Blue Archive Tier List - Best Students and How to Reroll

Updated December 1, 2021: Updated some of the Blue Archive tier list rankings.

Looking for a decent Blue Archive tier list? The Gacha-RPG all about heading back to school is out globally, but there are still a variety of changes coming to characters as the game catches up with the established Japanese version. However, this should give you a decent idea of the students that you'll want to aim for in terms of rerolling, which we explain in-depth further down.

If you haven't heard of Blue Archive before, this strategy RPG is set in the school city of Kivotos. You play as a newly hired teacher who has to wrangle students from the city's nine different academies into a fighting squad. We'll leave the particular plot details up to the game. Basically, you'll use this squad in battle, but also befriend the students and grow closer to them over time in typical slice-of-life gacha fashion. There's combat, there are girls, and there's gacha. It's a general recipe for success, and you can get a major headstart by using our Blue Archive codes list.

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Blue Archive Tier List

Tier Characters
SKarin, Iori, Nonomi, Haruna, Aru, Hibiki, Hina, Tsubaki, Kotama, Hare, Hanae
AHifumi, Saya, Serina, Ayane, Suzumi, Hoshino, Yuuka, Chise, Izuna, Shun, Momoi, Shiroko, Junko, Midori, Arisu
BFuuka, Akane, Airi, Eimi, Haruka, Yoshimi, Sumire, Utaha, Tsurugi, Mashiro, Neru, Serika, Akari, Mutsuki
CChinatsu, Kotori, Shimuko, Juri, Kayoko, Shizuko, Maki, Fina, Hasumi, Asuna, Izumi

We've rounded up the best Blue Archive characters in the general tier list above. Read on to see more info on who's best in each category.


Blue Archive Tier List: Attacker

Tier Characters
SKarin, Iori, Nonomi, Haruna, Aru, Hibiki, Hina
AChise, Izuna, Shun, Momoi, Shiroko, Junko, Midori, Arisu
BYoshimi, Sumire, Utaha, Tsurugi, Mashiro, Neru, Serika, Akari, Mutsuki
CMaki, Fina, Hasumi, Asuna, Izumi

Attackers are there for the reason you'd expect: to attack. They're generally the top damage dealers, with plenty of ways to pad out their numbers and inflict even more hurt. All that power comes at a cost, however. They're far less capable of taking a hit than the game's bulky tanks and are usually seen as target number one. Protect them, but be sure to build your team around enabling them to do their best work.

Two students walking to class in Blue Archive
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Blue Archive Tier List: Tank

Tier Characters
AHoshino, Yuuka
BEimi, Haruka

As ever, tanks are defensive characters designed to take a hit and convince enemies to target them instead of their softer allies. They stand at the front of the squad, commanding all eyes (and weapons) on them. Tanks typically use defensive-buffing abilities, stuns, and other forms of crowd control to not only force targets on them, but to mitigate incoming damage.

Two Blue Archive students sit next to each other.
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Blue Archive Tier List: Supporter

Tier Characters
SSaya, Hifumi, Kotama, Hare
AAyane, Suzumi
BAkane, Airi
CKotori, Shimuko, Juri, Kayoko, Shizuko

Supporters differ over healers in that they tend to specialize in crowd control, buffs, and debuffs. They're good for debilitating large groups of enemies or singling individuals out and can generally help weaker teams deal with stronger enemies. Buffs can pad out damage numbers, speed up allies, or make tanks even bulkier, leaving debuffs to reduce a target's stats or even lock their more powerful abilities.

Two students chatting on decks in Blue Archive
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Blue Archive Tier List: Healer

Tier Characters

Healers do exactly what you'd expect. Whether it's topping allies off before a big attack or resurrecting fallen friends, having at least one healer on your team is generally the best strategy. Tanks can soak up more damage, attackers can have a fighting chance of surviving a particularly potent combo, and supporters can be kept alive long enough to put a stop to a late-game strategy.

Two students with halos walk outside while one reads in Blue Archive
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What Are Classes in Blue Archive?

As is fairly typical for character-based gacha games, Blue Archive's students each belong to one of four different classes, which determines their role in a fight. These are fairly self-explanatory, but here's roughly what they entail:

  • Attacker: Damage dealers and DPS
  • Tank: Defenders who tank damage
  • Support: Uses abilities to enhance other characters
  • Healer: Keeps other characters in the fight

This is a pretty basic explanation, as characters also have attack types, defence types, abilities, and roles, but these four classes give you a straightforward idea of how each student should ideally be utilised.

Here's how to perform a Blue Archive reroll.
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How Do I Reroll in Blue Archive?

  • Open Blue Archive
  • Play through the tutorial and claim the launch rewards from your mail to earn your free pulls
  • Perform the pulls and see who you get
  • If you want someone else, tap the gear icon, then choose Reset Account from the Account tab
  • Start the game and play through the tutorial again to roll
  • Do this as many times as you want until you get your preferred starting character
  • Finally, link your account to earn some more Pyroxene

Performing a Blue Archive reroll is pretty simple. It will take some time to play through the tutorial sections, but you won't need to mess around with the game files to reset your data. Just follow the steps above and roll until you get the character(s) you want.

What Time Does Blue Archive Release?

Blue Archive released at 11pm UTC/GMT on November 8, or 3pm PT in the US.

If you pre-registered, the game should have automatically downloaded to your device the night before. If you haven't, you can download the game from the Blue Archive Google Play or Apple App Store pages now the servers are live. Android users can also use their chosen APK repository.

Of course, there's no need to worry about pre-registering now, as Blue Archive is officially live worldwide. Make sure you download it as soon as you can, to get spinning and unlocking the best students!

And that's our Blue Archive tier list. Expect some moderate changes and character inclusions as the game expands following its global launch, with balancing and new characters added from the established Japanese version.


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