League of Pantheons codes (February 2024) - Free gems and golds

Screenshot from League of Pantheons, showing a character in a gold-filled cave

Screenshot from League of Pantheons, showing a character in a gold-filled cave
February 23, 2024: We've updated our League of Pantheons codes, redeem it now!

Looking for all the League of Pantheons codes you can claim right now? Our handy LoP codes guide compiles all the working redeem coupons for this mobile gacha RPG from Neocraft. It plays just like other recognizable RPGs like AFK Arena, focusing on idle rewards and strategic team-builder gameplay.

Our League of Pantheons code guide will break down all the current valid codes, so you can redeem them all at once with ease. We'll also go over exactly what your new codes will unlock, as well as walk you through the process of redeeming them.

Of course, there are plenty of other high-quality gacha RPGs on mobile if you're interested. Check out our Guardian Tales tier list for a head-start there, or our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list for the ever-popular mobile RPG. If you like more active combat, the latest Shindo Life codes can get you started in the hit Roblox game.

All working League of Pantheons codes (February 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

League of Pantheons Codes


Expired Codes

8Fbwc6wgMXHQPGH5 nLgyZwJM VqrrXwuG TKSGIVING777 Autumn101CoolNuwa Nuwa666 LOVELOVE7 LOP112 AnniversaryLOP TKS112 LOP999 LOP321 HALLOWEEN777LvdadaTopmom33EEEEasterLOP666 Happiness123
Screenshot from League of Pantheons, showing the code redemption screen
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How do I use a League of Pantheons code?

  • Log into League of Pantheons and complete the tutorial.
  • Select your profile by tapping the avatar in the top-left of the main menu.
  • Hit the Settings cog, then Redeem Pack.
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  • Choose a League of Pantheons code from our list and type it into the text box, then hit Redeem.
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message detailing what you've just unlocked. Enjoy!

With so many mobile RPGs out there already, remembering how to use League of Pantheons codes can slip the mind. It uses a similar method to most other games in the genre, but you will need to tap through a couple of menus to reach it.

To redeem LoP codes, you're going to need to log into the game. Once you're in and through the tutorial, tap your profile icon in the top-left corner. Then tap the Settings button, and lastly the Redeem Pack button you'll see somewhere in the middle. Type your LoP codes in here and you'll see the items appear in your inventory.

What is an LoP code?

An LoP code (or League of Pantheons code, to be correct) is a free redeemable coupon that grants you access to handy in-game items. More often than not, these come in the form of currency, giving you a healthy dose of Gold and Gems to spend in-game. On top of that, a League of Pantheons code can give you extra XP, helping make the grind to levelling up that bit easier.

Of course, any League of Pantheons code in the future could offer drastically different rewards as the game evolves and more systems, features, and modes are added. Expect to see currency, summons, and perhaps even some exclusive loot in code drops during the launch celebrations, but after that? It could be anything.

How do I get a League of Pantheons code?

As a game that's only growing in popularity with the launch day push, your best bet is to bookmark this page and come back a couple of times a day. We update this page as soon as we see that more LoP codes have dropped, so we should be able to keep you from having to hunt them down yourself.

If you'd like to try and beat us to the punch, it's a good idea to like the official League of Pantheons Facebook page. New LoP codes tend to show up here first. If you simply like the page, then new codes should appear on your timeline as you browse through Facebook.

The game's subreddit is a great place for new information, but the dedicated League of Pantheons Discord server is a better live feed where you can chat and share team ideas with other players as well.

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