Marvel Future Revolution Companion Tier List - Best Companions

Marvel Future Revolution Companion

Marvel Future Revolution Companion
April 1, 2024: We added Baron Mordo and Ghost Rider to the Marvel Future Revolution companion tier list.

Need some help on Earth 616? This Marvel Future Revolution Companion tier list might just provide you with a little assistance. Thanos may have ceased his invasion after a hard-fought battle, but the story is only just getting started.

The Eternals have made themselves known to the converged planet, and they're not the only ones you can team up with in the latest Marvel Future Revolution update—though they're probably the ones you'll want to seek out right now. Read on to find out which is the best.

Just getting started in Marvel Future Revolution? If you're wondering who to level up first (or next) we have a comprehensive tier list detailing which area of the game each character excels at right now. Once you've decided on a character, check out our build guide. We have a top-tier Captain Marvel build, and powerful single-target Black Widow build, and even one for the unreleased Magik, who is coming in December.

Marvel Future Revolution Companion Tier List - Who Is the Best Companion?

Marvel Future Revolution Companion Tier List


Ghost Rider


Baron Mordo
Spider-Man (No Way Home)
Nick Fury


Donna Pots
War Machine


Danny Trever


Gord Flemming
Uncorrupted Ultron
Iron Legion Mark 15
Enhanced Ultron


Luke Gallagher
Redwest Parker
Gary Clubb

The tier list above is entirely preliminary right now and doesn't reflect a reliable idea of which Marvel Future Revolution companion you should invest in. The best companion is whichever suits your particular character and build.

Until we've had the time to test them extensively, we won't know for certain which is the absolute best. Instead, this uses base rarity, availability, and the use-case of a companion's signature skill. With that in mind, Sersi is a great option for virtually any player right now.

What Is a Marvel Future Revolution Companion?

In a nutshell, the Companion system offers you a helping hand. Each Companion unlocks an ability once they hit three-star rarity, which you can then use as part of your usual rotation. You can only equip four of these skills at any one time, so working to upgrade the Companion whose skill works best with your own is generally the way to go.

Any of the game's current crop of 29 companions can be unlocked this way. You don't even need to hope for a high-ranking drop to get your preferred companion, either. Rather than being locked behind specific rarities, you can get any companion in the pool. Luck only plays a part in who you get and the rarity they start at, potentially saving you a long grind if they show up at three-star right out of the gate.

You can get a free Marvel Future Revolution companion just by logging in.
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How Do I Unlock A Marvel Future Revolution Companion?

  • Pull duplicates
  • Earn them in the Convergence Box
  • Alliance rewards
  • Epic Invasion crafts and rewards
  • In-game events

The vast majority of Marvel Future Revolution companions come from the game's heavily pushed gacha system. You'll get one, Cersei, just for logging in around the time of the update, but the rest you'll need to acquire by spending tickets, gems, and anything else you can muster up to afford a pull.

Should I Pull for a Marvel Future Revolution Companion?

If you're already used to throwing money at the game, rolling for a Marvel Future Revolution companion isn't going be worth confusing yourself over. Just do it. If you're a F2P player, however, the water can get a little muddy.

Spending your gems on completing the best costume set for your build or trying for a top-tier Battle Badge will likely have a better effect on your overall power level. After all, the free Companions will give you a new skill, and you can only equip one at a time anyway.

One-star companions will need upgrading to unlock their true potential, and your odds of getting a three-star are astronomically low in the gacha. You're better off just ranking up the free options instead and using the saved currency to finish off a costume set.

Another reason to pull for a new Companion is to increase your character's Power level. Like unlocking titles, any new Companion you unlock will increase your character's power. Collecting and leveling them all up will provide a healthy boost to your numbers.

You can level up by Marvel Future Revolution Companion by completing in-game tasks; like Most Wanted bounties.
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How Do I Level Up A Marvel Future Revolution Companion?

  • Dark Zone
  • Most Wanted
  • Prime Targets

Once equipped, you can level up your Marvel Future Revolution Companions by completing simple in-game tasks. Clearing your daily bounties and killing Most Wanted targets give them the experience they need to grow. This will increase the stats they award when equipped to your character.

Companions hit a soft level cap based on their current rarity. They can all eventually reach level 60, but they can only gain ten levels per rarity. Those three-star companions you feel good about scouting will max out at level 30, for example. You'll need to increase their rarity all the way to six-star to properly realize their potential.

How Do I Increase the Rank of My Marvel Future Revolution Companion? - Companion Shards

  • Pull duplicates
  • Earn them in the Convergence Box
  • Alliance rewards
  • Epic Invasion crafts and rewards
  • In-game events

Pulling a Duplicate companion is the main way to increase its rarity right now. Like other gacha RPGs (think Cookie Run: Kingdom), you can only add a character to your roster once, but they'll still be available to obtain again through the gacha pool.

Pulling a companion you've already unlocked will instead turn them into shards. Once you have enough, these shards can be consumed by that same companion to increase their rank or rarity. The cost increases with each upgrade, so be prepared for a grind.

You can increase the strength of your companion simply by leveling them up, but increasing their rarity will have a more immediate effect on their stats and potential. It's another reason why you may actually want to spend your Gems on the Companion banners once you're satisfied with the rest of your equipment.

And that's about everything we know about the Marvel Future Revolution Companion system right now. It's early days. The update only launched on November 3, and like any good system, it'll take some time to truly figure out how it works and how best to enjoy it. Keep checking back here, as the tiers are likely to shift as we find out more.

Will There Be More Marvel Future Revolution Companions?

Though there's been no official word on it, there's a good chance a new Marvel Future Revolution companion will be added sooner or later. The system came out of the blue with dozens of companions to choose from.

Ranging from new faces to familiar characters featured in the story up to that point, that alone is enough to suggest that more will be added over time. It's a good way for the developers to get extra mileage out of the models they create. And with new characters like Magik set to release, new companions suited to her builds would make sense.

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