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Guardian Tales Tier List - Best Heroes and Reroll

Screenshot from Guardian Tales, showing five anime characters in front of a blue sky

If you’ve never touched the game before, then our Guardian Tales tier list will help you decide which heroes to add to your roster. This adorable RPG, stylised after The Legend of Zelda and made by Kong Studio, positions you as a young knight. Following a chance encounter with the realm’s princess, she’s kidnapped by bandits - and it’s up to you to save her. Cue some engaging hack-and-slash combat, and plenty of evil goblins to vanquish.

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You don’t do it alone though, compiling a team of elite warriors from the Kanterbury Kingdom to save the princess and rid the world of the ominous Invader threat. You can have up to three companions on your quest, and you’ll want a team as balanced as possible to find success. That’s where our tier list comes in handy: we’ll take a look at how good each of the 85 characters are so you can choose which ones to go with. We’ve also gone through the reroll process, meaning you can start over again if your roster isn’t up to scratch.

Guardian Tales Tier List

S Plitvice, Lapice, Marina, Arabelle, Idol Captain Eva, Bari, Lupina, Lahn, Eugene, Tinia, Vishuvac, Nari, Bianca, Oghma, Alef, Miya, Princess, Garam, Beth, Rue, Gabriel, Lynn, Autonomous Android Mk. 2
AKnight Captain Eva, Warlord Mercenary Orca, Elvira, Beast, Karina, Loraine, Lavi, Favi, Aoba, Gremory, Rachel, Hekate, Marianne, Fei, Mei, Marvin, Akayuki, Aisha, Shapira, Dolf, Amy, Girgas, Catherine, Neva
BMale Knight, Female Knight, Sohee, Ranpang, Yuze, Coco, Craig, Rie
CHyper, Maria, Lisa, Leah, Jay, Dragon, Blade, Hoshida, Kang, Agatha, DaVinci, Zoe, Nyan, Marty Junior
DPeggy, Linda, Bob, Rio, Kate, Mina, Ailie, Oralie

As you can see, there are plenty of characters to choose from. Those in the S tier are there based on their star-rating, which comprises their attacking and defensive ability, as well as their base stats.


You start the game by selecting either the male knight or female knight, though their stats are identical, so worry not. Your next companion is Peggy, who you unlock naturally through story progression. From there, it comes down to quest progression and sheer luck on the game’s gacha spins. You’ll want to be aiming for characters in the S and A tier to join your team, as they’ll give you the best in-game performance.

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Who Is the Rarest Guardian Tales Hero?

You should know that you cannot unlock all Guardian Tales characters through story progression. Of course, some characters in the lower rungs of the list will unlock as you progress, but others are harder to unlock.

The rarest character in Guardian Tales at the moment is Warlord Mercenary Orca. They’re the newest warrior in the game, only joining the roster in October 2021. Equally, Orca is strong enough to live up to the hype, boasting a base level of 83 and a respectable 1,127 ATK stat.


Elsewhere, the Executive Red Hood Arabelle is very hard to get your hands on. Once more, this character isn’t unlockable via the story, meaning you’ll have to shell out in-game currency to net her. That can be hit-or-miss, as Guardian Tales runs on gacha mechanics for its character unlocks - so the rarer the character, the harder you’ll find it is to unlock them.

Screenshot from Guardian Tales, with four sprites opening a large brown chest
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Guardian Tales Character Types

There are four character types in Guardian Tales, all with different strengths and weaknesses. They are Warrior, Tanker, Ranged, and Support. The titles are quite self-explanatory: Warriors are best with melee weapons, Tankers can charge through enemies to squash them into oblivion, Ranged characters work best with bow and arrow, and Support teammates are there to heal and boost team stats.

In a team of four characters, you’ll want to strike a balance between these types as much as possible. Since the starter Knight character is a Warrior type, you might want to look at the other types seen below to help choose who you’ll go for.

Warrior Akayuki, Amy, White Beast, Beth, Eugene, Fei, Male Knight, Female Knight, Lahn, Lapice, Lilith, Lupina, Lynn, Marvin, Mei, Plitvice, Rue, Scintilla, Shapira, Sohee, Vishuvac, Yuze, Agatha, Blade, Bob, DaVinci, Dragon, Hyper, Hoshida, Jay, Maria, Kang, Rio
TankerMarina, Oghma, Erina, Lavi, Craig, Ranpang
RangedArabele, Bari, Bianca, Catherine, Coco, Dolf, Elvira, Eva, Garam, Girgas, Gremory, Hetake, Lucy, Marianne, Autonomous Android Mk. 2, Autonomous Android Mk. 99, Nari, Rachel, Rie, Sohee, Tinia, Kate, Leah, Linda, Lisa, Marty Junior, Mina, Nyan, Oralie, Zoe
SupportAisha, Aoba, Eleanor, Eva, Favi, Gabriel, Karina, Loraine, Mayreel, Miya, Noxia, Veronica, Ailie, Peggy

How Do I Get More Guardian Tales Heroes?

As mentioned, Guardian Tales is a gacha game at heart - and as such, the Summon mechanic is the best way to unlock characters in the game. Of course, you can unlock some fellow fighters by progressing through story missions and meeting new allies organically, but if you want the best of the best, you’ll have to take your chances with the Summon menu.

  • On the main game hub, tap the 'Summons' tab in the bottom-right side of the screen
  • Under the 'Hero' tab, you can browse which characters are new in 'Summons'
  • Below that are three options: a single Summon, ten Summons, or a Daily Discount Summon using Gems
  • Tap your preferred option, then you’ll see a cutscene with a drone delivering a box with your new hero - just be sure to sign for it!

Guardian Tales Reroll Explained

If you aren’t over the moon with the results of your summons and you feel like starting over again, then rerolling can be a useful option to give you another shot at unlocking the best Guardian Tales heroes. Notably, there isn’t an in-game option to reroll and start over, so you have to do it a bit more mechanically.

  • When you boot up Guardian Tales, head to the 'Settings' menu in the top-right corner, then click 'Account Settings'
  • Log out, then start over again with a guest account
  • Once you’ve completed the tutorial and first main quest, you can try out the summon mechanic once more
  • If you’re happy with the new rolls, then you’ll need to create a new account to save your progress. If not, then you can repeat the progress until your roster is up to scratch!

How Do I Keep Up With Guardian Tales?

If you like the look of Guardian Tales and want to stay on top of new characters, announcements, and events, then we've got all the links and accounts you'll need to keep an eye on.

Firstly, you should bookmark the official website, whose news section will keep you updated on all things Guardian Tales. Equally, you should follow the game's Twitter, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and join the Discord server. They'll all help you link up with fellow players, and find out the newest information first.

If you're just starting out, be sure to check out our Guardian Tales codes guide for some excellent freebies.