory Girl)

Refer to the PvP Nier Reincarnation tier list above to quickly find which characters top the player-vs-player charts right now. It's not where every player will focus their attention, but PvP can certainly add replay value between new story chapters and events.

If you're looking to be the best around, you'll want to pull for the characters in the upper tiers. Refrain from building up characters beneath these unless they play a particular role in your team and battle strategy.

Note: The Nier Reincarnation tier lists above haven't been updated in a number of months. While characters in specific tiers are likely still as powerful as they were when they were added, newer characters haven't been included. Check back at a later date for a current tier list.
The Cage in Nier Reincarnation.
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How to Reroll in Nier Reincarnation

If the above weapon and character Nier Reincarnation tier list has you itching to get the best characters and weapons without spending a dime, there's a sneaky little trick to help you do so. Like most other gacha games out there, knowing how to reroll in Nier Reincarnation can help you pull the game's best characters and weapons without opening up your wallet. It's time-consuming, but it's not too complicated.

To reroll in Nier Reincarnation, you need to progress through a few story chapters to get the initial burst of free premium currency. If you don't get good pulls with those, delete your account and start again. Here's how it works:

  • Complete the prologue.
  • Open the in-game mail menu to claim the 4,500 Gems pre-registration reward.
  • Pull using these Gems - start again if you don't get at least a couple of four-star characters.
  • Tap Mama (the character model, not the menu button) 100 times to claim another free 3,000 Gems. The reward comes through after Chapter Two unlocks.
  • Skip through the Chapter One cutscenes.
  • Claim your rewards and pull as Chapter Two unlocks.
  • Delete your account and repeat the steps above if you don't get the characters you want.

And that's about it for now. The Japanese version of the game gave out five ten-pulls worth of Gems when it initially topped the sales charts. As these could be claimed immediately after logging in, the reroll method increased to a whopping seven ten-pulls at that time.

We can't imagine the same achievement will be managed when Nier Reincarnation launches in the West, however, where it could arguably become a slightly more niche title. Square Enix might find another reason to give the same amount of Gems, at which point the reroll method won't change but will have higher odds. Until we know for sure, however, this is how to perform a Nier Reincarnation reroll.

The ad wheel used to gain free Nier Reincarnation gems.
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How Do I Get Free Nier Reincarnation Gems?

Like most gacha games, free Nier Reincarnation Gems can be earned in a bunch of different ways. Ranging from free Gem events and giveaways to mission clears and in-game achievements, the game keeps free Gems rolling purely to ensure you're able to progress and don't feel forced to pay out for the privilege.

That being said, there is another way you get can daily free Nier Reincarnation gems: by watching in-game ads. If you've played many mobile games in the past, you know that watching an ad here or there can sometimes be a legitimate way to earn some free premium in-game currency.

By tapping the tiny Mama icon beneath the 'Auto' button in the top-right area of the screen, Nier Reincarnation can whisk you out of the immersive confines of The Cage by throwing an ad for the latest The Walking Dead mobile game in your face. After 30 or so seconds, you'll be able to spin a wheel, with its landing position deciding how many free Nier Reincarnation Gems your time was worth.

The ad wheel could have a 99% of giving you zero Gems and the lovable tomfoolery of Yoko Taro would probably have you grinning with either result. As it turns out, though, this free Nier Reincarnation Gem method is actually relatively generous. You can fund an entire ten-pull this way if you're lucky.

In fact, with the grand prize being 3,000 Gems, you could fund six per day thanks to the daily limit in place. It'll probably never happen, but so long as the possibility is there, you might as well keep trying.

The shard shop in Nier reincarnation.
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How Can I Guarantee A Character Pull in NieR Reincarnation?

It should come as no surprise that Nier Reincarnation makes it difficult to get the characters you want. Though there aren't too many named units in the game, their different styles, versions, and outfits can make landing your dream team more difficult than it initially looks.

There is a way to guarantee the character you get, however. A Nier Reincarnation pity system exists. This, like in Genshin Impact, helps to ensure you'll always get a top-tier character if you prove just how much you want it. With each pull you make on a specific banner, you get tickets called "Shards". Gather up enough of these and you can spend them to unlock any one of the featured characters from that banner.

It takes a lot of pulls to reach gather up enough Shards (typically 20 ten-pull attempts) but in the case of a top-tier limited character during the Nier Automata banner, focusing your Gems on one banner will net you the exact character you're after, removing luck from the equation entirely.

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