Figure Fantasy tier list and reroll guide (February 2023)

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Image of three characters in Figure Fantasy.
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February 24, 2023: Edith is now added in our Figure Fantasy tier list.

A Figure Fantasy tier list turns the hobby of collecting plastic into something that isn't entirely based on looks, personality, and a character's fashion. sense Ranking Figure Fantasy characters means scoring your 3D statues based on nothing more than their combat performance. Which is what really matters in a turn-based RPG.


Figure Fantasy turns the original gacha into a virtual one. But rather than simply sticking your favourites on a shelf (though you can go that), this game has them do battle like any other mobile RPG. And when it comes to brawling, some figures are better than others.

If you're not getting far in Figure Fantasy, you may want to check out our Genshin Impact tier list or AFK Arena tier list for help in some other hit mobile games. That's alongside a YuGiOh Master Duel deck tier list for even more help.

The Figure Fantasy tier list will continue to grow as more characters are introduced.

Figure Fantasy tier list

Tier Character
SRinn, Zhuge Liang, Yamazaki, Yuina Mizuki, Yoko Kasumi, Astaroth, Zephyr, Eikzia, Zarola, Vazorwyn, Minakami, Erikzia, Khrusos, Ultraman Tiga
ANorris, Xantha Kaine, Megan, Akechi Mitsuhide, Sani, Harriet, Alfred, Flower, Lu Bu, Rie, Ume Mizuno, Zhou Yu, Kamille, Sakura, Vasily, Dead Master, S-VII, Yolanda, Honoka, Diao Chan, Edith
BOsuke Okada, Ihrendts Ember, Irina, Midori, Zhao Yun, Yuna, Source, Ophelia, Ryoma Kurata, Kris, Sapphire, Hatsune Miku, Empress, Izumi, Marie Rose, Sun Shang Xiang
CEvita, Kazue Iwata, Mizusaki, Delores, Suzumi, Kotaro, Aoi, Gweneira, Hiroshi, Ricco, Karan, Yuki, Arisa Jingu, Tia
DDaylight Cat, Midnight Cat, Mako, Sanada Yukimura

The Figure Fantasy tier list above grades each of the currently available characters in terms of overall performance. It's possible to separate each into their own categories based on the roles they perform, but that won't make much sense without context derived from playing a good amount of the game.

For now, use the Figure Fantasy tier list above to familiarize yourself with the game's best-performing characters. Once the game releases in your area and you're able to perform your first few pulls, refer back to it to see if those you pulled are worth investing in.

Here's how to perform a Figure Fantasy reroll.

How do I perform a Figure Fantasy reroll?

  • Create a guest account
  • Skip through the story content
  • Clear up to Stage 1-4
  • Redeem the latest Figure Fantasy codes
  • Collect all of your rewards from the mail
  • Combine the Blind Box pieces into a Blind Box pull
  • Pull in the banner of your choice
  • Delete the game and/or data if you don't get good units and start again

While most gacha games make rerolling for your preferred starting characters a cinch, the same is not true of Figure Fantasy. It doesn't feature an easy reroll option or account delete button. So, in order to perform a Figure Fantasy reroll, you'll first have to unlock the summons system.

You'll have to get through a few cutscenes, tutorials, and four battles to reach it, which doesn't take long, but deleting your game data if you don't get the best pulls can be a time-consuming struggle.

If you're undeterred, clear Stage 1-4, redeem the latest Figure Fantasy codes, grab all your goodies from the mailbox, and pull until you can't pull anymore. Should the results not be up to your standards, delete the game and its data, redownload it, and make another guest account.

The Figure Fantasy tier list is already quite competitive.

What are the Figure Fantasy pre-registration rewards?

  • 10,000 Lucky Coins
  • 300 Diamonds
  • 60 Super Blind Box Pieces
  • 10 Rare Blind Box coupons
  • Erikzia figuring

All five Figure Fantasy pre-registration rewards were unlocked in time for launch. The final reward—a free Erikzia ultra figurine—should be in your in-game mailbox after Stage 1-4 alongside the above-listed Super Blind Box pieces, coupons, diamonds, and coins. Erikzia ranks especially high on the Figure Fantasy tier list right now, so be sure to get her before the mail expires.

What is Figure Fantasy?

Figure Fantasy (also known as Figure Story in Japan) is a game published by Komoe Technology. Billed as "the best 3D idle figurine RPG" in its own promo shots, it's seen as the gacha JRPG equivalent of Toy Story. It sees sentient anime figurines venture out into the real world to do battle against villainous figurines.

New figures are pulled from 'Blind Boxes' delivered to your virtual door. Like in real life, you tear the tape from the package and add the 3D character statues to your collection.


In sending them out to experience the world outside your bedroom, you build a team of your favourite figures and strategically place Defenders, Vanguards, Militarists, Helpers, and Specialist-grade characters on a 3x3 grid to take on waves of enemies and push through its unique real-world story setting.