The Best PUBG: New State Guns - Weapon Tier List

Image from PUBG: New State, showing four survivors armed with guns, prepared for battles

Ready to drop into a fresh battle royale experience? We've compiled the best PUBG: New State guns so that you know which firearms to look out for in this futuristic spin on the classic PUBG formula. We're breaking down the best gun in each weapon class, so regardless of how you like to play PUBG: New State, there will be something here for you.

A widely anticipated release, PUBG: New State is a hugely significant mobile title. That's because it's a mobile-only sequel to PUBG. The game is now publicly available following an extensive beta testing period, so our best guns guide will help you brush up on the meta in the early stages.

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Screenshot from PUBG: New State, showing two characters pointing guns in opposite directions of the battlefield
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The Best PUBG: New State Guns Tier List

Gun type
Best gun
Assault rifle
Sniper rifle

Read on for a breakdown of the best PUBG: New State gun in each weapon class.

What Is the Best PUBG: New State Assault Rifle?

Without a doubt, the Groza is currently the best assault rifle in PUBG: New State. Boasting almost zero recoil, this burst-fire weapon sends shots flying accurately towards enemies. Of course, it has plenty of other desirable traits, with huge damage stats and impressive accuracy. As such, it's a gun that requires a low skill level to use, and therefore is perfect for the sort of mid-range encounters that are incredibly common in battle royale games of this type.

What Is the Best PUBG: New State SMG?

The most useful SMG in PUBG: New State is a gun that you'll be familiar with from the original game, as well as other shooters like Call of Duty. It's the Vector, a notoriously snappy short-range SMG that packs one hell of a punch in tight encounters.

Yes, one burst of the Vector is enough to send most enemies to a death screen. It fires bullets exceptionally fast and is only matched in close quarters by shotguns. Of course, the recoil is astoundingly strong on the Vector. If you hold down the trigger for too long, your bullet spread will go wild, greatly reducing your ability to land shots. As such, you'll want to stick a grip attachment on and remember to fire in short bursts.

What Is the Best PUBG: New State Shotgun?

Speaking of close-range encounters, the S12K is the shotgun that you'll want to keep an eye out for in PUBG: New State. This semi-automatic shotgun can rapidly shoot up to five shells, depending on how fast you can tap fire. As such, it can obliterate any opponent at short range. In fact, it'll kill enemies before they even get the chance to register your presence. As such, there really is no alternative: if you want a shotgun in PUBG: New State, it's the S12K or nothing.

What Is the Best PUBG: New State Sniper Rifle?

Of course, it's equally possible that you'll want to enjoy some long-range firefights. In such scenarios, we recommend looking for the M24 sniper rifle. It's a gun that's very easy to find on the battlefield, as one of the most common droppable weapons strewn across the map.

Boasting best-in-class damage stats and an excellent array of attachments, the M24 is as versatile as you want it to be. If you need something that pops up quickly and rattles off a silent shot, then it can be just that. If you want a chunkier, bullet-piercing weapon, then you can sort that, too. It's the perfect sniper rifle for those just starting out in PUBG: New State.

What Is the Best PUBG: New State LMG?

If you're looking for a consistent and reliable LMG, then look no further than the DP-28. It's one of only two LMGs in the game at present, but it's certainly the best. Boasting astounding damage stats, especially at medium-range, and a solid 47 bullets per magazine, it's a very reliable weapon. It isn't as fast in firing as other comparable weapons, but if you want something to reliably rattle off shots with devastating damage and low recoil, the DP-28 is for you.

Image from PUBG: New State, showing a first-person HUD with a gun aimed across the grassy battlefield
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How Do I Get More PUBG: New State Guns?

As a battle royale game, there's no way to unlock guns unless you're already in a match. Unless you purchase in-app items like the battle pass or exclusive DLC packs, then all the guns in PUBG: New State will be available in the world of Troi when you drop into battle. You won't be able to ascertain which guns you'll get in chests during a match, so it all boils down to luck.

Of course, that's bread and butter for battle royale players, who have grown used to looting random chests, hoping for the best guns available. You'll never be able to guarantee a good loadout, but as you can see, there are plenty of good guns to get in those boxes.

How Do I Customise PUBG: New State Guns?

One of the most exciting new developments in PUBG: New State is the extensive weapon customisation mechanics. That's done through custom kits, which are boxes you can pick up either during matches or on the training level. From there, you'll be able to tweak elements like attachments, decals, and charms.

Not all weapons are customisable in PUBG: New State, so it'll be a case of trial and error, seeing which weapons work with which attachments, and so on. You'll collect these attachments, decals, and more with custom kits, which you can find in-game. Using those, you can then change decals and attachments, honing your PUBG: New State gun to your liking.

When Do More PUBG: New State Guns Release?

As the game has only just launched, there's only a limited amount of guns available in PUBG: New State. However, when now the game is available worldwide, you can expect more guns to release in the near future.

Of course, as a live-service game, you can bet that more guns will be added to PUBG: New State in the future as part of updates and seasonal events. We'll be sure to update our list of the best guns as the meta changes and players figure out which firearms are the most lethal.

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