Marvel Future Revolution tier list (November 2023)

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Marvel Future Revolution player staring with explosion cloud in background
Credit: Marvel
November 23, 2023 The Marvel Future Revolution tier list has been updated with the very best content to use.

Just getting started in the big, new Marvel mobile game? Then you'll want to read up on the Marvel Future Revolution tier list. Not only does it outline which characters are the quickest to level up for the end-game content, but it also cements which heroes dominate in both PVP and PVE once you get there.

Depending on how you intend to play the game, knowing how one Marvel Future Revolution character stacks up against another will ultimately help you decide where to spend most of your early time with the game.

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Marvel Future Revolution tier list

Tier Heroes
SCaptain America, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow
AIron Man, Storm, Captain Marvel
BStar Lord

Marvel Future Revolution currently consists of eight playable characters from across the franchise. You're given a brief opportunity to play each at the start, but you can only choose four to permanently unlock straight away. So which are the best?

Each hero excels at a different part of the game, but the Marvel Future Revolution tier list above will give you a brief idea of which hero is the best right now.

Best Marvel Future Revolution characters

Best for: Heroes
PVPSpider-Man, Iron Man, Star Lord
PVECaptain America, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Iron Man, Storm
LevelingCaptain Marvel, Storm, Doctor Strange

As mentioned in our main tier list section, each Marvel Future Revolution character appears built to tackle a specific mode better than another. Doctor Strange and his AoE magic, for example, can easily tackle multiple enemies at the same time, making him faster at farming levels than a high single-target DPS like Captain America.

If you know exactly what you want to do in-game, you might want to check out our list of the best Marvel Future Revolution characters for each mode right above.

Marvel Future Revolution character list

Each of the eight Marvel Future Revolution heroes has strengths and weaknesses that cement them as kings or queens in their particular content niche. To help you choose your first, we've rounded up each hero's proposed difficulty, what they're good at, what they're not so good at, and what you'll want to watch out for.

Iron Man in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Iron Man

Difficulty: Very Easy

Iron Man can blast his way through just about any content type in the game right now, but he has a unique scaling issue: he shines in mid-game content, then falls off a bit towards the end. It's only at the absolute pinnacle of his growth that Mr. Stark starts to climb the damage charts again, knocking aside the characters that weren't quite so hard to gear up. If you're a whale, Iron Man is probably worth building up.

Spider-Man in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Difficulty: Hard

Spider-Man is one of the go-to PVP characters right now. His agile movements and dodge stats allow him to run rings around his opponents, dealing decent damage with a mix of ranged and melee attacks. He's good at crowd control as well. Train up with the web-slinger and you'll be fighting multiple players at the same time with ease.

Star-Lord in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Difficulty: Medium

Star-Lord struggles to really excel in any particular content, but his gameplay is fun and varied enough to not really matter.

He won't be the first pick in your alliance for any extreme battles unless you're just heavily ahead of the competition, but if you're looking for a simple enough hero with wit, charm, and lots of shooty skills, Star-Lord can certainly keep you engaged in the game's sometimes repetitive combat loop. He can freely switch between elements, making him a versatile fighter no matter the target.

Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Captain Marvel

Difficulty: Medium

Captain Marvel is one of the standout single-target damage dealers right now. Once built properly, her photon attacks will melt through most mobs, making the game just that bit more rewarding.

Though she can fly, Captain Marvel isn't the most mobile character. Get carried away by her high damage potential and you'll struggle to dodge some powerful attacks. If you're looking to power through high-level targets, she's the one for you. Just keep an eye on the ball.

Captain America in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Captain America

Difficulty: Hard

Captain America is another solid single-target option. He's not quite as powerful as Captain Marvel, but what he lacks in offence, he more than makes up for in defence.

He's the game's go-to tank right now. So if you're looking to get up close and personal with some supervillains and struggle to weave dodges into your rotation, making use of his stuns and blocks should just about carry you to victory. He really can do this all day.

Storm in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Difficulty: Easy

Storm is an excellent area damage dealer. Able to control the weather, she can drop tornados on her enemies and strike others down with lightning.

She's not going to have the highest damage against any one opponent, but if a supervillain is calling in their henchmen, Storm will work her magic to dispose of them, freeing the team up to focus on the big cheese. Her AoE potential makes her a quick character to level: whether you do that for your first max-level hero or simply to boost your Squad Rank in a hurry is up to you.

Black Widow in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Black Widow

Difficulty: Very Hard

Potentially the hardest character to handle out of the lot, Black Widow can bring a lot to your team in terms of solid DPS, but she's a veritable glass cannon. All that offensive power and lack of proper armour come at a cost: she's fast on her feet, but she takes a lot of damage.

Her ultimate doesn't even deal damage, either. It causes her next attack to be a Critical Hit and can be used three times in a row when fully charged. She has great sustain but is very much designed to soften targets up before delivering an incredibly powerful single-target hit after using her ult. If she misses that window, her damage will fall off considerably.

Doctor Strange in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Doctor Strange

Difficulty: Easy

Alongside Storm, Doctor Strange is another fantastic crowd clearer. His powerful, wide-hitting magic attacks can quickly remove groups of mobs from the equation. Bring him to a bigger fight to help the rest of the team focus on the main villain.

All that area damage makes him a quick one to level as well. You can refer to the section below for details, but grinding mobs is generally the best way to level up, so it makes sense that his heavy AoE spells make ripping through packs a breeze.

Doctor Strange in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Who Is the best DPS character in Marvel Future Revolution?

When it comes to high-end and max-level content, players tend to flock to whichever character promises the highest DPS.

The characters known for outputting the highest DPS in Marvel Future Revolution right now are Black Widow and Captain Marvel. The amount of damage you can deal will depend on your equipment, stats, and a bunch of other parameters, but these two are both stand-out picks.

Iron Man is another very powerful option, but he only shines at the peak of the end-game push. Basically, you'll need to be a whale to get this guy up there with the rest.

Spider-Man, a good PvP character, in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Who Is the best PVP character In Marvel Future Revolution?

If PVP duelling is your content of choice in Marvel Future Revolution, you'll probably want to choose Iron Man or Spider-Man as either of your first two starting characters. These hyper-mobile heroes can dodge blows and hit hard, making them popular picks for early PVP. Black Widow is another great option, but her high difficulty curve can cause problems early on.

How do I unlock all Marvel Future Revolution characters?

To unlock a character in Marvel Future Revolution after your first four, all you need to do is obtain a Hero Slot Expansion Ticket. Using one of these from your inventory will unlock another hero slot for your squad and give you the chance to pick another hero. Use four of these and you'll be able to unlock all of the characters you didn't choose at the start of the game. You may want to keep another handy for the impending release of Magik, however.

As for how to get Hero Slot Expansion Tickets, they're bought using Crystals. This is the Marvel Future Revolution premium currency. You'll be given plenty of opportunities to buy the 1600-2000 Gems you'll need to unlock every hero at a discount, but you'll also get enough for free by the time your first character hits level 30.

This is because in-game events, achievements, set completion bonuses, and loads of other activities award a reliable supply of Gems. So long as you don't use them on gacha pulls and other tempting goodies, you'll be able to unlock every Marvel Future Revolution character for free.

How to level up fast with the Marvel Future Revolution tier list.
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How to level to 100 fast in Marvel Future Revolution

  • Focus on story quests.
  • Use potions and modifiers.
  • Invite nearby players to quickly clear hunt quests.
  • Level up alts to raise squad rank, increasing your main's stats in the process.
  • Transfer Battle Badges and Omega Cards to alts to boost their stats.
  • Be sure to level up your skills.
  • Use Auto and Sleep Mode to grind higher-level mobs while away.

If you're looking to race to level 100 fast in Marvel Future Revolution, there really is only one thing for that: story quests. Whether you're levelling your first character or your eighth, the method for quickly hitting the level cap doesn't really change.

Story missions award incredible amounts of EXP. If you don't need any of the rewards from side-quests, you really should just focus on racing through the story. On your first character, you'll likely hit Squad Rank walls doing this, which is when you should be doing side-quests and other content like Blitz fights as often as possible, but after that, story quests on alts will really be the best way.

To speed you through these even more quickly on alt characters, which you'll want to max for the account-wide buffs anyway, make sure to transfer your best Battle Badges and Omega Cards over from your main to the character you're currently working on. You can do this using the shared storage menu. With that, you'll be able to boost your alt's stats way above what they'd typically be at that level, making killing quests and bosses much easier.

Another way you can speed this up is by being a little cheeky. You can use the party invite menu on the right of the screen to invite nearby players to a group. As quest kills are shared, you can use this to team up with those on the same quest and breeze through them. This will really speed up progression once you reach an area like Midgardia where the kill quests ask for 30-40 mob kills each.

Whichever way you go about it, each character you level up with be significantly stronger than your first. This is because your account-wide Squad Rank will boost them right out of the gate. Levelling up alts should be significantly faster than your first attempt, will contribute to your Squad Rank even more, and will thus power up every character on your account.

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