Rise of Kingdoms Codes - Free Gems and Keys

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March 16, 2022: We checked for any new RoK codes, updated a few included links, and removed some irrelevant sections of the guide.

Want some free Rise of Kingdoms codes? Lilith's mobile base-building strategy game is all about taking famous civilizations from across history and pitting them against one another to see who will emerge victorious.

You start with a city, building up its infrastructure and raising yourself an army, but every civilization needs plenty of resources. Rise of Kingdoms codes help with this. as they offer you some free resources, whether it's the in-game currency, gems, or silver and golden keys for opening chests and earning new heroes to lead your army.

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All Working Rise of Kingdoms Codes

  • ROKVICTORY - One golden key, one 30 minute speedup, one level 5 tome of knowledge

These Rise of Kingdoms codes were checked and confirmed as expired on March 16, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • Tw1XpxW9Z2
  • k7bjwhfsvq - Free rewards
  • ah9vzgp0mi - Three building speedups, three training speedups, three research speedups, ten level 5 tomes of knowledge, one golden key
  • rokpromo21 - One golden key, three silver keys, two 3-hour speedups, ten level 5 tomes of knowledge
  • ROK2YOMDTU - Free rewards
  • q51ajxwdzc - Three 60 minute building speedups, three 60 minute training speedups, three 60 minute research speedups, ten level 5 tomes of knowledge, one golden key
  • Fb98l0wrfk - one golden key, three silver keys, two 3 hour speed-ups, ten level 5 tomes of knowledge
  • hpr3BveYL6 - Three 60 minute building speedup, three 60 minute training speedup, three 60 minute research speedup, ten level 5 tome of knowledge, one golden key
  • rokhappybd - One golden key, three silver keys, two speedups, ten level 5 tomes of knowledge
  • ROKVIKINGS - Free rewards
  • brem4k69u2 - Free rewards
  • d725ig2acq - Two golden key, two 3 hour speedup, one level 6 tome of knowledge, two 500 action point recovery
  • QE32503E925 - Free rewards
  • Tricktreat - Free rewards
  • Mid0Autumn - Free rewards
  • tz4gusiwka - Free rewards
  • RMerryXmas - Free rewards
  • STANDBYYOU - Free rewards
  • TnxGiv1ing - Free rewards
The in-game menu with the Rise of Kingdoms code redeem option
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How Do I Use Rise of Kingdoms Codes?

  • Tap on your avatar portrait in the top-left corner
  • Tap on settings
  • Tap redeem
  • Copy a code from our list and enter it into the box
  • Tap exchange
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Like most mobile games of its kind, you need to do a little leg work before you can use the latest Rise of Kingdoms codes. Just play through the tutorial and, once it's cleared, you'll be able to tap your avatar portrait and navigate through the 'Settings' menu to the Redeem section. Just put the working Rise of Kingdoms codes in here, tap the exchange button, and you'll be good to go.

Cleopatra floating in the clouds in Rise of Kingdoms, with soldiers silhouetted below her.
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How Can I Get More Rise of Kingdoms Codes?

As with a lot of big mobile games, the best places to find more codes are the official social media channels. You can check out the Rise of Kingdoms Twitter or Facebook if you want to stay up to date with what's happening in-game and potentially get your hands on whatever freebies Lilith also releases.


If you don't have Facebook or Twitter, or just don't want to use them, you can always check in with this list, as we'll keep it updated whenever a new code appears.