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The Best Three and Four-Star World Flipper Characters

Though they may not be as lucrative as five-star units, the best three and four-star World Flipper characters can get you through hard times You’re welcome to attempt some of the harder content with “rainbow” teams (those built with no specific element in mind), but you’ll always lose out on free damage, slowing things down unless you’ve specifically built a wide range of characters. Read on to find out which non-five-star characters to look out for in your initial pulls. Use them to pad out teams of each element to waltz you through the game.

World Flipper just released, so we’re going pretty heavy on other guides to help ease you into the game. If you’re just about to start your adventure, check out our World Flipper tier list and reroll guide. It’s a good way to identify which five-star characters are worth your Lodestone Beads and which are just a waste of resources. And if you’re looking for some freebies, we have World Flipper codes as well.

Marianne is one of the best four-star characters in World Flipper.
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The Best Three and Four-Star World Flipper Characters


Blending a JRPG battle system with pinball results in a "simple to understand yet hard to master" kind of dynamic. You’re free to simply bash enemies with any unit you happen to have, but harnessing the elements and exploiting weaknesses that way can help smooth things along.

Characters that synergize well will heal each other, buff their teammates, debilitate enemies, and even refill skill gauges with speed. For that, it’s imperative that you learn which early characters work well together.

Good World Flipper Fire Characters

Character Reason
BiancaBianca brings plenty of damage modifiers to the team.
EnniOn top of a few damage boosts, Enni can cleanse enemy buffs and rapidly fill skill gauges.
JinJin is a decent healer with a useful Poison immunity.
HanabiWhile not the best given he's a four star, Hanabi suits the leader role well, maxing the team's skill gauges when given the chance to lead,

When building a Fire team, Bianca, Hanabi, Jin, and Enni are just some of the three/four-star picks you should consider using. This depends on the rest of your setup, of course, but they're in the upper-tiers of the game's less rare pulls.

Good World Flipper Water Characters

Character Reason
FafThis lowly three-star dragon is a pretty decent tank.
SharonSharon is considered by most as a solid powerflip carry for Water teams. Her damage buffs don't hurt either.
ReiselIf you need a healer for your Water team, Reisel is a solid option.
AliceDon't have Sharon? No problem. Alice works (almost) as well.
KaiyuKaiyu is a good option for farming easier battles.

For a Water team, Faf, Sharon, Reisel, Alice, and Kaiyu and solid three/four-star units. Consider finding a place for them in your team. This depends on your strategy and the battle ahead, of course, but they're better than others in their class.


Good World Flipper Thunder Characters

Character Reason
RenoirParalysis is always a welcome addition to the team strategy. Damage modifiers won't hurt either.
HoneyHoney is a bit like a three-star Lunalu. Its skills do plenty of damage, however.
RamsWant a dragon on your side? Rams brings high skill damage to the table.
Sha SusuGreat on any team, Sha Susu is a three-star with powerful skill gauge refills and handy leader buffs.

For a Thunder team, Renoir, Honey, Rams, and the legendary Sha Susu are great three/four-star units to think about using. This depends on your strategy and the battle ahead, of course, but they're better than others in their class. Sha Susu, for example, sits atop our tier list among the game's five-star characters. She's just that good.

Good World Flipper Wind Characters

Character Reason
SoushiroSoushiro brings some much-needed Wind skill damage to the team.
MiaMia is a great character to have around for the mana.
MiuOn top of aiding in combos and increase skill gauges, Miu is often used to help Wind's top-tier unit Celtie hit her mark.
JesterJester may look silly, but his damage modifiers and cleanses are good to have around. Paralysis is never a bad idea either.

For a Wind team, Soushiro, Mia, Miu, and Jester are helpful three/four-star units to bring along. If you can find a spot for them in your next battle, they should treat you fine. This depends on your strategy and the battle ahead, of course, but they're better than most others in their class.

Good World Flipper Light Characters

Character Reason
EliyaEliya is a great skill damage character to bring along for the ride.
KiraKira has good skill damage and also helps Eliya line up shots.
CorinnaCorina is the White Mage of the group. If you need support, Corina gives it.
FinIf you're looking for a more offense-centric support, Fin can boost the team.

When building your Light team, Eliya, Kira, Corinna, and Fin should be considered for filling in any gaps. Eliya and Kira work well together, but you can settle on Fin or Corina if all you need is a little pick-me-up.

Good World Flipper Dark Characters

Character Reason
MarianneMarianne can easily boost the team's damage to new heights.
RebeccaFor a three-star, Rebecca has a handy amount of damage modifiers and skill gauge refills to throw around.
FalscheFalsche is a solid gauge boost option.

Lastly, we have units to consider for your Dark team needs. There aren't many, but Marianne, Rebecca, and the shy little Falsche can all serve a purpose. The first of the bunch can prop up your damage. The other two are mostly there in supporting roles.

The best three and four-star World Flipper teams.
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Three and Four-Star World Flipper Teams

Element Main Character Second Units
WaterAlice, Sonia, WalterSharon, Kaiyu, Adil
ElectricRams, Renoir, Sha SusuGilasrad, Kaiyu, Bianca
DarkMarianne, Rebecca, ShionFalsche, Sha Susu, Andy
LightEllya, Sha Susu, MilesYuna, Bonnie, Bianca,
FireHanabi, Enni, MarinaVyron, Trine, Bianca
WindSoushiro, Mia, HartliefRams, Bianca, Sha Susu

Planning to build a team out of nothing but five-star characters isn't going to be attainable straight away. It shouldn't be your goal, either. Plenty of three and four-star characters can serve a team better than a stacked five-star composition. Support plays a more important role than simply running an all DPS team, and the team ideas above will assure that.

And that's it! This is a very brief look at the three/four-star characters you can expect to help you through some of World Flipper's more meaningful content. If you're struggling in any particular fight, consider tossing them into your team: they might just make the difference.


World Flipper Teams for Each Boss

Boss Main Units Sub Units
GolemHanabi, Enni, MarinaElise, Marnie, Bianca
OrochiClarisse, Enni, MarnieAdil, Sha Susu, Owlbert
LichClarisse, Enni, MarnieAdil, Sha Susu, Owlbert

Clearing each of the seven chapters in the World Flipper story unlocks around two bosses for you to farm for various upgrade materials.

Each boss has increased difficulty levels unlocked by beating the previous one, and while you'll be able to brute force most with an appropriately leveled team, you'll need to focus on correct or "mono" element teams to beat the more prestigious versions. We've outlined a few teams above that should help.