The Best Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel Build

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This build guide was created with the launch Marvel Future Revolution content in mind and doesn't cover post-release equipment just yet. Consider this a Level 1–100 Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel build guide until it is properly updated to reflect the changing meta.

Looking to power up your game with the best Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel build? It's a good idea. The latest Marvel mobile title is a complex beast with plenty of moving parts, and the new companion system has only complicated things further.


Making sense of what makes a character great can easily get lost in the current content rabble, leading to instances of one person's Captain Marvel pumping out significantly more damage than your own. The best Captain Marvel build will fix that, but you'll need to put in the work.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeMidgardiaCarol Corps
SkillsEnergy Impact (Cosmic Recharge), Photon Charge (Blast Cone), Photon Energy (Photon Overflow), Photon Buster (Focal Energy Shot), Photon Blast (Photon Focus)N/A
SpecializationPhoton Energy: Photon Acceleration, Energy Retrieval, Shield Neutralization, Energy EnhancementN/A
PotentialWarbird I (ATK), Warbird II (ATK, Defense Pierce), Warbird III (Defense Pierce), Warbird IV (ATK, Defense Pierce)N/A
Omega CardsMidgardia #6Dark Zone #3 Set
Battle BadgesLord of the DesertMaestro Set

With copious ways to burn brutes with photon energy beams, this Captain Marvel build highlights her as a rock-solid PvE DPS who should only be played as such. She's a glass cannon this way, but one that's capable of outputting some of the highest damage in the game.

You can opt to build her around mobility or even Ultimate up-time, adding in defense boosts to allow her to take more damage. But if you're looking to top the damage charts time and time again, you have to be prepared to dodge some more powerful enemy attacks and time your blows perfectly.

The build above attempts to augment her ranged attacks even further. Stick to a particular rotation and you'll grow her strength just in time for Focal Energy Shot to rack up some serious damage.

The Midgardia Captain Marvel costume in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Captain Marvel Costumes

Best Captain Marvel Costume Alternative Captain Marvel Costume
MidgardiaCarol Corps

The best costume for Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution right now has to be the Midgardia set. A full five-star set increases her ATK by 5.7%, Critical Rate by 11.6%, and boosts her Cosmic Energy skills by six whole levels each.

If you struggle to get hold of that, the Carol Corps costume is another great Captain Marvel option. It gives the same stat buffs, simply swapping Cosmic Energy levels for Photon Blast instead.

The Best Captain Marvel Specializations

For Captain Marvel, you want to focus on stacking ATK and other offensive traits the character is likely to activate. There is a flat damage increase from Photon Acceleration and Energy Enhancement, a big damage boost you can time key skills around with Energy Retrieval, and some shield-piercing damage you can gain from the Shield Neutralization node.


The Best Captain Marvel Skills

With Captain Marvel, the set-up for her skills is relatively easy to understand. It all boils down to buffing yourself and debuffing the enemies in an attempt to exact the most damage from your Photon Focus. There's a skill in here to root enemies to the ground.

Use this against more mobile targets to guarantee your Photon Focus hits its mark throughout its lengthy duration. This build is designed around single-target DPS, but there's a decent area attack in here for when you're clearing packs of mobs as well.

The Best Captain Marvel Potential

For Captain Marvel, you want to focus on getting ATK from each Potential tab. Defense Pierce contributes to her damage output as well. With those out of the way, Stamina Recovery can come in later to increase your uptime.


The Best Captain Marvel Omega Cards

For Captain Marvel, the best Omega Cards to aim for would be the Dark Zone #3 first of all. It shouldn't be too hard to obtain and can be had without spending a buck. If you don't mind throwing some cash around, aiming for the Midgardia #6 set will provide a higher overall damage increase.

The Best Captain Marvel Battle Badges

With this Captain Marvel build, aim to get a set of the Maestro battle badges as soon as you can. The Villain Damage from these will increase your DPS significantly on the fights that matter. Then, as you progress further, aim for a full set of the Lord of the Desert Battle Badges from the Dark Zone.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel PVP Build

Using a condensed version of the layout used for her best PVE build, we've rounded up what makes the best Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel PVP build as well. As Duel and Omega War require two very different strategies, the builds for each will differ, but the underlying ideas remain the same. Just choose your preffered PVP mode and work toward its equipment.


And that's about it for this Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel guide. It'll take some time to maximize Carol's damage output, but put in the effort (and money, maybe) and you'll see the results. She's easily capable of topping the charts in most battles. And isn't that all you want in a combat-focused game like this? If you looking for more build guides for your many characters, check out our Marvel Future Revolution tier list. They're all included there.