Seven Knights 2 Tier List - Best Characters for PVP and PVE (May 2022)

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May 23, 2022: We added three new characters to the Seven Knights 2 tier list and prepped it for the second May update set to arrive on May 25, 2022.

In need of a Seven Knights 2 tier list? The impressive mobile RPG gives you a good idea of who to take into each mode, but with a bunch of post-release updates out there now, a fresh meta is forming around its steady release of new characters.


In Seven Knights 2, you're free to take whoever you want into battle. Bigger bosses may be easier with two healers in your team, while others may get harder the longer they live, making high-damage teams preferable. It's all about strategy, and the Seven Knights 2 tier list below can help you scout and set your team.

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Cosette ranks high on the Seven Knights 2 tier list.

Seven Knights 2 Tier List - Best Heroes for General Use

Tier Hero
SAce (Heavenly Sword), Lina (Harmonic Melody), Legendary ‘Historian Noho’, Shay ( Legendary Elena's Sword), Adel (King of Karaestelle), Shane (Nestra's Incarnation), Yuri (Three-Tailed Fox), Aquila (Vindictive Blade), Kris, (Hell Lord), Kris (Nightmare Tracker), Rudy (Knight of Light), Dellons, Rudy (Ultimate Guardian), Eileene (Empress of Fodina)
AAquila (Vindictive Blade), Ian, Serena, Shay
BShane (Lost Soul), Claire (Scarlet Volley), Lene (Daybreak Thunder Dragon), Mercure (Mad Researcher), Miss Velvet (Sanguine Rose),
C Rachel, Scott (Elena's Sword), Henry (Elena's Sword), Melissa (Nestra's Disciple), Cheng Chen (Nestra's Disciple), Lukey (Nestra's Disciple), Adel, Guilahan, Cosette, Shane, Neo
DJuju (Elena's Sword), Spike, Lene (Elena's Sword), Rudy (Recluse), Valdur, Wendigo, Ming, Iota, Lukey, Lene, Claire, Henry, Scott, Theon
FTristan (Nestra's Disciple, Kade (Elena's Sword), Tristan (Fortress of Steel), Eileene (Hooded), Casper, Juju, Tristan, Melissa, Cheng Chen, Kade, Miss Velvet,

If you're just getting started in Seven Knights 2, you'll want to focus on learning which heroes and simply the best all-rounders. By all means, look for the best for a specific content type once you're through with the launch story. But when you first set off, pulling heroes high on the Seven Knights 2 tier list will make reaching the end that much easier.


Seven Knights 2 Tier List - Best Heroes for PVP

Tier Hero
SAquila (Vindictive Blade), Kris (Hell Lord), Ming, Dellons, Rudy (Ultimate Guardian, Eileene (Empress of Fodina)
AKris (Nightmare Tracker), Miss Velvet (Sanguine Rose), Neo, Shane, Valdur
BMercure (Mad Researcher), Claire (Scarlet Volley), Cosette (Magic Automata), Spike

This section of the Seven Knights 2 tier list covers the best Arena heroes for the game's competitive PVP mode. As a team builder, strategy plays a major role in the strength and ultimate success of a squad. By pitting your own against another player's, you can see how your chosen allies synergize together in a controlled environment. These few heroes tend to perform better in more battle scenarios than the rest.

Seven Knights 2 Tier List - Best Hero for PVE

Tier Character
SAquila (Vindictive Blade), Kris (Hell Lord), Kris (Nightmare Tracker), Rudy (Knight of Light), Shay, Valdur, Dellons, Rudy (Elena's Sword), Eileene (Empress of Fodina),
AMercure (Mad Researcher), Claire (Scarlet Volley), Serena, Cheng Chen (Nestra's Dicsiple), Rachel, Henry (Elena's Sword), Melissa (Nestra's Dicsiple)
BScott, Cosette (Magic Automata), Lukey (Nestra's Dicsiple)
CKade (Elena's Sword), Lene (Elena's Sword),

This section of the Seven Knights 2 tier list covers the few heroes who excel at the Gold Vault. This is a dungeon unlocked early on that you can clear for massive stacks of Gold. The size of the reward depends on how many enemies you can defeat in the time limit. These heroes will help you reach S-Rank, unlocking the highest prize in the process.


When Is the Next Seven Knights 2 Update?

The second May update is set to arrive in Seven Knights 2 on May 25, 2022. Updates tend to arrive around two weeks apart, with two large patches releasing each month.

How Do I Keep Up With Seven Knights 2?

If you're a Seven Knights 2 fan desperate to learn more about the game, we've compiled a few places you should keep an eye on. Your first port of call should be the official Seven Knights 2 website, which has plenty of details on the game's base mechanics, as well as how you can download it.


In a similar vein, it's a good idea to keep tabs on the Google Play store page, and the Apple App Store page. Now the game is live, these are the places you'll want to check.

There are plenty of social media pages worth keeping up with, too. They've got a YouTube channel to subscribe to, as well as a Facebook page loaded with information. Lastly, you should join the Discord server too, to join in with the Seven Knights 2 fan discussion.