Pokémon GO Tapu Koko Weakness and Best Counters

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March 4, 2022: Another Tapu Koko raid hour is scheduled for next week. Get your counters ready with the Tapu Koko weakness guide below.

Beating the first Alolan Legendary in Niantic's mobile game means hitting each Pokémon GO Tapu Koko weakness with the best Pokémon available to you. Without a proper strategy, you won't stand a good chance of catching it until you're teaming up with a full squad of trainers. That's where we're looking to help out.


Being a dual Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon, it's one of the first of that unique combination to make it's way into the game. With it comes only a few choice Tapu Koko weaknesses to write home about. Below, we'll list some of the best Tapu Koko counters you'll want to bring into battle against this brand-new Pokémon.

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What's The Best Pokémon GO Tapu Koko Weakness?

Poison and Ground-type moves are the only Tapu Koko weakness options you'll have going into battle.


Despite its dual type, no Tapu Koko weakness will do quadruple damage, making this particular legendary Pokémon more difficult to deal with than some more recent ones.

Garchomp is great at hitting one Pokémon GO Tapu Koko weakness.

Pokémon GO Tapu Koko - Best Pokémon Counters

Pokémon Fast Move Charged Move
ExcadrillMud ShotEarthquake
GroudonMud ShotEarthquake
RoseradePoison JabSludge Bomb
GengarLickSludge Bomb
ToxicroakPoison JabSludge Bomb

As you can probably glean from the above list, the best Pokémon for exploiting each Tapu Koko weakness are either Ground or Poison/Grass-type creatures. Not only are they both able to hit its weaknesses, but they'll also generally resist Tapu Koko's Electric-type moves as well. Dealing damage is one thing, but resisting is just as important.


So long as you're using Ground or Poison-type moves, you should have a relatively easy time. Others like Muk, Swampert, Landorus, and Victribell work as well.

Can Tapu Koko Be Shiny In Pokémon GO?

Sadly, shiny Tapu Koko probably won't arrive in Pokémon GO for quite some time. Maybe once the other three Tapu Pokémon have debuted and rotated out of the raids, they'll all be replaced one-by-one with shiny-capable versions.

What Moves Does Tapu Koko Use in Pokémon GO?

Fast Moves Charge Moves
Quick AttackThunder
Volt SwitchThunderbold

Tapu Koko can choose between two Fast Moves and four Charge Moves before going into battle. Luckily, they're all more or less resisted by its prime counters - especially Ground-type Pokémon. Once you capture it, TMing for Volt Switch and Brave Bird will turn it into a decent attacker. For defending, Dazzling Gleam is a better choice.


And that's about all there is to know about Tapu Koko weakness chart and the best Pokémon for taking it on. If you haven't already, check out what we know about the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex from that short trailer we saw during Pokémon Day 2022.