Pokémon Unite Full Fury Tier List - Best Picks for Pokémon URF

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Image of Cinderace and Greninja in Pokémon Unite
March 3, 2022: Pokémon Unite Full Fury mode has gone away for the week. It'll be back this Saturday all the way through to Monday.

The latest limited-time mode in Pokémon Unite is here, and our Pokémon Unite Full Fury tier list will tell you which Pokémon are the best to use in this special event. The entire meta is thrown on its head with a change to the pace of power-ups and special moves, so you may need a helping hand. We'll tell you exactly which Pokémon will dominate this mode.

Our Pokémon Unite Full Fury tier list will not only rank the 20+ Pokémon in the game based on their proficiency in this mode, but also explain exactly how you access it. This special celebration of Pokémon Day won't be around forever, so you'll want to know how to play it, and how long it'll last for before it's too late.

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Pokémon Unite Full Fury Tier List

Tier Pokémon
SZeraora, Gengar, Trevenant
ACinderace, Lucario, Sylveon, Pikachu, Greninja, Hoopa
BMachamp, Greedent, Dragonite, Absol, Charizard, Cramorant, Tsareena
CMamoswine, Wigglytuff, Gardevoir, Garchomp, Talonflame, Aegislash, Crustle
DBlissey, Snorlax, Mr. Mime, Slowbro, Eldegoss, Venusaur, Blastoise, Decidueye

See the table above for our full tier list for the Pokémon Unite Full Fury mode. You'll note that the rankings are quite different to our base Unite tier list, purely because the parameters of this mode totally shake up the meta. Nothing is quite the same in Full Fury as tanky characters are slightly less useful, so refer to this list to know which Pokémon are worth your while.

However, the mode is still in its infancy and runs for a fair few months after this February's Pokémon Day. Therefore, keep tabs on this tier list, as the positions could change once the meta is more established among players.

Image of Zeraora's profile in Pokémon Unite
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Who Is The Best Pokémon for Pokémon Unite Full Fury Mode?

As per our tier list, the three best Pokémon in the Full Fury mode are Zeraora, Gengar, and Trevenant. Their builds and stats are best-suited to this tweaked spin on the Pokémon Unite formula, making them the ones to go for. Read on for a detailed breakdown on exactly why they do the job in Full Fury mode.


First up is Zeraora, a Pokémon who's very powerful in base Unite already. One of Zeraora's most useful assets is that they don't need to evolve, meaning you can start unlocking some of the best moves from the very start of a match.

Their moves are very solid too, with Agility letting it quickly dash from battle, and Slash landing a killer blow afterwards. Given the benefit of Full Fury mode is reduced move cooldown time, it makes Zeraora almost unstoppable.


Next up is Gengar, another Pokémon with devastating movesets. Lick not only lands damage to enemy targets, but also pulls them closer to Gengar, thus reducing their ability to run away. In this sped-up mode, it's very useful in preventing enemies from escaping your grasp. Combine that with the Dream Eater move that puts rival Pokémon to sleep, and you've got a really solid support unit to weaken enemies for further attacks.


The last Pokémon we especially recommend is Trevenant, one of the newer additions to Unite's roster. It's quite a tanky Pokémon that excels in soaking up damage, allowing teammates to go on and score points.

Their Natural Cure ability passively restores health at low HP, and you can bet that Full Fury mode will increase the speed of that. It's also expert at Hindrance moves like Wood Hammer and Curse, making it a crucial support Pokémon too.

The Pokémon Unite Full Fury mode is a great way to try new characters.
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How Do I Play Pokémon Unite Full Fury?

Luckily, getting into Pokémon Unite's Full Fury mode is very simple to do. This limited-time mode is accessible straight from the Unite Battle menu, but only at certain times.

Yes, Full Fury won't be available seven days a week. Instead, it's only going to be live over three days: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On these days, you'll find it on the playlist menu, likely next to the Quick Match option. Hit Start, and you'll go into matchmaking.

As you may expect from a special mode, the rules of Full Fury are slightly different to that of standard Pokémon Unite battles. The aim of this mode is to increase the pace compared to standard and ranked matches.

This means slashing cooldown times for special moves, reduced respawn times, and near-instant scoring. It'll make everything much quicker, and you also earn more orbs per knockout, making it utter chaos.

Even better, on some undisclosed days during this event, you'll be able to use any Pokémon you want - whether you're unlocked them or not. Beat your allies to the pick and you'll be able to try out any S-tier Pokémon free of charge.

When Does the Pokémon Unite Full Fury Event End?

As a limited-time mode, you sadly won't be able to play Full Fury in Pokémon Unite forever. This particular mode will be in rotation from February 25, 2022 until April 11, 2022. That gives you just under two months to give this new style of Unite battle a shot.

Of course, while it's currently billed as a one-off thing, don't be surprised of Full Fury battles come back. If the mode is a hit with players due to its more casual nature and faster pace, it wouldn't shock us at all to see it become a permanent fixture.

That's it for our guide on Pokémon Unite's Full Fury mode right now! Be sure to check out our tier list for all the help you'll need getting those sweet victories in this exciting tweak on the reliable Unite formula. You'll want to pick the best Pokémon Unite Held Items and Pokémon Unite Battle Items even in this mode, too.

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