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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Magik Build

Need a great Marvel Future Revolution Magik build? Then you must be from the future. Unless you're part of some top-secret beta testing branch, you'll know that Magik isn't playable just yet. Announced shortly after the game's release, its second unlockable member of the X-Men is coming: we just don't know when, or even what exactly she'll bring to the table. But that won't stop us from speculating on what might make her more powerful.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Magik Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeMidgardiaCarol Corps
SkillsEnergy Impact (Cosmic Recharge), Photon Charge (Blast Cone), Photon Energy (Photon Overflow), Photon Buster (Focal Energy Shot), Photon Blast (Photon Focus)N/A
SpecializationPhoton Energy: Photon Acceleration, Energy Retrieval, Shield Neutralization, Energy EnhancementN/A
PotentialWarbird I (ATK), Warbird II (ATK, Defense Pierce), Warbird III (Defense Pierce), Warbird IV (ATK, Defense Pierce)N/A
Omega CardsMidgardia #6Dark Zone #3 Set
Battle BadgesLord of the DesertMaestro Set

Right now, we don't know when Magik will release in Marvel Future Revolution, or the skills she'll bring to a squad. What we do know, however, is that it isn't the first time she's been included in a Marvel game made by Netmarble. We can use that information to guess how she'll play, and thus we can make an informed guess as to how to build her as well.

Remember that this is highly speculative at the moment, so we'll update our guide with the latest info as soon as the character drops.

Magik as seen in the Marvel comic books.
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The Best Magik Costumes

Best Magik Costume Alternative Magik Costume

Other than the crafted Regional costumes, every character has around 14 different outfits to choose from. Each of these have wildly different stats and skill level increases tied behind their set bonuses.

The idea is to work on getting the non-regional set that boosts your preferred build as you try to gamble your way to a complete crafted set with higher stats. Without knowing any of these, we really can't say which Magik costume will be the best with complete certainty.

The Best Magik Specializations

Specializations is one area of a Magik build we really can't speculate on until she arrives. There are so many little nodes spread across different skill type focuses. They're all tailor-made for a particular subset of her abilities. Without knowing exactly what those are, we'll just have to wait until she arrives before we make our decision. Come back later.

The Demon form might see some use in a Marvel Future Revolution Magik build.
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The Best Magik Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Energy Impact Cosmic RechargeLightspeed Movement
Photon ChargeBlast ConeCosmic Energy
Photon EnergyPhoton OverflowCosmic Energy
Photon BusterFocal Energy ShotCosmic Energy
Photon BlastPhoton FocusCosmic Energy

By looking at the skills she commonly used in Marvel Future Fight, a game made by the same developer, we can see that Magik focused on self-buffs and defensive tactics.

If that happens to be true in Marvel Future Revolution, expect one of the better Magik build options to revolve around cooldown reduction. Like Star-Lord and his Critical Hit buffs, stacking Cooldown Reduction will increase the uptime of her buffs, increasing their worth.


The Best Magik Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Warbird IIATK, Defense PierceStamina Recovery
Warbird IIIDefense PierceGuard Damage Decrease, DEF
Warbird IVATK, Defense PierceStamina Recovery

Like any other character in the game, Magik will start building out her Potential window early on. These hero-specific tabs generally include the stats the developers intend for each character to pick, making them very useful for discerning their innate strengths and weaknesses.

For a Magik build, we expect Stamina Recovery, Cooldown Reduction, and ATK to be worthwhile picks. If we're right in thinking Magik will focus on buffing herself, Cooldown Reduction will keep these active longer. And if she's expected to rattle off attacks at speed while they're active, Stamina Recovery will help keep her going.

The best Omega Card set for a Magik build in Marvel Future Revolution.
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The Best Magik Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
Midgardia #6Dark Zone #3

Assuming the correct Marvel Future Revolution Magik build relies on stats like Cooldown Reduction and Stamina Recovery, we can theorycraft the best Omega Card sets before her release.

By using Star-Lord as a basis, we can assume the Xandearth #4 set will work well on her. The two-set bonus is what we'd aim for with the Stamina Recovery buff, but the four-set bonus of Ultimate Guage Recovery could play to her strengths as well. Finishing off with the two-piece Hydra Empire #2 Omega Card set would give some ATK and Cooldown Decrease for good measure.

Magik is able to turn into a Demon. If this is carried into Marvel Future Revolution similar to Captain Marvel's Binary form, it could activate alongside her Ultimate. We don't know how it might affect her stats in battle, but Ultimate abilities are never a bad thing.

The Best Magik Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
Lord of the DesertMaestro

Unless we get some new Battle Badges with the Magik update, it's safe to say another Maestro (Blitz) set will be the first thing you'll want to farm after hitting the max level.


After that, it really depends. Battle Badges have little to offer outside of offence and defence. Support heroes are generally left to just pick up whatever offers the correct bonus stats. If Magik's Ultimate does end up being her main battle strategy, however, the Growing Pain set from Yellow Jacket in the Dark Zone could be a big help.

And that's about it for this Marvel Future Revolution Magik build guide. A lot of this could change once the character is properly revealed, but it doesn't hurt to try and guess what might be just around the corner. All we ask is that you don't invest any time or money into these speculatory builds until their worth is confirmed.

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