10 Aug 2021 10:39 AM +00:00

PUBG New State Requirements for Android and iOS

Are you ready for PUBG New State? You're about to find out. Ahead of the second PUBG New State alpha test period later this month, developer Krafton has announced the PUBG New State requirements your phone or tablet will need to meet or exceed to be able to handle the next-gen PUBG Mobile experience.

The good news is that they're relatively tame. The better news is that they're not final. That could swing either way, but it's doubtful a phone that can get you hooked on the alpha will refuse to play the finished product at launch.

What Are the PUBG New State Requirements?


As of the upcoming alpha test, the PUBG New State system requirements only ask that you're using an Android phone or tablet on version 6.0 or above with 2GB RAM. That's a version of the operating system released six years ago that phones even older than that had no trouble upgrading to. If you've been playing PUBG Mobile, there's a good chance you'll be able to play PUBG New State as well.

For iOS players, the PUBG New State requirements checklist is much more simple. All it asks is that you're using an iPhone 6S or above running iOS 13. That should include the fifth-generation iPad Mini, third-generation iPad Air, and third-generation iPad Pro line as well.

Here's a handy breakdown of the PUBG New State requirements as of the second alpha test:

Android iOS
Android 6.0 or aboveiOS 13 or above
2GB RAMiPhone 6S, iPad Pro/Air (third-gen), iPad Mini (fifth gen) or above.

Will the PUBG New State Requirements Change?

What's important to note is that this isn't the final PUBG New State requirements spec sheet. They're subject to change as optimizations are made. In fact, they already have. The initial alpha test required a device with 2.5GB RAM. That has dropped to 2GB on Android devices for the second test and could fall further by the time the game is ready to release.


If your current phone can't handle the game as it stands today, don't rush to find another just yet. The PUBG New State requirements can, and have, changed before. It's set to release later this year. A lot can happen in four months.