Awaken: Chaos Era Codes - Free Crystals, Gold, and EXP

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Screenshot from Awaken: Chaos Era, showing several fighters grouped together
January 20, 2022: No new Awaken: Chaos Era codes have released today, but codes promised to those to recruited five members to the game's Discord channel have started to go out. Check your Discord messages if you haven't already.

Looking for fresh Awaken: Chaos Era codes for this week's big new release? ACE codes are plentiful thanks to the soft launch late last year. This mobile RPG certainly strikes a chord with fans of the notable Raid: Shadow Legends, so it's no surprise that players are looking for a slight competitive edge with the latest codes.

Our Awaken: Chaos Era codes guide will go through all working and expired coupons in the game, as well as detail what they often unlock. We'll also take a look at how to redeem these codes and run through the methods we use to find new ones in case you want to beat us to the next.

Of course, there are plenty of other gacha games like this on mobile to fit your needs. Check out our Raid: Shadow Legends codes to the big one. We've also got Shindo Life codes if the Roblox platform appeals to you. And comic fans might also enjoy our Marvel: Future Revolution codes, too!

All Working Awaken: Chaos Era Codes

  • Hello100 - 100 Normal Summoning Crystals
  • FOODY - One three-star Foody pet
  • Swordout - One four-star Raider Blade, three Special Weapon Charms, and one Advanced Weapon Charm
  • ACEEXP - One-Hour Double EXP
  • Whosyourdaddy - Free Zachary hero
  • Ineedadoctor - Free Abbott hero
  • ACEDC - Three Advanced Summoning Crystals
  • ACEFB - Three Advanced Summoning Crystals
  • ACE777 - 10k Gold, 100 Diamonds, and 10k EXP Jelly

The below Awaken: Chaos Era codes were last checked and confirmed expired on January 19, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • LevelUp
It's easy to use Awaken: Chaos Era codes when you know how.
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How Do I Use Awaken: Chaos Era Codes?

  • Log into Awaken: Chaos Era
  • Clear up to Stage 1-6 (the tutorial)
  • Head back to the main lobby screen and tap the menu icon in the top-right
  • Tap into Settings, then hit the Account tab on the left
  • Tap the Redemption Code button along the bottom here and type in the ACE codes you want to use
  • Hit redeem and the rewards will land in your in-game mailbox

Thanks to the ongoing beta, we know exactly how to use Awaken: Chaos Era codes prior to the game's official release. It's a simple job, but you'll need to reach Stage 1-6 in the story before you can do so. It shouldn't take longer than 15–20 minutes play, but we thought you'd just like to know.

Screenshot from Awaken: Chaos Era, showing several fighters preparing for battle.
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What Are Awaken: Chaos Era Codes?

As with most mobile games of this style, Awaken: Chaos Era codes (or ACE codes) are free redeemable coupons that grant you a certain amount of in-game items without spending money.

They tend to crop up quite frequently, often giving free currency to spend on summoning new fighters to your roster. Equally, other games have used codes to give away exclusive cosmetic items or styles, that cannot be purchased through the in-game store. Raid: Shadow Legends, which has often been compared to Awaken: Chaos Era, uses codes to gift free energy and Silver.

Of course, we'll know more about the specifics of the Awaken: Chaos Era code process once the game goes live later in January 2022. Don't be surprised to see codes granting plenty of coins, gacha spins, and XP to help you reach higher levels quickly.

How Do I Get More Awaken: Chaos Era Codes?

With the game only set to grow after its launch later this month, you can bet that plenty of Awaken: Chaos Era codes will arrive in the coming weeks. As such, we've compiled a few handy spots to check for new codes, so you never miss a freebie.

First and foremost, you should like the Awaken: Chaos Era Facebook page. New codes are posted there frequently. The same can be said for the game's Twitter page, which is equally a very easy way to spot updates. There's an official website too, which could be useful for new updates.

You can actually get an exclusive Awaken: Chaos Era code by joining the game's Discord server and using your unique invite link to bring five other players into the server.


If you don't feel like trawling through posts, or you aren't a social media user, then worry not. Bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we'll be updating our list the second Awaken: Chaos Era codes first come out.

When Is the Awaken: Chaos Era Release Date?

Awaken: Chaos Era will release worldwide on January 17, 2022 at 2am GMT.

That's actually 6pm PT, so players over in the US and other distant timezones should actually get to play on January 16. You'll want to pre-register through the App Store or Google Play Store to get some bonus rewards.

And if you want to play now, you can either download the Awaken: Chaos Era APK and run it on your Android phone or emulator, or download it straight from Google Play via the Awaken: Chaos Era Early Access page if you're in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or the United Kingdom. Which you could have done back in late November. Beta data will not be reset on launch, so you'll be good to go through launch.