Another Eden tier List and best characters

Screenshot from Another Eden, showing a sprite walking through a green field
October 25, 2023: New characters Pom (AS), Orleya), and Myunfa (Alter) added.

Another Eden is one of the most expansive and detailed gacha games on mobile. With over one hundred characters and even more combinations to learn, you'll want to know who is best. Thankfully, our Another Eden tier list is here to help you decide which characters to add to your team.

In our Another Eden tier list, we'll rank all characters in the game based on their respective power, as well as their rarity. Then we'll take a look at how you can get more characters using Another Eden's gacha mechanics, then how to reroll and reset your progress if you aren't happy with your spins.

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Another Eden tier list (October 2023)

Character name
Aisha, Yakumo, Iphi, Tsukiha (Alter), Necoco (AS), Azami (AS), Alma, Hismena (Alter), Shion (Alter), Otoha (AS), Mayu, Flammelapis (AS), Flammelapis, Premaya (Alter), Mistrare (AS), Cynthia (AS), Dewey (Alter), Isuka (Alter), Suzette (Extra Style), Toova (Alter), Suzette (Alter), Isuka (Extra Style), Daisy, Kikyo (AS), Melina (Extra Style), Nagi (Extra Style), Garambarrel, Garambarrel (AS), Ewella, Dunarith (AS), Pizzica, Chiyo (AS), Nikeh (AS), Cerrine (AS), Shigure (AS), Nagi (AS), Mighty (AS), Ciel (AS), Philo, Ewan (AS), Azami (AS), Renri (AS), Akane (AS), Foran (AS), Yukino (AS), Yukino, Lokido (AS), Laclair (AS), Tsukiha (AS), Hismena (AS), Tsukiha (Extra Style), Thillelille (AS), Yuna (AS), Miyu (AS), Miyu (Extra Style), Tiramisu (AS), Skull, Shanie (AS), Tsubame (AS), Hozuki (AS), Anabel (AS), Rosetta (AS), Shannon (AS), Shannon (Alter), Clarte (AS), Aldo, Myunfa (AS),Radica (AS), Myrus (AS), Nekoko (AS), Radias (AS), Kikyo (AS), Victor (AS), Tiramisu, Thillelille, Violet, Cynthia, Myunfa, Cyrus, Biaka, Mana, Deirdre, Hardy, Hardy (AS), Mariel (Extra Style), Mariel, Elga, Gariyu, Myrus, Milsha, Milsha (AS), Yipha, Yipha (AS), Philo (AS), Orleya, Ewan, Yuna, Ilulu, Melody, Melissa, Claude, Shannon, Melina, Dewey, Dewey (AS), Felmina, Bertrand
Parisa (AS), Heena (AS), Alphen, Felmina (Extra Style), Soira (AS), Eva, Curio, Serge, Starky, Kid, Harle, Levia (AS), Zeviro (AS), Hismena, Sheila (AS), Veina (AS), Suzette (AS), Claude (AS), Claude (Extra Style),Melina (AS), Felmina (AS), Shion (AS), Ilulu, Pizzica (AS), Mariel (AS), Amy (AS), Cetie (AS), Zeviro, Premaya, Dunarith, Renri, Tsukiha, Shanie, Isuka, Guildna, Sophia, Lokido, Mighty, Bivette, Cetie, Shion, Nagi, Anabel, Shigure, Tiramisu (AS), Laclair, Morgana, Tsubame, Lovebird, Lovebird (AS), Gariyu, Rosetta
Orleya, Hardy AS, Myrus, Hismena AS, Cynthia, Heena AS, Suzette AS, Renri, Tiramisu AS, Laclair, Morgana, Mariel AS, Amy AS, Cetie AS, Zeviro, Premaya, Tsukiha, Shanie, Isuka, Altena, Shionne, Cyrus, Elga AS, Colette, Hozuki, Veina, Toova, Saki AS, Philo, Strawboy, Joker, AS Jorurihime
Colette, Lloyd, Shionne, Isuka (AS), Saki (AS), Toova (AS), Elga (AS), Ruina (AS), Radica, Altena, Philo, Cyrus, Hozuki, Veina, Ciel, Toova, Joker, Levia, Strawboy
Miyu, Riica, Bria, Helena, Feinne, Nopaew, Krervo, Chiyo, Erina, Soira, Prai, Saki, Pom, Galliard
Minalca, Uquaji, Nikeh, Parisa, Cerrine, Lele, Sheila, Foran, Akane, Lingli, Zilva, Samora, Rufus, Jade, Amy, Komachi, Cyuca, Good Macky, Otoha, Myron, Benedict, Yazuki, Lovinia, Azami, Raven, Yio, Sevyn, Miranda, Nero, Rovella, Nomar, Denny, Nonold, Breeno, Ruina, Darunis

As you can see, there are a hefty amount of characters to play as in Another Eden. With well over 100 to choose from, the good news is that there are plenty of high-powered characters you can strive to unlock. Of course, the higher you go up in our list, the rarer the character, as we've taken both power and rarity into consideration with our rankings.

When you first start the game, you'll have access to two characters: Aldo and Feinne. They're both relatively weak, but they do the job against the low-level enemies you face in the early stages. From there, you'll want to start adding new characters to your roster.

Screenshot from Another Eden, showing two characters running into battle against goblins
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Who is the best Another Eden character?

As you can see from our tier list, characters in the S+ rank are generally considered the best in Another Eden. However, the best character for those just starting in the game is Veina. Disregarding her rarity—as she's quite a common character to get—her stats are incredibly impressive.

Boasting a solid max HP of 3124, as well as a fearsome maximum power of 139, she may not offer the highest overall stats, but given that she's easier to unlock, and has very good all-round stats, she's definitely the best for those just starting out.

How do I unlock more Another Eden characters?

As with a lot of gacha games, getting more Another Eden characters is done through the Encounters mechanic. While some of the lower-powered characters are free and unlockable as you progress through the story, the more prestigious fighters are locked behind random spins. As such, you'll need to understand the Encounters system to get the very best team.

To unlock new characters, you need to use the Gallery of Dreams, which you unlock after completing the first few story missions. Here, you'll spend Chronos Stones that you earn through completing quests and redeeming promotional gifts. Of course, you can use real money to purchase Chronos Stones too, which is where the real-life element comes into play.

Once you've unlocked the Gallery of Dreams, you'll be able to spend your Chronos Stones on new Encounters. The characters available in an encounter are constantly changing, so you'll need to keep an eye on the storefront to see what's currently available. From there, it's a simple process of spending your Chronos Stones and seeing what you get.

Another Eden reroll explained

If your spins at the Gallery of Dreams have been less than successful, you'll be able to reroll and have another go. This will let you start Another Eden from the beginning, thus giving you another shot at getting the best characters.

Within the Another Eden settings menu, there isn't an option to manually reset your in-game data. Instead, you'll have to manually delete the game from your mobile device, then reinstall it. Deleting it in this way should erase your in-game data, which you'll be warned about before you confirm your decision to delete. After that, you can redownload it and start again from the beginning, free to spin again. Of course, you'll have to progress through the first few story quests before you unlock the Gallery, but it'll let you have another shot at getting some S-tier characters.

That's it for our Another Eden tier list! We've gone over the best characters in this charming gacha RPG, as well as how to get more, and what to do if you want to start from the beginning. With this knowledge in tow, you'll build a roster of the best characters in no time. Happy questing!

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