The Best Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow Build

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Looking to power up with the best Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow build? Keep it under wraps. The latest Marvel mobile title is a complex adventure with a dizzying amount of moving parts.

Understanding why one person's Black Widow is stronger than another really depends on how they're built. Time, planning, and maybe even a bit of cash will ultimately be the deciding factor with these things, but the best Black Widow build will certainly help bridge the gap no matter what type of player you are. Just be prepared to put in the work.


Looking for more on Marvel Future Revolution? New Marvel Future Revolution codes can help speed up the grind. And if you're struggling to decide who to add to your squad next, we have a guide on the best Marvel Future Revolution characters as well. Lastly, if you want to quickly check out every skin, we have those rounded up in our comprehensive Marvel Future Revolution costumes page. It will help you to compare stats between suits.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeMidgardiaRed Widow
SkillsMaster Spy - Launch Strike, Trap Expert - Sticky Bomb, Explosives Expert - High Explosive Grenade, Widow's Wire - Taser Net, Firearm Expert - Sniper ShotN/A
SpecializationRecieving Intel, Subdue, Improvising, Custom AttacksFatal Strike (if at Crit cap)
PotentialMaster Spy I (ATK), Master Spy II (ATK, Ultimate Skill Recovery), Master Spy III (ATK, Crit DMG, Crit Rate), Master Spy IV (ATK, Crit DMG, Crit Rate)Accuracy Rate, HP, DEF
Omega CardsDark Zone #4 (four-set) / Midgardia #6 (two-set)Dark Zone #3 (four-set) / Midgardia #4 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the Desert (Maestro - Dark Zone)Maestro (Blitz)

Black Widow is one of the strongest single-target DPS characters in the game, and this build cements her as such. She's almost entirely fixated on dishing out pain, so don't count on her to clean team debuffs or heal them up. She starts as a heavy single-target DPS but quickly becomes one of the better burst AoE characters at around level 30. By the time she's approaching the level cap, however, abilities like Sniper Shot will cement her as a boss-killing machine.

The Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow build above is simple enough to follow. Again, it will take some time (and money) to amass the absolute best build, but the alternatives listed will still get you ahead of other F2P gamers. It uses a mix of area damage, damage over time, and single-target attacks to suit a bunch of different modes.

She can lower the damage enemies deal, root them in place for her own Sniper Shot, and even increase the damage the whole team deals to enemies she attacks, meaning there's a little bit of support in there after all. Stat-wise, she stacks ATK, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Defense Pierce to utterly shred most targets. She's a glass cannon. We wouldn't have it any other way.

The Midgardia Black Widow costume in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Black Widow Costumes

Best Black Widow Costume Alternative Black Widow Costume
MidgardiaRed Widow

As you make your way to your crafted regional set, opting for the Red Widow costume is a safe bet. It awards ATK and Crit Damage and culminates in a big increase to her Sniper Shot skill.

While it would then make sense to aim for the Sakaar costume to swap that out for bonuses to her many Espionage Devices skills, stick with the Midgardia outfit to simply gain the same boons with more stats. You might then opt to stuff an extra Deadly Aim skill in there to capitalize on the final boost.

The Best Black Widow Specializations

Specialization Effect
Receiving IntelIncreases damage dealt to enemies with 50% HP or lower by 25%
SubdueIncreases damage dealt to immobile or debuffed targets by 30%
ImprovisingDecreases remaining cooldown of all skills by 2s when using an Espionage Devices class skill.
Custom AttacksIncreases damage dealt to a single target by 21%

One part of this Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow build that will take some time to realize is the character's best Specialization. You'll only unlock the means to gain materials for this at level 70 when the Raid activity opens, but you can unlock the menu itself earlier and gain some early boosts after clearing one of the major boss battles in Midgardia.


Black Widow has a ton of interesting Specialization nodes to pick up, but it will take a considerable amount of time to manage. The first you'll want to get is probably Subdue. A bunch of her moves will proc this, so it'll work on both group pulls and bosses.

After that, Receiving Intel is a great way to boost your damage against bosses. The more Max HP they have, the more time you'll spend getting this bonus damage out. As we're stacking Espoinage Devices class skills with this build, the Improvising node will help get Sniper Shot back off cooldown.

The Firearms tree has a lot of very tempting nodes to grab, but you'll probably want to go for Custom Attacks over Fatal Strike. It'll help with boss damage considerably. Fatal Strike may edge out, but the theory is that it will only apply when you hit that max Critical Damage count. If you're not sure you can reach that, grabbing it will be a waste.

Black Widow using Sniper Shot in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Black Widow Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Master SpyLaunch StrikeClose-Quarters Combat
Trap ExpertSticky BombEspionage Devices
Explosives ExpertHigh Explosive GrenadeEspionage Devices
Widow's WireTaser NetEspionage Devices
Firearm Expert Sniper ShotDeadly Aim

This Black Widow build has a generous balance of area and single-target attacks, making her pretty powerful regardless of content type. Early on, her spinning shock attack will clear rooms with the use of her Ultimate, but there are better ways to top the charts later on.


By taking the skills above, Black Widow can deal considerable damage over time and increase the damage her targets receive. After that, she can pin them in place to step up a multi-target Sniper Shot just like she does with her bullet barrage early on.

With careful timing of her Ultimate, which guarantees a Critical Hit, Black Widow's damage can scale rapidly to the situation. One of those attacks even reduces the ATK of her targets, adding a little bit of support to her kit as well.

The Best Black Widow Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Master SpyATKHP, DEF
Master Spy IIATK, Ultimate Skill RecoveryAccuracy Rate
Master Spy IIIATK, Critical DamageCritical Rate
Master Spy IVATK, Critical DamageCritical Rate

Black Widow benefits from one of the more simplistic Potential trees in the game. Aside from DEF at the top end, virtually everything is worth picking up and will increase nothing but her damage output. That does mean things will get expensive, however.

Focus everything into ATK at the early levels and save the rest of your Red Room Training Logs for ATK on the Master Spy II tab.


Grab Ultimate Skill Recovery here later on. Accuracy Rate will help in the end, but it's far more interesting to rush for the ATK, Critical Damage, and Critical Rate (in that order) on the later tabs. Her Ultimate guarantees a crit, so powering those up any way you can will make a big difference.

The best Omega Card set for Black Widow in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Black Widow Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
Dark Zone #4 (four-set) / Midgardia #6 (two-set)Dark Zone #3 (four-set) / Midgardia #4 (two-set)

Omega Card sets can be both tricky and incredibly easy to obtain. They don't add a massive amount of power to your character, but it's a case of any bonus being something to strive for.

Like most of the Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow build, picking her best Omega Cards is pretty easy. Dark Zone #3 is a great option for those playing for free. It gives nothing but offensive stats to boost her damage. Midgardia #4 is similar but offers slightly more survivability instead.

On the paid side of things, Dark Zone #4 simply offers a boost over the free Dark Zone #3 set. If you don't need the PvP bonus at the end, stick to the four-piece set and finish it off with the Midgardia #6 set for some extra Super Villain Damage.


The Best Black Widow Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
Lord of the Desert (Maestro - Dark Zone)Maestro (Blitz)

Battle Badges catapult a hero's 'Power' rating whenever you unlock a new Blitz, with Cores only enhancing them further.

Black Widow is just as easy as most other damage-oriented heroes. The best Black Widow Battle Badges are simply the Maestro set from the final Blitz activity. After that, you want to head into the Dark Zone to beat up Maestro some more for the Lord of the Desert set.

The Rise of the East set is an integral part of the Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow PVP build.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow PVP Build

Build Omega War Duel
StatsATK, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Ultimate Recharge RateATK, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Ultimate Recharge Rate
CostumeRed WidowRed Widow
Regional CostumeMidgardiaMidgardia
Gacha CostumeRise of the EastRise of the East
Omega CardsSakaar #2 (two-set) + Midgardia #4 (two-set) + Midgardia #2 (two-set)Sakaar #2 (two-set) + Midgardia #4 (two-set) + Midgardia #2 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of Jotunheim (four-set) + Growing Pain (two-set)Lord of Jotunheim (four-set) + Growing Pain (two-set)
SpecializationsSubdue, Custom Attacks, Improvising, Red Room AssassinSubdue, Custom Attacks, Improvising, Receiving Intel
SkillsWidow's Wire - Taser Net, Firearm Expert - Sniper Shot, Trained Assassin - Quick Step Strike, Trap Expert - Trap Deluge, Explosives Expert - Chemical Grenade Trap Expert - Poison Trap, Widow's Wire - Taser Net, Firearm Expert - Sniper Shot, Martial Arts Expert - Crescent Kick, Explosives Expert, Chemical Grenade

As one of the best PVP heroes in the game right now, the above Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow PVP build should see you through both Omega War and Dimension Duels. There are some subtle differences to each, but the idea remains the same: root your opponent with Taser Net, pop your Ultimate, then use Sniper Shot and hope you do enough damage to one-shot your target.

Black Widow can't do much when under fire, but she can use her Ultimate to dodge. Time it around your sniper-shot coming off cooldown and you can weave straight into an incredible powerful hit. It's excellent for both Duels and Omega Wars, but Trap Deluge is there to weaken groups of mobs before you scurry away to line up your shot in group-based PVP activities.


And that's about it for this Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow build guide. It'll take some time to maximize her outstanding damage output, but you'll eventually see the results. She's easily capable of topping the charts in most battles, and by softening targets up for her team as well, she'll help boost everyone in the group.

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