World Flipper Tier List - Reroll and Best Characters

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March 3, 2022: The Fire Portal banner has arrived. This doesn't introduce any new characters, however, so the World Flipper tier list hasn't changed since Sera's introduction.

Familiarizing yourself with the best characters on the World Flipper tier list is one of the most important things you can do early on. There are a lot of characters set to trickle in, and getting some of the better ones from the get-go will set you off on the right foot.

Also knowing how to reroll in World Flipper will dramatically bump up your chances of making the grade, and we're going to show you how to do just that right below.

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Cagliostro in World Flipper.
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World Flipper Tier List - Best Characters in Global

Tier Character
SHNephtim, Sera, Baretta, Rolf, Shywe, Celtie, Razelt, Vyron, Sha Susu (three-star)
AOlivia, Miguel, Kikuno, Metis, Cipher, Clarisse, Phiria
BBotan, Libram, Carla, Remnith, Barrek, Marina, Sonia, Noenne
CKokkoro, Tajes, NY Ellya, Cagliostro, Belsidia, Xmas Marianne
DKaryl, Selene, Murakumo, Inaho, Nephtim
EPecorine, Mormia, Vagner, Suizen, Leon, Eclair, Xmas Soushiro, XInaho

Our World Flipper tier list includes all the five-star characters available in the Launch Gala Portal. Sa Susu, however, is a three-star character and should be kept regardless. Once built, she can provide incredible support just to about any party. You’ll find her in plenty of the best World Flipper teams regardless of the focus element. And if you need more Lodestar Beads for pulls, check out our World Flipper codes guide for some promotional pulls.

Rolf is a must-have unit in the current banner and ranks at the top of the World Flipper tier list.
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Currently Active World Flipper Banners

Banner Featured Characters
New FacesKokkoro, Pecorine, Karyl, Melmyna, Sven

Should I Pull in the New Faces Banner?

Probably not! Unless you're a collector or Princess Connect fan, the latest New Faces banner isn't really worth paying much attention (or money) to. Kokkoro is regarded as a "decent" Wind DA unit, whereas Pecorine herself is just straight-up dismal in every respect. Karyl is another decent Dark SD unit, but she only picks up around another year into the content schedule.

How to Reroll in World Flipper

Knowing how to perform a World Flipper reroll will make your first few hours with the game that much easier. This works as of patch 0.0.30. Here's how to do it:

  • Boot the game up and either play or skip through the tutorial using a guest account.
  • Name your character/account.
  • Use the 1,500 Lobestar Beads to pull in the beginner banner.
  • Claim pre-registration rewards from the in-game mailbox.
  • Pull using these as well.
  • Hit 'Menu' and use the 'Unregistered Game' button on the Account menu to delete your account.
  • Make a new account and repeat the steps until you get your desired Word Flipper characters.

When rerolling in World Flipper, the general idea is to reroll until you get one or more S-tier or above five-star characters. Four-star characters as basically guaranteed in the initial pulls and shouldn't be viewed as lucky grabs.

You want to use the World Flipper reroll method until you pull a powerful five-star character like Celtie, Razelt, Vyron, or even the three-star Sha Susu.

A quick guide on how to get Murakumo in World Flipper.
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How Do I Get Murakumo in World Flipper?

One of the five-star characters on the World Flipper tier list right now can't be obtained through the usual gacha. No matter the banner, you won't be able to use Lodestone Beads to add them to your collection.


Instead, Murakumo, who sees frequent use this early on, can only be obtained through the Orochi boss battle unlocked at the end of Chapter 6. You can get them either by chance when clearing the battle on the Boss menu or by exchanging tokens accumulated across multiple victories.

What Are Some World Flipper Beginner Mistakes To Look Out For?

While we haven't had the means to test these theories in the global release, where things can change, the World Flipper community in Japan and other parts of Asia are already outlining what new players should look out for when starting the game. Here are a few key pointers:

  • Avoid pulling on the weapon banner unless you're a whale.
    • You'll benefit more simply by having a more diverse character pool. You'll get worthwhile equipment from events anyway. Lodestone Beads are hard to come across.
  • Don't put too much time into farming resources early on.
    • It makes more sense to build a single strong team early on and use that to speed up material farming.
  • Join a community like Discord or Reddit.
    • World Flipper has a lot of co-op aspects. You're more likely to clear content with friends rather than randoms. Join the Discord to find some buddies.
  • Focus on whatever Event is up at the time.
    • Like Dragalia Lost, another Cygames title, some powerful characters and equipment are locked behind time-limited events. Get them before they're gone.
  • Focus on building teams with specific elements first.
    • Rainbow teams are fine later on, but you'll have a much easier time clearing content if you use elemental team synergies.

So long as you're following our reroll steps thoroughly and settling for nothing but the best, you shouldn't have much trouble building teams capable of clearing the game's initial content.

The steps above will certainly help, however. Lodestone Beads aren't easy to come across once you clear the stories and events. Carefully planning your pulls will make new content a little less stressful.