KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Tier List - Reroll and Best Characters

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Searching high and low for a KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list? This turn-based comedy RPG is based on the popular isekai parody-anime KonoSuba, and it brings Kazuma and his party back for another round of adventures. Fantastic Days sees the return of familiar faces like Megumin, Darkness, and Aqua, along with a whole host of side characters, including Wiz, Dust, Yunyun, Chris, and even some of the Crimson Demons from the most recent film.

But considering KonoSuba doesn't actually have that many regular characters, Fantastic Days has added some new ones to the mix as well. Melissa, for example, is a powerful top-rank character, who has a handy skill that can blind enemies, whereas other new high-rankers, like Iris, deal some decent damage. KonoSuba's main characters have also been faithfully re-imagined for turn-based combat. Megumin, as you might expect, deals high DPS with her explosion magic, and while Darkness is a tank, just like in the anime she still struggles to actually hit enemies.

So if you're just starting out and want to know which of the new characters are worth having, take a look at our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list below. We've even included a section on how to reroll, in case you want to take your chances on getting a better starting pull. Looking for more tier lists? We have a bunch for games like Punishing: Gray Raven and AFK Arena in our tier list hub for the best mobile games around.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Tier List

Unlike Genshin Impact, the KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list can include the same character multiple times. This is because each character is often reintroduced with a new design in each banner, changing up their moves and stats. For example, 'Chris (My Treasure)' and 'Chris (High-Flying Thief)' rank on two different tiers despite being the same physical character.

Here's the current KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list:

Tier Character
S+Melissa (Treasure Hunter)
SIris (Princess's Day Off), Amy (The Happy Maid Experience), Megumin (Nice Explosion!!), Cielo (Dancer Adventurer), Chris (High-Flying Thief)
AWiz (Christmas Eve), Melissa (Elegance), Chris (Burglar Maid), Arue (Best Bod), Erika (Dancing Adventurer), Erika (Axel Hearts), Cielo (Axel Hearts), Dust (Delinquent Adventurer)
BDust (Super Sledder), Rin (Sun-soaked), Aqua (Nature's Beauty), Rin (Certified Wizard), Arue (Novelist and Capable Actor), Kazuma (Small Theater Hero), Yunyun (Megumin's Friend), Mitsurugi (Good Boy Dealer), Iris (First Time in a Casino)
CDarkness (Secret Present), Rin (Winter Wonderland), Rin (Sparkling Snowy Landscape), Cecily (Bunny Girl Propaganda), Lia (Dancer Adventurer), Wiz (Ice Witch), Aqua (A Toast to the Capital of Water and Hotsprings), Mitsurugi (Chosen Hero), Megumin (Believe In Explosion Magic), Megumin (Pajama Party), Mia (Mischievous Beast Girl), Rin (Orthodox Sorcerer), Wiz (Sound Asleep), Yunyun (Memories of the Magic Academy), Mia (Boisterous New Maid), Amy (Cheer Up), Dust (Protagonist of Snowy Mountain)
DCecily (Lover of Beautiful Girls), Darkness (Get Out of the Hotsprings Before You Faint!), Kazuma (Shut-In No More), Darkness (Total Ecstasy)
KonoSuba: Fantastic Days character, Kazuma, using his spell, create water
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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Reroll

If you don't like the character you roll at the start of the game, you can always perform a KonoSuba: Fantastic Days reroll if you're willing to potentially go through the process at least several times.

As you can see in our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list above, the characters you really want are the four-star variants of Melissa, Chris, Megumin, and Iris. These will give you a huge edge early on, so it's worth putting in the effort to obtain them. Thankfully, the process of performing a KonoSuba: Fantastic Days reroll is pretty straightforward.

How to reroll in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days:

  • Open KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.
  • Create a guest account.
  • Skip or play through the tutorial and peform your first ten-pull.
  • Tap 'Missions' on the right and hit 'Accept All.'
  • Close the window and tap the 'Gifts' button above to claim thousands of gems.
  • Perform a few ten-pulls in the starting banner.
  • Skip through the few character stories that pop up for a few more gems.
  • Perform another ten-pull in the same banner.
  • Tap the 'Other' tab and use your two four-star tickets.
  • If you want to reroll, tap into 'Menu,' then 'Profile,' then hit 'Remove Acc.'
  • Type 'Reset account' into the text box and confirm.
  • Repeat the process until you get your preferred result.

Once you have the characters you want, it's time to finalize your account. Link it to a service like Google Play, Apple Game Centre, your preferred social media platform, or simply just your email account. With that, you'll be able to take your best characters with you across devices.

The main KonoSuba: Fantastic Days characters in a line
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Who Are the Characters In KonoSuba: Fantastic Days?

The latest additions to the game are Super Sledder Dust, and Winter Wonderland Rin. That said, here is every KonoSuba: Fantastic Days character who can join your party in this turn-based Gacha, and a little bit about each:

Character Description
MelissaDespite being a fearsome treasure hunter, Melissa loves cats, dogs, and all kinds of cute things.
IrisSimilar to Darkness, Iris hails from a noble family and is the princess of the Kingdom of Belzarg. After hearing stories of Kazuma's exploits, she also wishes to be an adventurer.
CecilyA priest of the Axis-sect faith, Cecily is a free-spirited character who Megumin jokingly refers to as 'sister.' She's also a lot less crazy than Axis cult members usually are.
RinAfter leaving magic academy, Rin unwittingly joined up with Dust to form a party, and now spends most of her time stopping him from getting into trouble.
LiaAs a member of the idol group, Axel Hearts, Lia is both a singer and a fighter. She also has a beloved doll called 'Konjiro.'
CieloThe second member of Axel Hearts, Cielo is an archpriest who, despite being confident on stage, is pretty terrified of all men.
ErikaThe third member of Axel Hearts, Erika is a ranger as well as a performer, though sometimes she can be a little too leisurely.
MiaThis animal farm-girl loves to eat food that most people would call inedible, and often causes mischief, but most people let her off because of her pure personality.
AmyAmy is Mia's older sister. She is very protective of her, but she also understands that Mia will get into trouble no matter what she does.
KazumaAs KonoSuba's main character, Kazuma was reincarnated in the new world to defeat the Devil King after he died of shock trying to save a girl from a tractor.
MeguminA Crimson Demon and wielder of explosion magic. Megumin is known for unleashing devasting destruction, before falling over due to lack of mana.
DarknessThis masochistic Paladin is brave and noble, but she takes a little too much pleasure in being a meat-shield. She also can't hit anything.
AquaThe water goddess, Aqua, sent Kazuma to defeat the Devil King, but she didn't count on him choosing her as his special ability.
WizA powerful mage, undead lich, and general of the Devil King's army. But Wiz is actually pretty harmless, and runs a magic shop that makes no money, much to the anger of Vanir.
ChrisA friend of Darkness and a thief adventurer. Chris really regrets teaching Kazuma how to use the 'steal' ability.
YunyunAs daughter of the leader of the Crimson Demons, Yunyun competes with her childhood friend, Megumin, every chance she gets.
MitsurugiThis high-schooler was also sent by Aqua to defeat the Devil King, and uses the Cursed Sword, Gram, which basically one-shots everything.
DustAn adventurer that Kazuma befriended. Dust spends his days drinking and getting into trouble,
ArueAn ex-schoolmate of Megumin and Yunyun. Like all Crimson Demons, Arue is a powerful mage, but she actually dreams of being a famous author.
KomekkoMegumin's little sister wants to grow up to be a powerful mage, and definitely more powerful than her big sister.
KonoSuba: Fantastic Days character, Cielo, posing in her basic character portrait.
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How Do I Reset My Account in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days?

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days makes resetting or deleting your account a breeze. It may sound like an option you won't ever really need, but it removes a lot of the hoops you'd otherwise need to jump through to reach the same goal for any reason.

Most mobile titles automatically tie to your device account, making deleting them a matter of going scrubbing through your device settings, deleting the app, and potentially redownloading a lot of data. Just follow the steps below to reset your KonoSuba: Fantastic Days account:

  • After logging in, tap the 'Menu' button along the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the 'Profile' button.
  • Tap 'Remove Acc.'
  • Type 'Reset account' into the text box.
  • Hit confirm.

With that, you'll be tossed back to the log-in screen, where you'll be able to make a new guest account or immediately tie a new account to your device, email, or another service.

And that's it for our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list. If you're looking for more, we have a Punishing: Gray Raven tier list, an Arknights tier list, an Azur Lane tier list, and plenty of others over on our tier list hub. We'll be sure to keep this particular guide updated to reflect the most recent balancing changes and include any new KonoSuba: Fantastic Days characters who happen to arrive. Explosion!

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