Anime Online codes (April 2024)

Official Anime Online artwork featuring an anime-style character

Official Anime Online artwork featuring an anime-style character
April 5, 2024: We've updated our list of Anime Online codes.

If you're just starting out in the world of Anime Online, chances are you'll be in need of some freebies. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of the latest Anime Online codes to give you an edge on the competition.

For those unfamiliar, this one is a PvP Roblox game where you're challenged to face off against rival players in an anime battle arena. As you progress and hopefully continue to win, you'll earn currency that you can then spend to unlock new, and potentially better, fighters.

If you're a regular Roblox player, you've landed in the right place! A brand new One Piece-inspired game has taken the community by storm, so be sure to check out our list of Haze Piece codes. We also have a Haze Piece weapons tier list and a Haze Piece fruit tier list, so you can get started right.

All working Anime Online codes (April 2024)

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Anime Online codes

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Expired Codes

You can redeem working Anime Online codes by typing them into the chatbox.
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How do I use Anime Online codes?

As with most Roblox games, the process of redeeming your Anime Online codes is super simple. That said, we've still set out some step-by-step instructions below to make it extra clear:

  • Start up Anime Online
  • Open up the in-game chat menu by hitting the '/' key on your keyboard or by hitting the chat icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen
  • Copy and paste a code from the list above into the box, then hit enter
  • Find your rewards in your in-game inventory

Why are my Anime Online codes not working?

It may simply be a case of trying to redeem a code that has since expired. Be sure to check back on this list regularly, as we'll keep it up to date with any new codes that come in, as well as confirm those that have expired.

What are Anime Online codes?

Anime Online codes are your standard Roblox freebie codes that, in this case, grant you free in-game currency and raid tokens. They're a great way to expedite your progress and hopefully start unlocking your dream characters quickly.

As you might expect, new Anime Online codes typically land whenever the game hits a specific player milestone, such as a certain number of visits or likes on its Roblox page.

How do I get more Anime Online codes?

The best way to find more Anime Online codes is to keep an eye on the developer and game's official social channels. For starters, we'd recommend giving the developer's social accounts a follow and joining the game's Discord server. There's a Twitter account you can set up notifications for as well, but it's rare for a tweet to contain a code in this game.

Alternatively, you could bookmark this page right here and check back throughout the week, as we'll continue to add the latest codes as soon as they drop. But in the mean time, check out our lists of Shindo Life codes, as well as Blox Fruits codes, for some free in-game rewards!

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