Seven Knights 2 Codes for May 2022 - Free Summon Tickets and Rubies

April 19, 2022: No new Seven Knights 2 codes have arrived in quite some time.

The latest Seven Knights 2 codes can help you level up your characters and push through some of the game's more punishing boss encounters. They're not absolutely necessary. That would be a terrible design decision. But there's no denying the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when claiming some goodies straight from the developers.

If you're just starting out in this expansive gacha game, you'd be very wise indeed to check out our Seven Knights 2 tier list for some handy tips. We've also put together some critical thoughts if you're still on the fence about getting involved.

But if it's just freebies you're after, you can get that warm and fuzzy feeling from a bunch of other similar games. If you've used up every Seven Knights 2 coupon code, try redeeming the latest Marvel Future Revolution codes, Genshin Impact codes, and Raid: Shadow Legends codes as well. They're all similarly ambitious mobile RPGs that you'll race through with the latest codes.

All Working Seven Knights 2 Codes

  • ACEISCOMING - Legendary Accessory Summon Voucher

The following Seven Knights 2 coupon codes were last checked and confirmed expired on April 19, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • 8G9CPAVDEAC - 100 rubies
  • 110SEVENKNIGHTSS2 - Five summon tickets (Common Coupon)
  • SK2LIVESTREAM - Three equipment pulls (Common Coupon)
  • QUIDCXZSPFG - 150 white maps (Common Coupon)
  • SOEFCKSPGJA - 100 rubies (Common Coupon)
  • SK2WITHHR - 400 rubies

Seven Knights 2 coupon codes arrived in every player's mailbox toward the end of April 2022, with bonus codes that could be shared to friends for even more rewards.

Here's how to use Seven Knights 2 coupon codes on iOS and Android.
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How Do I Use Seven Knights 2 Codes?

  • Log in to or create your account
  • Enter the options menu
  • Enter the account tab
  • Copy your 'Account Code'
  • Tap 'Use Coupons' (Android only)
  • Select whether you want to enter a Common Coupon or Serial Coupon
  • Type or paste your coupon code and 'Account Code' into the box
  • Hit 'Redeem'
  • Your items will arrive in-game

You can use your Seven Knights 2 codes almost as soon as you start the game. Once you have an account, tap the button in the top-right corner of the launch screen. Select the Account tab and tap the Reward button. Type or paste a working Seven Knights 2 code here and you'll be able to claim the rewards.

On iOS, you'll need to redeem the codes through the Seven Knights 2 website instead. There are two pages you'll need to use: one for Serial Coupons (single-use) and one for Common Coupons (universal). Use the links in the bulleted list to access whichever you need. Use the same steps to grab your account ID and paste that alongside your Seven Knights 2 codes into the site to redeem them.

A screenshot showing the difference between the two Seven Knights 2 coupon code types.
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What's the Difference Between a Seven Knights 2 Serial Coupon and Common Coupon?

Seven Knights 2 gives codes out in two ways: through social media and through external promotions (like merch sales and product partnerships. The former of these are classed as Common Coupons.

They're coupons that are the same for everyone and can be used by anyone. Codes found on real-world products are unique and can only be used by one person, making them Serial Coupons.

When Do Seven Knights 2 Codes Expire?

The first few Seven Knights 2 codes for launch expired at the end of 2021. Since then, more codes have come and gone much more quickly. Unlike other games - where codes can sometimes stay active for months at a time - Seven Knights 2 codes tend to expire after just a few days, so you'll really want to bookmark this page and revisit often to make sure you're not about to miss one or two new Seven Knights 2 codes.

To see what else the Seven Knights 2 developers have been up to recently, check out the Marvel Future Revolution tier list, our Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch build, and the Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds tier list ahead of the game's launch at the end of May.

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