The Best Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch Build

Image of a smirking Scarlet Witch in Marvel Future Revolution.

Image of a smirking Scarlet Witch in Marvel Future Revolution.

Need a Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch build? The ultra-powerful sorceress is the latest character to join Marvel's mobile game, and she's already looking to be one of the most formidable fighters in the meta. As such, we've taken a look at the current options to tell you exactly how to line her up at this early stage.

In this Marvel Future Revolution build guide, we'll go through the best costumes, skills, specializations, and even more for the new Scarlet Witch character. That's on top of a more detailed explanation of each one, so you know exactly why to pick those options.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch Build

Equipment type
Dark Domain
Darkhold, Chaos Magic, Witch's Darkness, Witch Tongue, Hex Projection
Chaos Tear, Witch's Branch, Reality Break
ATK, Accuracy
Omega Cards
Attacking cards and Crit-boosters
Battle Badges

From what we've seen so far, Scarlet Witch works better in Marvel Future Revolution as a PvE character rather than PvP, so this ideal build seen below is organised accordingly. You won't want to waste time using PvP skills or cards, because at this point that sort of effectiveness isn't there.

As you can tell, there is still some way to go before a proper Scarlet Witch build is ready in Marvel Future Revolution. While we already have a good idea on her skills and specializations, the top players are still determining the badges and Omega Cards to harness her powers.

However, one thing is clear in our Scarlet Witch build: her attacking prowess is one of the best in the game. With the right costumes and skills equipped, her power can easily exceed 800,000 without too much effort. Therefore, she's definitely a character worth investing in if you're a dedicated Marvel Future Revolution player.

Image of the limited time Scarlet Witch event in Marvel Future Revolution.
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The Best Scarlet Witch Costumes

Generally speaking, at this point, there isn't a single best costume to equip with Scarlet Witch. Anything you have within the four/five-star range is good, especially from matching sets. Aiming for a Witchcraft set bonus is probably a good rule of thumb to follow right now.

In terms of individual costume sets, you can't go wrong with harnessing Wanda's dark side with the Dark Domain costume. It'll lead to your build having abilities between four- and five-stars, and a power bevel of over 802,000. Not bad at all!

The Best Scarlet Witch Specializations

Hex Domination
Increase damage dealt to immobile target or status effects to 30%
Chaos Reset
Increase target's skill cooldown by 3% when attacking a target within 5s of using a Chaos skill on a target with a status effect
Chaos Tear
Increase max damage rate by 67.5% for 5 seconds when using a Chaos skill
Reality Break
Become immune to status effects for 8s when using a Witchcraft skill
Witch's Branch
Fires magic that spreads to enemies, causing damage at 13.5% of their ATK level, and Silence for 2s, when using a Witchcraft skill
Mystic Stamina
Recovers stamina by 30% once for every five times a skill is used

Scarlet Witch has plenty of good specializations, but a few stand clear as the best. We'd definitely recommend equipping Chaos Tear as your main choice, due to the blistering short-term damage boost you'll receive.

On top of that, Hex Domination is a good specialization if you've already got control of a battle with status effects in play. Alternatively, you could choose Mystic Stamina for a more tactical approach, replenishing stamina in the background of battle. None of the choices in the table above are bad, though, so you can give them all a go.

The Best Scarlet Witch Skills

Hex Projection
Hex Lightning
Hex Energy
Chaos Magic
Chaos Judgement
Hex Strike
Hex Energy
Language of Demise
Runic Absorption
Witch's Darkness
Witch's Sphere
Hex Release
Hex Break
Hex Energy
Witch Tongue
Reality Fold
Shape of Terror
Terror Consumption
Basic Attack
Ultimate Skill

Check the table below to see which skills are worth exploring for Scarlet Witch. Evidently, a lot of them are magic-focused, but with a smattering of attacking prowess to ensure you make your mark in fights.

The best Scarlet Witch build in Marvel Future Revolution will take some time to figure out.
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The Best Scarlet Witch Potential

Potential category
Primary stat priority
Magical Aptitude I
Magical Aptitude II
Magical Aptitude III

In this Marvel Future Revolution build, we recommend placing your potential upgrades on attacking stats. That's where Scarlet Witch truly excels, and as such investing in attack on the early Magical Aptitude tiers is a good way to get that even higher.

Especially if you haven't unlocked the best skills or costume parts, using ATK updates in the potential tree is a good way to do so as you start building up your build. Equally, accuracy is a good one to focus on if you're happy with attacking stats for now, and want to ensure your hits will still land.

The Best Scarlet Witch Omega Cards

Again, at this early stage of having Scarlet Witch in Marvel Future Revolution, there aren't many Omega Cards that stand head and shoulders above the rest. You're better off picking the best options of what you have, with a primary focus on attacking stats and critical hit boosts.

On top of that, if you have any cards that come with a Super Villain damage boost, you'll definitely want to equip that with Wanda. She can work as a villain, and with her already impressive damage stats, it'll make her even more powerful.

The Best Scarlet Witch Battle Badges

As with Omega Cards, the early stage of the Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch meta suggests you should focus on any attacking-minded Battle Badges you may have. There aren't any that presently stand out, so ensuring you've got some with good ATK and CRIT stats are the safe option to go with.

That's it for our early Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch build! Since she's still a very new character to the roster, the best build options are bound to change, so stay tuned to see different options and choices to bolster her vastly impressive magical attacks even further. Until then, feel free to check out our Magik build for another powerful attacker in the game.

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