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Tales of Luminaria Release Date - Characters and Voice Actors

Itching to learn everything we know about the incoming Tales of Luminaria characters? If you're counting down the days to the release of the latest 'Tales of' mobile gacha game, you're certainly not alone. Although it's not the series' first attempt to make a splash in the mobile gaming sphere, the way it was announced suggests Bandai Namco plan on it being the definitive version. And we have stacks of details to divulge, from the character list and English voice cast to which studio is working on the anime and who designed its massive roster.

If you're looking to learn everything we know about Tales of Luminaria, you're probably a fan of JRPGs as a whole. While you wait for this particular title, consider hopping on some other big releases. We have tiers lists for all the biggest and best anime mobile games around right now, likeKonoSuba Fantastic Days,Epic Seven, and World Flipper. Those not for you, either? Check out our list of the best gacha games around. You're sure to find something.

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What Is Tales of Luminaria?

The Tales of Luminaria mobile game is the latest portable iteration of the long-running JRPG series from Bandai Namco. Announced as part of the first anniversary of Tales of Crestoria, the current main mobile game in the series, this new entry is a fully 3D JRPG title on mobile.

Played in portrait mode, pre-release screenshots show a tall red-haired male swordsman fending off a pack of wolves. In another, two players are seen battling a large chimera-like creature called 'Aglaya' on an elaborate arena in space, highlighting the game's co-op raid battle.

The complete 21-person Tales of Luminaria character list.
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Tales of Luminaria Character List

Character Faction Weapon Type
Leo FourcadeJerle FoundationSword
YelseyJerle FoundationSpear
Celia Arvier Jerle FoundationBow
Michelle Bouquet Jerle FoundationStaff
Lisette Regnier Jerle FoundationTBA
Lucien Dafaure Jerle FoundationTBA
Maxime Hasselmans Jerle FoundationBow
Vanessa MoraxJerle FoundationTwin Blades
August WallensteinGildllan EmpireTBA
Alexandra von Sonne Gildllan EmpireTBA
Bastien Forge Gildllan EmpireTBA
LaplaceGildllan EmpireTBA
Gaspard HerbetGildllan EmpireTBA
Hugo SimonGildllan EmpireTBA
Amelie Laurence Gildllan EmpireTBA
Edouard RouquierAdventurersTBA
Lydie Delacroix, AdventurersTBA
Ana-Maria MarschnerAdventurersTBA
Raoul AdventurersTBA

The complete Tales of Luminaria character list spans 21 characters. Split across three different factions, they all share the title of main protagonist in the story. No matter who you choose to play as, each character has their own unique story, giving you the chance to simply have your preferred character guide you through the game.

Don't expect anything in the way of meaningful combat details until closer to the game's release, but with artwork now released for each and every member of the launch roster, you can certainly pick out your future favourite right now. Bandai Namco is set to feature one character per day on the Tales of Luminaria Twitter account from now on. We should know a lot about the whole crew in the next 21 days, culminating on or around October 15. And thanks to an announcement by Funimation, we even know the full list of voice actors as well.

Tales of Luminaria Voice Actors and Complete Cast

EN Voice Actor Tale of Luminaria Character Also Known For JP Voice Actor
Aaron DismukeLeo FourcadeDr. STONE, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, The Heroic Legend of ArslanRyohei Arai
Gaspard HerbetDaman MillsFrieza (Dragon Ball Super), NEO: The World Ends with You, Weiss (FF7R) TBA
Cristina VeeCelia Arvier(Hunter x Hunter, Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song–, The Seven Deadly SinsMiho Okasaki
Dawn M. Bennett Michelle BouquetNeiru Aonuma (Wonder Egg Priority), Patricia Caulfield (Tsuredure Children)TBA
Suzie YeungYelsyJosee, the Tiger and the Fish, 86TBA
Jamie MarchiVanessa MoraxMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, My Hero AcademiaTBA
Micah SolusodLucien DufaureBlack Clover, A Certain Magical IndexTBA
Ricco FajardoMaxime HasselmansZOMBIE LAND SAGA, My Hero AcademiaTBA
Colleen ClinkenbeardLisette RegnierOne Piece, FAIRY TAILTBA
J. Michael TatumAugust WallensteinSteins;Gate, My Hero AcademiaTBA
Eric ValeAlexandra von SonneDragon Ball Super, Fire Force, PlundererTBA
Christopher R. SabatBastien ForgeDragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, TBA
Monica RialLaplaceUzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, ID: INVADEDTBA
Daman MillsGaspard HerbetSonny Boy, SK8 the InfinityTBA
Bryn ApprillAmelie LaurenceThe Quintessential Quintuplets, ListenersTBA
Clifford ChapinFalkMy Hero Academia, The Duke of Death and His MaidTBA
Jason LiebrechtEdouard RouquierAttack on Titan, My Hero AcademiaTBA
Cherami LeighLydie DelacroixCells at Work!, FAIRY TAILTBA
Brandon PotterRaoulBlack Cat, Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life)TBA
Megan ShipmanAna-Maria MarschnerDragon Goes House-Hunting, Adachi and ShimamuraTBA
Brittney KarbowskiCharlesThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, GleipnirTBA

With the success of recent titles like Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco has accelerated its efforts to have simultaneous worldwide releases of future games in the series. Tales of Luminaria is the latest to enjoy this, and news of that goal means we already know the list of Tales of Luminaria English voice actors.


The above stems from Funimation's announcement of an accompanying anime series, so this list assumes the Tales of Luminaria English voice actors will be performing for both the show and the game.

How Can I Play Tales of Luminaria?

You can pre-order to play Tales of Luminaria through your device's app store right now. Sign-ups are live across Android on Google Play as well as on Apple's iOS devices from the App Store.

What Is the Tales of Luminaria Release Date?

Despite pre-registration being up, a Tales of Luminaria release date isn't yet known. The reveal trailer said it would be "coming soon," but there's currently no way to know whether that means 2021 or 2022.

Who Designed the Tales of Luminaria Characters?

Shun Saeki is the illustrator credited for the Tales of Luminaria character artwork. Though many fans are saying the art design isn't that of a traditional 'Tales of' game, that isn't to say the person behind the characters is a new face in the industry. When the game was announced, Bandai Namco said the main artist hadn't worked on the series before - and that's true. Saeki is instead famous for their work on the Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) manga.

The studio behind the Tales of Luminaria anime made the Batman Ninja anime.
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Which Studio Is Making the Tales of Luminaria Anime?


Though not directly tied into gaming, the Tales of Luminaria anime is set to be such a big part of the mobile game experience that it would be silly to exclude it from this roundup. If you watched the trailer and thought the art style looked familiar, you're probably already accustomed to anime studio Kamikaze Douga.

On top of working on the Tales of Crestoria mobile game's anime prologue, the studio is best known for the Batman Ninja movie and for creating one episode of the recent Star Wars: Visions anthology series.

And that's about everything we know about Tales of Luminaria right now. As this is expected to be a pretty big-budget mobile game from Namco Bandai, we expect it to trump the popularity of the already big Tales of Crestoria release from last year. We'll update this page when more information arrives.