Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List - All Characters Ranked

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July 14, 2022: We've checked our list!

Where does every character rank on our Punishing: Gray Raven tier list? In Kuro Games' stylish anime action game, Punishing: Gray Raven, skill is only part of the equation in battle. If your characters aren't suited to the battle ahead, you'll struggle to clear content no matter how well you can weave their abilities.


Although most will get the job done in the right hands, some are inherently stronger than others. Read on to find out which are the best Punishing: Gray Raven characters, the roles they fill, and how hard they are to obtain.

Before we dive into some admittedly complicated terminology and rankings, why not open up our Punishing: Gray Raven codes page in another tab. Redeeming those can get you the goods you need to upgrade the characters on the Punishing: Gray Raven tier list below. And if you're still after testing your gacha luck, rerolling in new games like Konosuba, Atelier Online, and Nier Reincarnation can keep you busy.

Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List

Tier Characters
SNona Ouroboros, Bianca Veritas, Karenina Ember, Karenina Blast
AChrome, Nanami Storm, Bianca Zero, Liv Luminance, Watanabe Astral,
BSophia Silverfang, Ayla Brilliance, Liv Eclipse, Liv Lux, Kamui Tenebrion, Nanami Pulse, Lucia Crimson Abyss
CLee Palefire, Watanabe Nightblade, Lee Entropy
DLucia Lotus, Lucia Dawn

Currently, Punishing: Gray Raven characters are separated into numerous different categories; including rarity, type, and specialty. It's those that strike a balance between ease of access, ease of use, and content versatility that earn a place high up on the Punishing: Gray Raven tier list. Any character that isn't particularly versatile or struggles in all but one type of situation will fall further down.


It's worth noting that, like many similar gacha games, the best Punishing: Gray Raven characters aren't absolutely necessary to your progress through the game. Don't be put off if some of your favourites can't quite hold a candle to other characters on our Punishing: Gray Raven tier list. It's only the min-maxers that need to worry about this sort of stuff.

Liv from Punishing Gray Raven staring into space.

Punishing: Gray Raven Types

Character Class Type Energy Coefficient Speciality Tier
Lucia LotusBAttacker80% Physical / 20% FireDuel / Dual BladesD
Liv EclipseBSupportPhysicalMelee / HealB
Lee PalefireAAttacker60% Physical / 40% FireCombo / Mixed DamageC
Nanami StormBTank100% PhysicalDMG Reduction / Shielding DMGA
Bianca ZeroAAttacker100% PhysicalDuel / Energy BoostA
Karenina BlastAAttacker80% Physical / 20% FireMixed DMG / Form SwitchS
Watanabe NightbladeAAttacker100% PhysicalDuel / BackstabC
Liv LuxASupport20% Physical / 80% LightningHeal / Mixed DamageB
Lucia DawnAAttacker40% Physical / 60% LightningDuel / Mixed DMGD
Lee EntropySAttacker100% PhysicalCombo / Physical DMGC
Liv LuminanceSSupport100% PhysicalHeal / Members Damage ReductionA
Kamui TenebrionSTank50% Physical / 50% DarkMixed DMG / Form SwitchB
Karenina EmberSAttacker30% Physical / 70% FireMelee / Mixed DMGS
Nanami PulseSTank50% Physical / 50% FireMixed DMG / Resistance ReductionB
Lucia Crimson AbyssSAttacker100% PhysicalDual / Form SwitchB
Watanabe AstralAAttacker50% Physical / 50% DarkAgility / Mixed DamageA

Pushing: Gray Raven breaks its characters (or frames) down into multiple different categories. One of these is the 'Type'. There are currently three frame types in the game. These are:

  • Attacker
    • Designed to deal the most damage, Attacker frames focus on offensive skills and specialties.
  • Tank
    • Tank-type frames generally feature rock-solid defences and high HP. Paired with shield abilities, they work to reduce incoming damage.
  • Support
    • Support-type frames tend to feature higher elemental damage properties over frames of other types. They use healing skills to restore their own HP and that of other frames in their team.

Punishing: Gray Raven Energy Coefficient Explained

Another major aspect of Punishing: Gray Raven characters is the type of damage they deal. Similar to the physical and ranged modifiers used in other RPGs, the frames of Punishing: Gray Raven deal physical and/or elemental damage depending on their Energy Coefficient.


Though some exclusively deal physical damage, others can infuse various amounts of elemental damage into their attacks. This can help or hinder the total damage they deal to certain enemies.

Punishing: Gray Raven Speciality Explained

On top of the Type and Energy Coefficient listed in their profile, Punishing: Gray Raven characters have one or more talents featured as part of their Speciality listing. This is just a quick breakdown of their main gimmick in combat, such as their strong talent for healing, dealing area or mixed-type damage, or possessing the ability to switch how they attack completely.

How Do You Unlock Punishing Gray Raven Characters?

For the most part, new Punishing Gray Raven characters are unlocked through the game's gacha system or through the in-game shop. Some, like Lucia Crimson Abyss, are even given away for free during pulls. How you unlock each of these character pulling methods differ, but they're generally unlocked by clearing more of the story.