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Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List - Best Champions

An orc, two elves, and a soldier preparing to fight in a Raid: Shadow Legends arena

If you need help making sense of the hundreds upon hundreds of playable characters in Raid: Shadow Legends, then look no further than our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list. The game is well-known among mobile players for its extensive marketing campaign, positioning itself alongside some of the biggest creators on the web. Beneath this veneer of internet fame, though, is a mobile RPG brimming with unique fantasy characters.

If the prospect of acquainting yourself with over 300 playable champions is a bit too daunting, then our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list is here to help. We’ve got a ranking of all the playable champions based on their in-game star rating, which encompasses their stats and performance.

For new players to Raid: Shadow Legends, we’ve also got some key advice for the early stages of the game. We’ll help you decide which of the four beginner champions to select, as well as provide information on how to reroll so you can try and snag yourself the S-tier champions.

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An evil sorcerer dressed in a black robe, with a blue fiery background
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Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List - Best Champions

Rank Champion
SLord Champfort, Sethallia, Black Knight, Lugan the Steadfast, Septimus, Richtoff the Bold, Raglin, Baron, Elenaril, Shirimani, Lyssandra, Royal Huntsman, Ithos, Belanor, Arbiter, Roshcard the Tower, Errol, Abbess, Martyr, Cupidus, Sir Nicholas, Venus, Altan, Valkyrie,e Turvoid, Big ‘Un, War Mother, Ignatius, Shamrock, Gurgoh the Augur, Dracomorph, Fu-Shan, Rhazin Scarhide, Norog, Longbeard, Hakkorhn Smashlord, Warchief, Robar, Warlord, angfar, Prince Kymar, Dreextha Bloodtwin, Mortu-Macaab, Lord Shazar, Skartorsis, Bad-el-Kazar, Bloodgorged, Ma’Shalled, Nethril, Rae, Foli, Zavia, Astralith, Queen Eva, Ghostborn, Blind Seer, Bystophus, Tomb Lord, Soulless, Tundra Giltmallet, Mountain King, Maulie Tankard, Samar Gemcursed, Tormin the Cold
A Hordin, Oathbound, Knight-Errant, Rowan, Azure, Warcaster, Royal Guard, Tayrel, Thenasil, Luthiea, Vergis, Marksman, Jinglehunter, Battlesage, Exemplar, Canoness, Adriel, Hope, Frostbringer, Tallia, Juliana, Aothar, Relickeeper, Romero, Bushi, Fenax, Cardinal, Lightsworn, Aina, Jotun, Ator, Alika, Kallia, Woad-Painted, Grimskin, Skullcrusher, Shatterbones, Galkut, Cagebreaker, Maneater, Towering Titan, Jarang, Drake, Jizoh, Broadmaw, Taurus, Flesh-Tearer, Ripper, Reinbeast, Steelskull, Basher, Tortureheim, Zargala, Bloodfeather, Bonekeeper, Shaman, Terrorbeast, Vrask, Seer, Alure, Erinyes, Souldrinker, Nazana, Hellgazer, Peydma, Gorgorab, Seeker, Husk, Karam, Lich, Hexia, Zelotah, Spider, Luria, Crimson Helm, Warden, Delver, Lua, Psylar, Crypt Witch, Sinesha, Doompriest, Deathless, Kytis, Faceless, Skullcrown, Grizzled Jarl, Rearguard Sergeant, Rock Breaker, Melga Steelgirdle, Fodbor the Bard, Runekeeper Dazurk, Baerdal Fellhammer, Gala Longbraids, Rugnor Goldgleam
BCrossbowman, Valerie, Grandmaster, Preserver, Courtier, Cataphract, Conqueror, Halberdier, Chevalier, Apothecary, Avenger, Elhain, Heiress, Magister, Hyria, Athel, Hospitaller, Chaplain, Lamellar, Templar, Penitent, Warpriest, Judicator, Maiden, Confessor, Justiciar, Harrier, Marked, Elder, Sentinel, Warmaiden, Slayer, Anointed, Beserker, Bloodbraid, Skirmisher, Ox, Rocktooth, Pounder, Fortress Goon, Magmablood, Furystoker, Siegebreaker, Flesheater, Stoneskin, Bellower, Muckstalker, Skink, Gator, Slitherbrute, Bogwalker, Skullsworm, Hurler, Flinger, Slasher, Metalshaper, Graybeard, Bloodpainter, Gnarlhorn, Channeler, Grappler, Bloodhorn, Deathchanter, Chopper, Galek, Spikehead, Ironclad, Goremask, Raider, Totem, Veteran, Huntress, Diabolist, Tormentor, Hound Spawn, Hellfang, Marquess, Ifrit, Marquis, Fellhound, Malbranche, Banshee, Temptress, Sorceress, Grinner, Wretch, Bone Knight, Arbalester, Doomscreech, Hollow, Seducer, Judge, Kael, Mystic Hand, Spirithost, Hexweaver, Wanderer, Coldheard, Paragon, Retainer, Eviscerator, Pain Keeper, Executioner, Theurgist, Magus, Arcanist, Gladiator, Acolyte, Guardian, Renegade, Daywalker, Grumbler, Runic Warder, Stout Axeman, Cudgeler, Avir the Alchemage, Flailer, Beast Wrestler, Honor Guard, Perforator, Dolor Lorekeeper, Boltsmith, Madman, Master Butcher, Hatchet Slinger, Gloril Brutebane, Bulwark, Painsmith, Dilgol, Kurzad Deepheart
CArcher, Stalwart, Duelist, Commander, Squire, Fireblade, Aristocrat, Jaeger, Elfguard, Sharpshooter, Battle Sister, Outlaw Monk, Sergeant, Intercessor, Pilgrim, Crusader, Militia, Vigilante, Armiger, Ritualist, Dervish, Spiritwalker, Pit Fighter, Outlander, Shieldguard, Outrider, Crusher, Brute, Frostskin, Oldbeard, Hungerer, Skinner, Hardscale, Stalker, Saurus, Windtalker, Satyr, Warchanter, Throatcutter, Lemure, Incubus, Pitspawn, Skullsquire, Skellag, Vulpine, Dhampir, Sniper, Redeemer, Heartpiercer, Cultist, Admonitor, Herald, Chemist, Line Infantry, Icebound Prospector, Slicer, Tunnel Stewar
DSwordsman, Pikeman, Axeman, Bandit, Yeoman, Sister Militant, Preacher, Knecht, Novitiate, Troglodyte, Warboy, Deathknight, Death Hound, Hellhound, Ranger, Magekiller

As you can see, Raid: Shadow Legends has an awful lot of champions to play as - over 300, in fact. Our tier list is based on each champion’s star rating, which encompasses their overall quality and fighting ability. The characters with the best stats and strongest performance appear in the S tier, and the more common, less impressive champions find themselves in the D tier.

The developer of Raid: Shadow Legends, Plarium, has added new characters to the game consistently since its 2018 launch. As such, there's a near-endless amount of champions to choose from, so use our tier list as a guide of who's strong, and who isn't.

Which Starting Champion Should I Choose?

When you first log in to Raid: Shadow Legends, you’ll be given the choice between four champions to select. They are Athel, Kael, Elhain, and Galek. If you’re wondering which of these four starting champions to select, we’ve got you covered.

Each of the four starting champions has very different focuses and abilities. Athel is a warrior focused on quick attacks, Elhain focuses on critical hits, Kael does the most damage over time, and Galek is best for sheer brute force.


However, their progression trees are also very different. If you’re looking for a champion that will prove incredibly powerful at the start, but will eventually be scaled out by higher-level enemies, then Galek is the best choice. The Orc’s blade-based attacks prove very damaging against low-level enemies at the early stages of the game, but the limited nature of his melee moves means you’ll soon find his skills too weak to continue with.

If you want a starter who can consistently level up and scale in power as your adversaries get tougher, then go for either Elhain or Kael. These Elf champions have the best progression, and their skills will level up more suitably alongside the game’s progressive difficulty increase. As such, they’re the best options if you want a champion that’ll go the distance. If you’re just looking to smash and grab the early stages before choosing a better champion later, then Galek is a good option.

Orcs, lizards and elves preparing to battle in Raid: Shadow Legends
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How Do I Unlock Raid: Shadow Legends Champions?


Generally speaking, the unlock process in Raid: Shadow Legends varies based on which champion you’re trying to get your hands on.

The most common champions are unlocked through the summon function, which is effectively a loot box. You head to the portal within the city map, and spend your silver to unlock a randomly chosen champion. There are several different summons available, which depend on the shard you select. The most common is the mystery shard, which costs the least silver but doesn’t contain epic or legendary champions. For them, you’ll want the sacred shards, where you’ll have the best chance of unlocking the rarest heroes.

You can also unlock champions through the fusion system, where you trade in a set number of your existing champions to obtain rarer characters. The game tells you which champions are available to unlock in this way - and as long as you can meet the requirements, it’s quite a painless process.

Another unlock method is collecting enough of a certain champion’s fragments to permanently unlock the character. You can get a champion’s fragments by taking part in online activities like battle arenas and special events. Of course, though, it’ll take a long time to save enough of one character’s fragments to have enough to unlock it.

The last unlock method is by completing missions in Raid: Shadow Legends’ story mode. As a reward for getting past certain stages, you’ll be awarded with champion drops that can contain common, uncommon, or rare champions. Sadly, there’s no way to get epic or legendary champions in this manner. You’ll have to use the other three methods to do this.

What Are the Rarest Raid: Shadow Legends Champions?

With so many champions throughout the game, it’s inevitable that some will be easier to get a hold of than others. Unsurprisingly, the four starter champions are the absolute easiest to access as you’re given a choice between them at the start. However, there are plenty of champions out there that are much more challenging to unlock.

One such champion is Lydia the Deathsiren, who you can only unlock by defeating each and every faction’s crypt in the game to three-star completion. With so many characters and factions out there, this is clearly no mean feat and requires a lot of time. It’s not a character you can purchase or unlock using shards, meaning the only way to get Lydia is grinding out the game. As such, she’s a very hard champion to get your hands on.


However, the ultimate hardest champion to get is Ramantu Drakesblood. This Lizardmen member is only unlocked once you’ve completed each and every mission in the entire game - yes, all of them. That means all story missions, all crypt missions, and all the side quests you’ll encounter while playing the game. As such, he’s almost impossible to obtain, and you’ll need to dedicate hundreds of hours to Raid: Shadow Legends in order to do so.

How Do I Reroll in Raid: Shadow Legends?

If you’ve got a few champions in Raid but want to shake things up and try to improve your roster, then you might want to reroll. This is where you effectively restart your account, giving you another chance to randomly luck out and obtain some of the champions that are less common. However, this means losing any progress you’ve made so far - so be sure you actually want to reroll, as there are no second chances once you’ve wiped your progress. Sadly, there is no way to recover a rerolled account, so be sure you want to do it first.

There is no in-game option to reroll within the app, meaning you'll have to tinker with your device storage and do it manually.

  • The simple way to reroll on either iOS or Android is to delete and reinstall Raid: Shadow Legends. If you choose the option not to save your progress when you do this, your current save will be deleted alongside the app
  • Then redownload the app from your respective app store and you’ll be able to try over again to get the strongest champions

While this will spell the end of your current account, you can save it via the cloud by signing up for a Plarium ID and saving your progress there. It means you’ll have to make a new Plarium ID once you reinstall the app, though, as otherwise it’ll just take you back to the roster you tried to reroll.

What Special Events Are There in Raid: Shadow Legends?

The good news is that Plarium loves treating Raid: Shadow Legends players with plenty of special promotional events. These usually revolve around boosts to the amount of in-game currency you can earn after battles, or improving the odds of pulling the rarest Champions through the summon mechanic.

There's currently a Halloween-themed special event ongoing, which focuses on players' raiding setups. As per instructions on the Raid: Shadow Legends Twitter, you have to submit a picture of your spooky-themed gaming setup. Ten winners will be selected, and they'll get a healthy dose of Tomes and Gems to enjoy. The competition is live now and runs until October 31, so enter while you can!