The Best Three and Four-Star World Flipper Characters

January 28, 2022: We added new characters like Sohvi and Halisha.

Though they may not be as lucrative as five-star units, the best three and four-star World Flipper characters can get you through hard times You’re welcome to attempt some of the harder content with “rainbow” teams (those built with no specific element in mind), but you’ll always lose out on free damage, slowing things down unless you’ve specifically built a wide range of characters.

Read on to find out which three and four-star World Flipper characters you should look out for in your initial pulls and beyond. Use them to pad out teams of each element to waltz through the game, and remember that even a three-star unit can be an absolute game-changer in a team of stacked five-stars. Rarity doesn't equal power.

If you’re just about to start your adventure, check out our World Flipper tier list and reroll guide. It’s a good way to identify which five-star characters are worth your Lodestone Beads and which are just a waste of resources. And do be sure to check out our best gacha games list if you're looking for something else to play.

Marianne is one of the best four-star characters in World Flipper.
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The Best Three and Four-Star World Flipper Characters

Blending a JRPG battle system with pinball results in a "simple to understand yet hard to master" kind of dynamic. You’re free to simply bash enemies with any unit you happen to have, but harnessing the elements and exploiting weaknesses that way can help smooth things along.

Characters that synergize well will heal each other, buff their teammates, debilitate enemies, and even refill skill gauges with speed. For that, it’s imperative that you learn which early characters work well together.

Good World Flipper Fire Characters

Bianca brings plenty of damage modifiers to the team.
On top of a few damage boosts, Enni can cleanse enemy buffs and rapidly fill skill gauges.
Jin is a decent healer with a useful Poison immunity.
While not the best given she's a four star, Hanabi suits the leader role well, maxing the team's skill gauges when given the chance to lead.
Introduced with the Christmas banner, Kannon can blaze through enemies with a fiery barrage. She has plenty of ATK buffs for herself as well. You just need to score some combos.
New Year Luluca
Luluca is a character worth trying to pull during the New Year banner. She's basically a mini version of the Noenne five-star from the banner, being a powerful support for a Fire Power Flip team.
Didn't get Noenne? Harlisha is here to be your Fire healer. It's as simple as that.

When building a Fire team, Bianca, Hanabi, Jin, and Enni are just some of the three/four-star picks you should consider using. This depends on the rest of your setup, of course, but they're in the upper-tiers of the game's less rare pulls.

Good World Flipper Water Characters

This lowly three-star dragon is a pretty decent tank and is absolutely essential to and Golem Godly team thanks to its high Fire resist buffs.
Sharon is considered by most as a solid powerflip carry for Water teams. Her damage buffs don't hurt either.
If you need a healer for your Water team, Reisel is a solid option.
In a Power Flip team, Alice paired with Rain can really stack your combo count, gliding through weak points on bosses like Golem with ease.
Kaiyu is a good option for farming easier battles.
While not essential, Saar is a neat Water unit to have on hand. If you're pulling in his debut banner, don't push him away.
Mordiaga is a solid Water unit. If you've missed a few Water-focus banners and have space for him on your team, he's probably worth putting some time into.
Sohvi is a great Leader for Water Power Flip teams. If that's what you're in need of, try to grab her.

For a Water team, Faf, Sharon, Reisel, Alice, and Kaiyu and solid three/four-star units. Consider finding a place for them in your team. This depends on your strategy and the battle ahead, of course, but they're better than others in their class.

Good World Flipper Thunder Characters

Paralysis is always a welcome addition to the team strategy. Damage modifiers won't hurt either.
Honey is a bit like a three-star Renoir. Its skills do plenty of damage, however.
Want a dragon on your side? Rams brings high skill damage to the table.
Sha Susu
Great on any team, Sha Susu is a three-star with powerful skill gauge refills and handy leader buffs.
Introduced in the Chirstmas banner, Fiora is a solid support. She isn't exclusive to it, and with the main units being a bit lacklustre, it might be worth trying to score her from another banner instead.
Rudy is considered a very important character for Thunder Fever teams

For a Thunder team, Renoir, Honey, Rams, and the legendary Sha Susu are great three/four-star units to think about using. This depends on your strategy and the battle ahead, of course, but they're better than others in their class. Sha Susu, for example, sits atop our tier list among the game's five-star characters. She's just that good.

Good World Flipper Wind Characters

Soushiro brings some much-needed Wind skill damage to the team.
Mia is a great character to have around for the mana.
On top of aiding in combos and increase skill gauges, Miu is often used to help Wind's top-tier unit Celtie hit her mark.
Jester may look silly, but his damage modifiers and cleanses are good to have around. Paralysis is never a bad idea either.
Owlbert works perfectly as a sub to Sha Susu. Together, they make the Soushiro meta team fly.
Though nothing special right now, Lou will become stronger as more units and content release down the line.
Considered one of the best Wind units in the game far into the JP future, you'll want to pick this one up from the rate-up catch sooner rather than later.

For a Wind team, Soushiro, Mia, Miu, and Jester are helpful three/four-star units to bring along. If you can find a spot for them in your next battle, they should treat you fine. This depends on your strategy and the battle ahead, of course, but they're better than most others in their class.

Good World Flipper Light Characters

Eliya is a great skill damage character to bring along for the ride.
Kira has good skill damage and also helps Eliya line up shots.
Corina is the White Mage of the group. If you need support, Corina gives it.
If you're looking for a more offense-centric support, Fin can boost the team.
Hopper is just considered to be a "solid" unit. Nothing outstanding, but not worth ignoring if you have a space on your team.
Though not too important in the current Global patch, Lyla does come into her own in the future. It's a nice get.

When building your Light team, Eliya, Kira, Corinna, and Fin should be considered for filling in any gaps. Eliya and Kira work well together, but you can settle on Fin or Corina if all you need is a little pick-me-up.

Good World Flipper Dark Characters

Marianne can easily boost the team's damage to new heights.
For a three-star, Rebecca has a handy amount of damage modifiers and skill gauge refills to throw around.
Falsche is a solid gauge boost option.

Lastly, we have units to consider for your Dark team needs. There aren't many, but Marianne, Rebecca, and the shy little Falsche can all serve a purpose. The first of the bunch can prop up your damage. The other two are mostly there in supporting roles.

Sha Susu is one of the best World Flipper characters around.
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How Do I Get Sha Susu in World Flipper?

Sha Susu does get a rate-up banner, but this isn't expected for around two months yet. Right now, you can only get Sha Susu through gacha pulls. As a three-star character in a massive pool, your chances are quite slim, but the odds remain across virtually every banner—unlike most four or five-star units. Just pull in banners you need and you'll get her eventually.

How Do I Get Owlbert in World Flipper?

Whether you have Sha Susu or not, Owlbert's Levitate support skill can come in handy in plenty of situations. Unlocking him is a must. And it isn't all about gacha pulls, either. Getting Owlbert means relying on luck, but the only barrier is your Stamina. He drops as a random reward from the "Attack From Above" mission in Chapter One, Stage Four. But only on the EX difficulty.

Just tap back to the chapter, hit the EX tab next to where it says "Main" and farm the battle until it drops. This can take a good 10-20 tries, but as the Owlbert drop rates aren't clear, it could be far more or far less. You should be fine to take this on with characters around level 20-30. It isn't hard.

How Do I Get Faf in World Flipper?

Now a prized possession for anyone hoping to clear the Golem Godly fight, Faf is highly sought after. If you haven't obtained him already, you're going to have to keep pulling. This essential three-star character can only be obtained through gacha.

Faf is available in virtually any banner, but you only have around a 1.330 percent chance of landing him in any single pull. The good news is that you should have plenty of three-star Astral Gems to uncap him and quickly build him up. You won't need to pull him multiple times to max him out.

The best three and four-star World Flipper teams.
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The Best Beginner World Flipper Team

Main Units
Sub Units

World Flipper can be a daunting game to get into. If you tap on anything but the story quests before you reach the end of the main campaign, you'll send yourself down a rabbit hole of bosses, boosts, and token shops. It can be hard to know where to start, but we've rounded up a generalize team that can get you through the story and into whatever content you choose to do soon after.

Consisting of units of all different rarities, the team above isn't too difficult to build with the summons you get at the start. It has a good balance of offense, defense, and support. For weapons and souls, just use whatever you find throughout the story, then switch them out with boss drops and Necro rewards as your power increases.

Three and Four-Star World Flipper Teams

Main Character
Second Units
Alice, Sonia, Walter
Sharon, Kaiyu, Adil
Rams, Renoir, Sha Susu
Gilasrad, Kaiyu, Bianca
Marianne, Rebecca, Shion
Falsche, Sha Susu, Andy
Ellya, Sha Susu, Miles
Yuna, Bonnie, Bianca,
Hanabi, Enni, Marina
Vyron, Trine, Bianca
Soushiro, Mia, Hartlief
Rams, Bianca, Sha Susu

Planning to build a team out of nothing but five-star characters isn't going to be attainable straight away. It shouldn't be your goal, either. Plenty of three and four-star characters can serve a team better than a stacked five-star composition. Support plays a more important role than simply running an all DPS team, and the team ideas above will assure that.

World Flipper Teams for Each Boss

Main Units
Sub Units
Alice, Sharon, Sonia
Rain, Faf, Liesel
Clarisse, Enni, Marnie
Adil, Sha Susu, Owlbert
Lich (Regitare)
Clarisse, Enni, Marnie
Adil, Sha Susu, Owlbert
Soushiro, Philia, Sha Susu
Rams, Mia, Owlbert
Ellya, Razelt, Sha Susu
Kiera, Alk, Owlbert
Hermit King
Rams, Renoir, Sha Susu
Murakumo, (any healer), Owlbert

Clearing each of the seven chapters in the World Flipper story unlocks around two bosses for you to farm for various upgrade materials.

Each boss has increased difficulty levels unlocked by beating the previous one, and while you'll be able to brute force most with an appropriately leveled team, you'll need to focus on correct or "mono" element teams to beat the more prestigious versions. We've outlined a few teams above that should help.

World Flipper Necropolis 70 Teams

Main Units
Sub Units
Celtie, Philia, Sha Susu
Vyron, Mia, Owlbert,
Hanabi, Jin, Marina
Vyron, Marnie, Lazelt
Alice, Sonia, Fafnir
Vyron, Lanner, Liesel
Rams, Renoir, Sha Susu
Marakumo, Cagliostro, Jay
Ellya, Sha Susu, Finn
Kiera, Owlbert, Alk
Belsidia, Marianne, Sha Susu
Mino, Rebecca, Owlbert

Added just a few weeks after launch, the Necropolis is the cream of the crop when it comes to end-game World Flipper content right now. This 70-floor dungeon crawl gets progressively harder the deeper you go. Only the best teams will make it through, and the preferred element of the challenge you choose will play a big part in how you build a team to clear it. Refer to the table above to see the shells of teams people have used to clear it.

Here are three teams you can use to beat the Godly Lich Regitare boss battle in World Flipper.
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What Is the Best World Flipper Lich Goldy Team?

Hanabi, Marina, Kikuno
Vyron, Bianca, Noelle
Clarrise, Alk, Enni
Vyron Bianca, Sha Susu
Clarrise, Enni, Noelle
Hanabi, Sha Susu, Bianca

After the Godly Golem comes the Godly Lich. This is considered one of the easiest Godly-tier boss battles in the game. As such, building a capable team isn't too taxing. Above, you'll find three capable teams picked out by the World Flipper Discord team. It's mostly the same as the lower difficulty fights. You just need to scale up your levels and manaboards to suit the increased damage output and HP of the boss.

What Is the Best World Flipper Golem Godly Team?

Alice, Sharon, Sonia
Rain, Faf, Liesel
Ellya, Faf, Sha Suzu
Keira, Razelt, Liesel
Soushiro, Faf, Sha Suzu
Rams, Liesel, Phiria
Hanabi, Faf, Sha Suzu
Rams, Liesel, Kaiyu
Hanabi, Faf, Marina
Adil, Noenne, Kaiyu
Clarisse, Faf, Sha Suzu
Rams, Kaiyu, Liesel
Rams, Faf, Sha Suzu
Adil, Liesel, Renoir

On October 30, the World Flipper Golem Godly fight was released. It's the first of the end-game difficulty modes for the game's current static boss content to release, with more to come in the coming weeks and months. With around 62 million hit points, if you struggle with Adv+ difficulty, you're a long way off taking down this tank.

The fight is, as it sounds, a spruced-up version of the Golem boss battle—one of the first players complete in the World Flipper main campaign. Now the hardest battle out there, it requires a well-built team to clear. A full Water team is highly recommended for the additional damage bonuses, but off-element teams can make it through so long as a staple unit like Faf is in play to help offset the boss's high Fire-element damage.

Beyond the need for Faf, Sha Suzu and Liesel come highly recommended as earliest, appearing in the vast majority of teams. It's a long fight. Sustainability becomes the main focus, with damage coming second. You can't deal any damage if your whole team is dead, after all.

What Is the Best World Flipper Godly Hermit King Team?

First Slot / Support
Second Slot / Support
Third Slot / Support
Sha Suzu

The recent Thunder Spotlight banner makes sense now - Godly Hermit King is here! Early on, this crustacean was quite the pain, so don't expect an easy fight. In fact, most would say to not bother if you don't have two of the more recent five-star Thunder characters Sera and Barrek. You're even expected to have Bulletta and, of course, the trusty Sha Suzu.

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