Valor Legends tier list (January 2023) - Best heroes for every mode

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Image of a sword-wielding valkyrie in Valor Legends.
January 27, 2023: We checked our tier list to make sure it's up to date.

Regularly referring to our Valor Legends tier list will ensure you're only upgrading the best heroes on your team. There's a limit to how many heroes you can take into battle, and knowing which ones outperform others can keep you from facing defeat. Read on the find out where your newest hero ranks, and who exactly you might want to pull for in the future.


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The best warriors on the Valor Legends tier list.

Valor Legends tier list

Role Characters
MageYulvyin, Oche, Sinclair, Lord of Thunder Ireus, Tamaki
PriestLucia, Margaret, Olivia, Flora, Suvere, Song of Dream Mikayla, Amaterasu
WarriorLionel, Eric, Cardelin, Shadow Warrior Khuulka, Shinobu, Brovi
AssassinRamiel, Garr, New Legion Assassin Narrisa
RangerIxlott, Telwihr, Sellier, Felix, Cuvroi, Forest Shadow Liliananna

Before we dive into tier lists for each individual role, it's important to collect the best Valor Legends heroes into a table of their own. Spanning each of the five available roles, the heroes listed above (and below) are Legendary-grade and should be considered the best in their class. If you get one, you'll want to level these up over most other picks available right now. Whether it's PvP or PvE, running a team with some combination of the heroes above should drastically increase your chances of success.

Best Valor Legends warriors

Tier Character
SLionel, Eric, Shadow Warrior Khuulka
ACatarina, Yesacco, Cardelin, Norton, Shinobu, Brovi
BRenaud, Patrus, Ayla

The best Valor Legends Warriors aren't simple tanks. While plenty of them are bulky enough to endure a few hits, many of them are simply designed to deal large amounts of burst damage before dropping to their knees. Protect these glass cannons with a decent Priest or other support and you'll maximize their damage output. The best are those who have a good mix of self-sustain and damage.

The best mages on the Valor Legends tier list.

Best Valor Legends mages

Tier Character
SYulvyin, Oche, Sinclair
AAchis, Gisella, Doris, Tamaki
BMilton, Frode, Raghnall, Lord of Thunder Ireus

Valor Legends Mages excel at crowd control, damage, or sometimes both. They're typically used to hit the backline with area attacks or front brawlers with the attacks they're most weak to, penetrating their armour. Some, like Raghnall, cast shields, making them more like secondary supports. Which mage you ultimately choose will depend on what you need in your team.

Best Valor Legends rangers

Rangers in Valor Legends work similarly to mages. They deal decent area damage and can control the opposing team with silence, petrification, and other debuffs. Some act like noble bards, buffing their teammates in a pinch. The drawback is that many of their skills rely on lady luck, which isn't a reliable strategy.


Best Valor Legends priests

Priests are the go-to support characters in Valor Legends. These well-regarded healers can either replenish large amounts of HP to single targets or smaller amounts across the whole team. Not only are they great medics, but Priests often cleanse debilitating effects, grant your team energy, and can boost their attack speed in the process. Every team will benefit from a Valor Legends Priest.

Best Valor Legends assassins

As you'll quickly learn from the tutorial battle, Assassins are great at fading straight into the backline. As this is where most unarmored units sit, a strong Valor Legends Assassin can quickly cut the enemy team's support down if left unchecked. They're not designed to take a beating. Bring sufficient support, however, and they'll secure the battle before some of your others have a chance to get involved.


And that's it for this Valor Legends tier list. Though the game hasn't put out many new heroes since it launched back in September 2022, those that have arrived have made a big mark on the meta. Check back as and when new heroes are released to see where they stand, or even check back to see if any patches are buffed or nerfed your favourites.