Atelier Online Reroll - How to Reroll On iOS and Android

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How does the Atelier Online reroll system work? As is the case with just about any gacha game out there, getting the most out of Atelier Online's free premium currency can give you a big boost early on.

That being said, the Atelier Online reroll system is difficult to exploit. The game is giving out just enough Cole for a single ten-pull as part of its launch celebration. This won't last forever, so you'll need to get your Atelier Online reroll strategy in motion before it's too late. If you don't get what you want in that first pull, reset your account and try again.


How you do that depends on your platform. The Atelier Online reroll system boils down to ensuring your game account isn't linked to anything you don't have proper access to.

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How Do I Reroll On iOS?

On iOS, you'll want to turn off Game Centre. Atelier Online will latch itself to your Apple ID immediately. And it's basically impossible to cut it loose. Should that happen, you'll need to make a brand-new account using another service like Facebook or Google and go from there. Once you get a favourable result, you can pair your account to whichever service you're comfortable using.


If you turn off Game Centre before you boot up the game for the first time, you should be good to go. Once you perform your first ten-pull, you can either link the account manually through the start screen if you're satisfied or delete the app and start fresh until you get what you want.

How Do I Reroll On Android?

It's a similar situation on Android. So long as you stop Atelier Online from automatically linking to a service that doesn't give you direct access to your data, you should be able to delete the game (and the account) and simply go through the initial process again until you pull what you want.

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