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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Magik Build

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December 24, 2021: We fleshed out and completed our preliminary Marvel Future Revolution Magik build guide.

Looking to run through the story again and make the best Marvel Future Revolution Magik build you can? It's quite the time commitment, but the game's first post-release character is proving to be a popular choice, hopefully highlighting what the future of the impressive mobile game looks like.

By following along with our Marvel Future Revolution Magik build guide, you'll be able to level her all the way to 110 while ensuring you're only investing in the best skills and equipment.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Magik Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeHydra EmpireXandearth
SkillsIncinerating Hydra (Legion of Demons), Stepping Sword (Soulsword), Arcane Sword (Soulsword), Soul Slash (Soulsword), Summon Legionnaire (Legion of Demons) N/A
SpecializationSword Mastery - Soul Rampage, Sword Mastery - Soul Absorption, Mystic Mastery - Life Substitution, Mystic Mastery - Mystic Disposal Domain Mastery - Disc Leaper, Domain Mastery - Limbo Control, Mystic Mastery - Infinite Darkness, Mystic Mastery - Mystic Disposal
PotentialATK, Defence Pierce, Accuracy Rate, Total DamageHP, HP, HP, HP
Omega Cards#Future Imperfect (2015) #1, Captain America (2004) #24Defense Pierce/Total Damage
Battle BadgesATK, Crit Rate, Ultimate RecoveryDodge Rate

It's a little too easy to say for sure where Magik will fit into Marvel Future Revolution squads that have gotten by just fine without a new addition in months, but we're going to try. Able to turn into a powerful demon with her Ultimate, Magik focuses on dealing high damage with melee strikes and damage over time with the demons she's able to summon.

Her massive HP pool and ability to convert it into additional ATK makes Magik, at least with her Ultimate in effect, a very versatile character. She can deal high damage and turn her knack for taking hits into even more damage, which should help keep a powerful foe on her when a proper tank like Captain America isn't around.

The best Marvel Future Revolution Magik build demands the right costume.
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The Best Magik Costumes

Best Captain Marvel Costume Alternative Captain Marvel Costume
Hydra EmpireXandearath

The best costumes to use for this Marvel Future Revolution Magik build are fairly straight-forward. Magik actually launched with a slight gap in her costume options. You won't find a non-regional outfit that boosts her powerful Soulsword skills.

Until such a thing arrives (if it ever does), you'll want to aim for either the Hydra Empire or Xandearth set simply because they do offer that important boost of six points into her Soulsword class skills. Hydra Empire is probably the better pick thanks to its Crit Rate buff, but Defence Pierce on the Xandearth set will work just as well.

The Best Magik Specializations

Specialization Effect
Soulsword EnhanceIncreases ATK by 20% for six seconds with using a Soulsword class skill (12s cooldown)
Soul RampageIncreases damage dealt to targets with 50% HP or below by 25%
Soul AbsorptionAbsorbs three percent of damage dealt using a Soul Sword class as HP
Life SubstitutionConverts three percent of HP into ATK.

In terms of the best Specializations to pair with this Marvel Future Revolution Magik build, we suggest focusing on anything that's set to boost her damage—either through Soulsword skill boosts, ATK, or other means.

Magik is actually able to convert her naturally gargantuan HP pool into additional damage, so keep that in mind as well. That's why you'll see Soul Absorption here. It may sound like a defensive specialization, but paired with Life Substitution, it actually works as both an offensive and defensive trait.

The best Marvel Future Revolution Magik build makes good use of her Demonchyld form.
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The Best Magik Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Summon Limbo HydraIncinerating HydraLegion of Demons
Stepping SwordStepping FinisherSoulsword
Arcane SwordSoul StrikeSoulsword
Soul SlashQueen's StrikeSoulsword
Summon LegionnaireSummon Limbo CommanderLegion of Demons

Right now, the best Marvel Future Revolution Magik build requires building Magik around being a melee DPS. Her Soul Sword skills are all incredibly powerful and absolutely worth focusing on.

Beyond powerful critical hit rate potential and high damage brought on by her HP conversions, she's also capable of debilitating small groups of enemies like Doctor Strange with a slight tweak with her masteries. Paired with her immense survivability, she can certainly act as the tank in a group.

With the build above, however, you'll be applying a powerful damage over time effect to groups of enemies before smashing them up with your sword, leaving Summon Legionnaire there for bigger, bulkier targets.

The Best Magik Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Master SpyATKHP, DEF
Master Spy IIATK, Defense PierceStamina Recovery
Master Spy IIIDefense PierceGuard Damage Decrease, DEF
Master Spy IVATK, Defense PierceStamina Recovery

For this Marvel Future Revolution Magik build, we're going to suggest focusing your Potential materials into the first column of each unlock. You'll get ATK, Defense Pierce, Accuracy Rate, and Total Damage increases this way.

Accuracy may not always sound that important, but the average DPS decrease you'll see by missing a single move can easily outweigh the increase you'll gain from raw stat boost. And given it'll help you deal with characters with high Dodge Rate stats like Spider-Man in the odd PVP fight, it's worth having.


Once you've maxed those out, start picking up the four HP boosts available in the right-most slots. Because of the Specialization pick listed above, any of these boosts will be converted into additional ATK.

An illustrative look at the best battle badges and omega cards for a Marvel Future Revolution Magik build.
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The Best Magik Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
#Future Imperfect (2015) #1, Captain America (2004) #24Defense Pierce/Total Damage cards

Omega Cards have changed a little since the big Lv. 110 patch, so rather than outline a set you might never see the randomized bonus off, it's best to just look for cards that offer a guaranteed bonus in a particular stat. For Magik, you'll probably want to aim for Defense Pierce and Total Damage buffs.

That being said, Future Imperfect (2015) #1 offers a fixed Ultimate Guage Recovery bonus that can help Magik stay in her powerful Demonchyld form more often for optimal damage, whereas Captain America (2004) #24 offers a fixed ten percent Crit Rate buff instead. Get those two, then just focus on core stats.

The Best Magik Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
ATK, Crit Rate, Ultimate RecoveryDodge Rate

These days, core stats come into play more than set bonuses. For the best Marvel Future Revolution Magik build right now, most would suggest aiming for ATK, Crit Rate, and Ultimate Recovery. Most picks will mean picking up some Dodge Rate alongside those badges, but the extra room for mistakes won't be wasted. Your DPS drops to zero when you're dead, so getting lucky and automatically dodging a fatal attack can really help.

And that's about it for this Marvel Future Revolution Magik guide. Though she's missing more easily obtainable costumes, the amount of holiday bonuses going on in-game right now can alleviate that with a bit of luck. Either way, Magik is a blast to play and scales really well with little effort. Just follow the build above as and when you can and you'll see your damage climb high. Just be sure to check where she sits on the Marvel Future Revolution tier list before you put time into her.

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