Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer - BTS code, rewards, and how to use it

The BTS cookies came with the Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer.

The BTS cookies came with the Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer.
November 9, 2022: You might be able to claim a few more rewards from the BTS riddle in CRK if you haven't logged on in a little while.

Looking for the Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer for the BTS Cookies update? It's out now, and we've got it down below. The path to the code was long, with cryptic letters found in promo materials over the last few days slowly spelling it out. But if you don't want to pour over the lot, you can just grab the BTS riddle answer below instead.

Unlike your standard Cookie Run Kingdom codes, this new and exclusive one is far too long to fit in the typical redeem space. Being too many characters for use to even bother counting, we can say with absolute certainty that it's longer than the 16-character string any other CRK code has been in the past. With that in mind, we'll go over where exactly to use the riddle answer code as well.

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The Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer is MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER. It's a long string of text that, when broken up, reads "may you be a little happier in our kingdom together."

Think of it as a message from the BTS boys. If you're typing it in, not that it's OUR kingdom and not YOUR kingdom. How you react to that will tell your cookies what you really think of them, so be careful. They're a smart bunch.

How to enter the BTS Cookie Run Kingdom riddle code.
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To enter the BTS Cookie riddle code, you actually have to do it through the app regardless of platform - not the website you typically put CRK codes into.

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To find the page in-game, tap the events calendar icon on the left beneath your profile picture. Then, scroll down to the Riddle Kingdom tab and tap on it. In there, you'll see a long text field above the big set of rewards.

Type the BTS riddle code into the game using the method above and you'll instantly get 3k crystals and 1k Army Bombs for your effort. But that's not the only reward you can look forward to.

For every one million players who enter the code correctly, everyone will get more crystals and Army Bombs. At three million redeems, the total will be 6k of each currency and a chest containing five BTS Cookie soulstones of your choice.

And, as another little bonus, you can tap the first of the four rewards as soon as you've entered the BTS riddle code. Doing so asks for personal information like your address and phone number, which may sound dubious, but it's to enter you into a prize draw raffle. The prize? A BTS artbook.

There are 5k of those up for grabs, so while the chances are slim if three million people claim the code, there's no guarantee that all of them will enter the raffle. That means you could end up with not only in-game goodies, but a physical prize as well. Good luck!

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