The Legend of Neverland tier list (March 2023) - Best characters for launch

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The Legend of Neverland character reel.
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March 27, 2023: Sakura enters our The Legend of Neverland tier list.

The Legend of Neverland tier list is a strange one right now. This open-world mobile MMORPG isn't available everywhere just yet, making concrete data difficult to parse. That being said, The Legend of Neverland gacha offerings haven't changed since players got their first taste of the game.


With duplicate pulls serving to help Flower Fairies grow, one might be fundamentally better than another. And that's enough to have the two dozen or so currently available friends ranked from best to worst. Looking for other gacha games to test your luck on? We have a bunch of the best downloads rounded up in our best gacha games list.

If you're looking for something more specific, check out our Epic Seven tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, and the latest Cookie Run Kingdom codes. That last game is swiping a lot of loyal players from the game this one attempts to emulate.

The Legend of Neverland tier list - best flower fairies

Right now, both Twin Lotus and Chestnut Rose are the two best Flower Fairy units. They both claim the top spot on the current Legend of Neverland tier list. Having either unlocked and sufficiently upgraded will provide a massive power advantage to your gameplay, especially if you manage to pull them early in your adventure.


Of course, the game's few fodder fairies sit deservedly at the bottom. They know they're there, and you know why they're there. Units like Snow Rattan only serve to clock up your ten-pulls and to act as free and easy upgrades for your higher-tier Flower Fairy characters.

What is a Legend of Neverland Flower Fairy?

If you've ever followed the story of Peter Pan, seeing the mention of fairies and Neverland together in one universe shouldn't surprise you. Though The Legend of Neverland isn't at all connected to that timeless tale, some elements do co-exist.


In The Legend of Neverland, players don't pull for playable characters like in Genshin Impact – a game this one has been accused of hewing a bit too closely to – they pull for Flower Fairies. But just like how Genshin Impact merely took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so too does this one.

To simplify things, just think of them as upgradeable equipment. The more you pull the same one, the more upgrades you can unlock. Keep pushing this higher and higher and you'll eventually raise the ceiling of their potential power level. There may not be a staggering amount of them in-game just yet, but that means it's easier to max them out.

When is the Legend of Neverland release date?

It's been around a year now since we first heard about The Legend of Neverland. Originally, it wasn't clear whether the game would ever launch outside of select countries in Asia, but we now know that the Legend of Neverland release date is set for September 8 around the world.


Is the Legend of Neverland a copy of Genshin Impact?

While it's understandable to call any anime-inpsired open-world RPG a Genshin Impact clone these days, we need to consider that each of these games tend to bring something unique to the genre. In the case of the Legend of Neverland, it's a more MMO-styled game with Flower Fairy companions that augment your usual character roster.

Just like how Tower of Fantasy turned the Genshin Impact formula into a budding online world, Genshin Impact turns The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild into a gacha game. They're all iterations of an established formula. That's nothing new in gaming and certainly not worth writing a new title off without playing.


The fastest way to see if it has launched in your region is simply to search for the game on your app store of choice. Better yet, visit the official Legend of Neverland website. You should find links to the game there as well.