Archero tier list - best heroes, weapons, and items

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Screenshot from Archero, showing the player character facing off against a red-eyed demon
November 28, 2022: This time around, we didn't need to make any changes to our Archero tier list.

Archero is an adorable mobile action game that has remained unsurprisingly popular for a while now, and our Archero tier list will help you choose the best character to take on your adventures. This one sees you playing as an archer as you traverse through an RNG arena world filled with monsters, strategically planning your movements to avoid attacks and land damage.


Our Archero tier list will break down all the characters, abilities, and weapons in the game, exploring the best choices for new players and seasoned fans alike. We'll also go over the reroll process, so you can start over if you aren't happy with your current roster.

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Archero heroes tier list

Tier Hero
SRolla, Shade
AOphelia, Bonnie, Atreus, Blazo
BRyan, Ayana, Sylvan, Phoren, Taranis, Meowgik, Elaine
CShari, Onir, Urasil, Helix

As you can tell from our tier list, there aren't too many Archero heroes to collect. The key distinction is between free characters and premium characters, who cost real money to unlock. However, they don't all provide a gameplay boost, even though all characters in the S tier are premium purchases. The free characters are as follows:

  • Atreus
  • Urasil
  • Phoren
  • Taranis
  • Helix
  • Meowgik

Using these characters will certainly do enough to get you to the higher levels, and defeat the toughest bosses, with plenty of practice. However, if you want to stamp your name on the leaderboards and become one of the best at Archero, it seems that spending money is the only feasible way.

Who is the best Archero hero?

As per our tier list, the best heroes in Archero are Rolla and Shade. That's due to them both having impressive 170 ATK stats, making them the best offensive characters in the game. Equally, they both have formidable HP stats, at 500 HP and 550 HP respectively, meaning they can take a lot of damage to boot. Considering that plenty of the in-game abilities are focused on HP boosts or healing, health shouldn't be a problem with these characters. However, the downside is that they're both premium heroes, so you have to spend real-life money to get them. In fact, they aren't cheap, with Rolla costing around $17, and Shade at $18.99. As such, it's no cheap venture, so using these Archero heroes won't be an option for everyone.

If you're a free-to-play gamer, then the Archero hero you'll want to unlock is Meowgik. They have 135 ATK and 550 HP, which while lower than premium characters, is still more than enough when you start out. Since you can get boosts to your abilities and damage stats as you pass through levels and defeat bosses, you can easily find success with Meowgik as you get better at the game.

Screenshot of Archero gameplay, as the archer character damages a monster

How do I get more Archero heroes?

As mentioned, there are two tiers of Archero heroes, so the unlock method varies based on who you're trying to get. Unsurprisingly, unlocking the premium characters is as simple as heading to the in-game store and spending your money to purchase them.


For free-to-play heroes, the unlock process is slightly different. Instead, you unlock them by collecting shards, which you gain by competing in the special event Desert Ghost on the main menu. This is separate from the endless RNG combat that forms the basis of Archero's gameplay. Instead, you'll need to head to Desert Ghost and defeat enemies, hoping to grab shards in a random drop from a dead opponent.

Archero abilities tier list

Tier Ability
SDeath Nova, Invincibility Star, Fire Sword, Ice Sword, Poison Sword, Bolt Swords, Blazing Meteor, Frost Meteor, Toxic Meteor, Bolt Meteor
AMultishot, Ricochet, Freeze, Poison Touch, Blaze, Dark Touch, Death Bomb, Attack Boost, HP Plus, HP Gain Aura, HP Boost, Bloodthirst, Fire Circle, Ice Circle, Poison Circle, Bolt Circle, Blazing Star, Frost Star, Toxic Star, Bolt Star, Extra Life
BFront Arrow, Piercing Shot, Element Burst, Chilling Blast, Attack Speed Boost, Attack Plus, Crit Plus, Speed Plus, Shield Guard, Heal, Spirit Attack Boost, Spirit Blaze, Spirit Freeze, Spirit Poisoned Touch, Blazing Strike, Frost Strike, Toxic Strike, Bolt Strike, Fury, Rage, Grace, Headshot, Slow Projectile
CBouncy Wall, Diagonal Arrows, Side Arrows, Bolt, Element Upgrade, Crit Master, Speed Aura, Crit Aura, Strong Heart, Wingman, Spirit Front Arrow, Spirit Multi-Shot, Spirit Attack Speed Boost, Spirit Bolt, Dodge Master, Shadow Clone, Summon One-Eyed Bat
DRear Arrow, Obsidian Circle, Spirit Diagonal Arrow, Spirit Crit Boost, Agility, Smart, Greed, Overdraft, Holy Touch, Inspire, Water Walker, Through The Wall, Giant, Dwarf

Archero weapons tier list

Tier Weapon
SDeath Scythe
ABrightspear, Demon Blade
BBrave Bow, Gale Force
CStalker Staff, Mini Atreus
DSaw Blade, Tornado

As you can see from our Archero weapons tier list, the best weapon in the game is the Death Scythe. It's a lumbering two-handed weapon, though its 145% damage stats make it the most blisteringly powerful item in the game. Equally, it has a big hitbox and knockback distance, meaning you can use it to keep enemies away while also hugely denting their health.

The weapon you first start with is the Brave Bow, which is also a very handy item to keep a hold of. It's a consistently middle-range weapon, which can be really useful when upgraded with abilities like Double Arrow. However, it doesn't pack the same instant punch as some of the melee weapons in the game, so it's less useful if you're stuck in a crowd of enemies all going for you.


All Archero item types

In Archero, there are seven different item types. These come with different in-game effects and roles, as well as modifiers that can tweak your stats. They are as follows:

Item Type Effect
WeaponsUsed to damage enemies
ArmorUsed to upgrade health
RingsIncrease the damage to certain enemy types, depending on the ring
SpiritsExternal companions who fight alongside you
LocketsIncrease health for specific types
BraceletsIncrease damage
SpellbooksUnique magical abilities that have blistering effects

Archero reroll guide

If you've just started Archero and you aren't happy with the abilities you've unlocked or the characters you have, rerolling is always an option. This will manually reset your progress, putting you back to where you first began with no unlocks.

Sadly there is no way to reroll within the Archero app, meaning you'll have to delete it from your mobile device. Doing this will wipe your saved data and progress entirely. Then it's a simple matter of redownloading the game and starting all over again. You'll be ready to spin for abilities once more, and hopefully to unlock some high-level weapons and characters.