Tower of Fantasy currencies - Nucleus and Vouchers explained

Shirli, a young blond-haired girl from Tower of Fantasy.

Shirli, a young blond-haired girl from Tower of Fantasy.
August 18, 2022: updated some additional info around the currencies

Feeling a little lost with all the Tower of Fantasy currencies you have to sift through to get anywhere in the new shared-world RPG? Worry not. We've rummaged around to figure out what each one is for, where they come from, how rare they are, and where you might want to spend them.

Tower of Fantasy is an open world RPG, akin to that of Genshin Impact. In games like these, there are tons of different currencies and materials you'll need to painstakingly collect and budget to level up your characters and equipment to take on new challenges.

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All Tower of Fantasy currencies

There are a couple categories of Tower of Fantasy currencies to talk about. Like Genshin Impact, which has two different shop menus depending on your goals, there are "shop currencies" and "rolling currencies" to pay attention to here.

Shop Currencies

Dark Crystal

One of the types of shop currencies. This is the "free to play" version, as it's earned through playing the game. It will come from achievements and quests. These can be used to rolling currencies and other goodies.

There are various items that you can purchase with Dark Crystal, including Gold and Red Nuclei. These each cost 150 Dark Crystals.


This is the paid currency which you'll have to buy if you're hoping to bag some of the better items in the game quickly and before they leave their limited-time banners. These are used to buy various bundles and items as well.

Rolling Currencies

Black Nucleus

This is one of the main Tower of Fantasy currencies you'll come across and collect as you progress through your adventures.

These are your free-to-play orbs (think Primogems in Genshin Impact). They're found in the world and can be obtained by completing missions and other little activities throughout the game.

Black Nucleus can be used to roll for Rare quality weapons, materials and has a chance to reward an SR Simulacra and weapon.

Gold Nucleus

Another form of rolling currency that's pretty easy to come by. It's much less common than the purple, but it's still one of the main ones you're going to use to roll for weapons and Simulacra.

These have guaranteed SR/SSR protection. You're guaranteed an SR/SSR every 10 rolls and guaranteed an SSR every 80 rolls.

Red Nucleus

Another rolling currency that's used for rolling on Limited Edition banners. These can be purchased using Black Crystals.

Proof of Purchase

These are used to purchase Matricies, which are used as augments to your weapons. They're rolled for just like weapons and materials, so there's nothing fancy going on there.

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Special Vouchers are similar to Proof of Purchases, but are used for Limited Edition Matricies. If you're after a rarer set of Matricies, you'll want to hold onto these.

A girl in Tower of Fantasy.
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How much do Tower of Fantasy Tanium cost?

Like with most games, there are different bundles for paid currency. Tower of Fantasy offers six different purchase options for Blue Crystals. In USD, here's what you're looking at:

  • 60 Tanium - 0.99
  • 300 Tanium - 4.99
  • 980 Tanium - 14.99
  • 1980 Tanium - 29.99
  • 3280 Tanium - 49.99
  • 6480 Tanium - 99.99

And that's all we have for you! There are bound to be more currencies that come up for special events, but we'd recommend spending your Dark Crystals on Red Nucleus, so you can try to wrack up some sweet Limited Edition SSR Simulacrums.

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