Arknights tier list - every Operator ranked (December 2022)

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Searching for an Arknights tier list? With over 200 Operators in total, Arknights is one of the biggest mobile gacha games out there, letting you build a team of characters to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic far-future. As such, it can be a little hard to know who's worth having in your team.

That's where this Arknights tier list comes in. We've compiled each character into ranking tables based upon the game's eight classes, helping you build a balanced squad while also using the rarest characters you have available for each role.


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Arknights tier list - December 2022

Arknights tier list

Arknights is a tower defence-style gacha game where you fend off wave after wave of enemies using characters you gather through headhunting and recruitment. These characters are the pillars of your defence, and each has a class as well as a series of powerful abilities that make them effective members of your team.

Here is every character in Arknights ranked for each class.

Arknights tier list - Casters

Here are the best casters in Arknights:

Tier Character
SEyjafjalla, Ifrit, Carnelian, Ceobe, Dusk, Mostima, Passenger
AIris, Beeswax, Leizi, Absinthe, Beeswax, Amiya, Leonhardt, Mint, Nightmare, Pith, Skyfire, Tomimi
BGreyy, Haze, Indigo, Click, Gitano, Lava the Purgatory,
C12F, Steward, Durin, Lava, Reserve Operator - Caster

Arknights tier list - Guards

Here are the best guards in Arknights:

Tier Character
SPallas, Blaze, Thorns, SilverAsh, Surtr, Ch'en, Hellagur, Mountain, Pallas, Skadi, Specter
AAkafuyu, Sideroca, Amiya, Franka, Indra, Lappland, Savage, Sharp, Swire, Tachanka, Whislash Astesia, Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Flamebringer, Flint
BArene, Beehunter, Midnight, Conviction, Cutter, Dobermann, Estelle, Frostleaf, Jackie, Matoimaru, Mousse, Utage
CCastle-3, Melantha, Popukar, Swire

Arknights tier list - Medic

Here are the best medics in Arknights:

Tier Character
SNightingale, Kal'stit, Shining
ACeylon, Folinic, Breeze, Silence, Ptilopsis, Tuye, Warfarin, Touch
BMyrrh, Gavial, Perfumer, Purestream, Whisperain
CHibiscus, Lancet-2, Ansel, Sussurro, Reserve Operator - Logistics

Arknights tier list - Defenders

Here are the best defenders in Arknights:

Tier Character
SEunectes, Blemishine, Asbestos, Mudrock, Hoshiguma, Nian
ABeagle, Bison, Saria, Croissant, Blitz, Liskarm, Nearl, Hung, Vulcan, Heavyrain
BMatterhorn, Dur-nar, Gummy, Beagle, Bubble, Cuora
CSpot, Noire Corne, Cardigan

Arknights tier list -Supporters

Here are the best supporters in Arknights:

Tier Character
SSuzuran, Angelina, Shamare, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Magallan
ATsukinogi, Glaucus, Sora, Istina, Mayer, Pramanix, Scene
BPodenco, Deepcolor
COrchid, Earthspirit

Arknights tier list -Vanguards

Here are the best vanguards in Arknights:

Tier Character
SSiege, Bagpipe, Saga, Myrtle
AZima, Chiave, Texas, Reed, Elysium, Grani
BVigna, Scavenger, Courier, Beanstalk, Fang
CYato, Reserve Operator - Melee, Vanilla, Plume

Arknights tier list -Snipers

If you want long-range support, these are the snipers you should aim for.

Tier Character
SW, Archetto, Meteorite, Exusiai, Ash, Rosmontis, Schwarz, Rosa
AToddifons, Andreana, Aciddrop, Stormeye, Platinum, Sesa, Provence, GreyThroat, Meteorite, Blue Poison, Firewatch, Executor, Aosta
BVermeil, April, ShiraYuki, Jessica, Ambriel, Pinecone, Meteor, May
CAdnachiel, Reserve Operator - Sniper, Rangers, Catapult, Kroos

Arknights tier list - Specialists

There aren't many specialists in Arknights, but here's how they stack up.

Tier Character
SWeedy, Aak, Gladiia, Phantom, Snowsant,Project Red
ABena, Waai Fu, Cliffheart, Robin, Projekt Red, FEater, Mr. Nothing, Frost, Manticore, Kirara
BEthan, Gravel, Rope, Shaw, Jaye, Kafka,