Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List and Reroll Guide

Image of Aphrodite in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice.

Ready for a Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list? This new mobile game based on the manga of the same name contains plenty of high-powered characters. If you want to work out which ones are best and which to avoid, we've got you covered.

In this tier list we'll rank each and every character in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. That's on top of a look at the specific characters who stand out, as well as details on how to get more characters in this gacha hit. If you want to restart from square one, we've got details on the reroll process as well.

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Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List

Character name
Shaka, Evil Saga, Miro, Mephisto, Aphrodite, Aioria, Mu, Airos, Camus, Doko, Aldebaran, Shura
Moses, Marin, Argethi, Shina, Dante, Babel, Misty, Jamian, Dios, Ptolemy, Argol, Sirius, Asterion, Capella
Shiryu, Black Dragon, Jab, Ichi, Ikki, Black Pegasus, Ban, Black Phoenix, Hyoga, Nachi, Black Sygnus, Seiya, Geki, Shun, Black Andromeda
Hound, Graad Guard, Sr Graad Guard, Sanctuary Warrior, Sanctuary Archer, Sanctuary Priest, Graveyard Warrior, Graveyard Axeman, Graveyard Spirit

See the table above for our complete ranking of all the characters currently in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. Our rankings come directly from the game's character list itself, with the rarest and most powerful fighters at the top, and the more common and middling ones towards the bottom.

Who Is The Best Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Knight?

As per our tier list, and the game's internal rankings too, the best character in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice is Athena. She's the only God-level knight in the game's handbook, with an astounding power level of 242,389. Considering her base level is 240, you'll need to get very lucky with gacha spins to unlock Athena. She towers above all other characters for good reason.

On top of that, there are some more characters who are slightly more attainable. Other strong characters include Shaka, who has an ATK stat of over 55,000, and Evil Saga, who boasts 420,000 HP. If you manage to get any of the S- or A-tier knights in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice, then you'll be in good stead.

How Do I Get More Characters in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice?

As a gacha game, getting new characters in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice is all about random spins. They occur through a summon mechanic where you spend crystals on Summoning Stones. That gives you one random spin of the entire roster, getting a new one in your team.

To perform a spin, head to the Observatory, which you unlock after completing level 1-8. Each roll costs 300 diamonds, or you can get ten for 2,700 diamonds. Other banners let you purchase summons using currencies like Element Stones and Friendship Points. As such, you should never be too far off your next gacha roll.

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Reroll Guide

If you aren't happy with your progress in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice, you can always go down the reroll route. This is where you totally and irreversibly wipe your save data, restarting from the beginning - and getting access to any free spins during the tutorial.

To reroll, follow these steps.

  • Tap your profile icon in the top left of the screen.
  • Press Settings, then Switch Account.
  • Choose Delete Account, and confirm. Just remember it isn't reversible.

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