PUBG: New State Redeem Code - Rewards for Launch

Screenshot from PUBG New State, showing a helmet-wearing character holding a gun

Screenshot from PUBG New State, showing a helmet-wearing character holding a gun
April 19, 2022: We checked for new PUBG: New State redeem codes.

Looking for a list of every PUBG: New State redeem code? We've got you covered. The latest battle royale from PUBG Studios is exclusively hitting mobile, and it's an exciting time for fans of the series. The game finally released worldwide on November 11, and players can already get a head start with our handy codes list.

Our codes will provide you with a dose of in-game freebies, most likely skins and currency. All you have to do is redeem now the game is live, and you're in for some freebies that'll set you apart from the competition. The codes will potentially give you the boost you'll need when tackling such an expansive mobile battle royale experience, so be sure to stay on top of them.

If you want even more codes for your favourite mobile games, then you're in the right place. Check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, as well as plenty of codes for the ever-popular Roblox platform. We've got Shindo Life codes, All Star Tower Defense codes, and even brand-new Blox Fruits codes.

Every Working PUBG: New State Redeem Code

  • There currently aren't any working PUBG: New State redeem codes. Sorry about that!

The PUBG: New State redeem codes below were last checked and confirmed expired on April 19, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • 2SURVIVOR02RDM2 - Chicken Medal Bonus Card (+3), Troi 150% BP Card
  • 20LNY22NEWSTATE - Two Hanbok crate tickets
  • JOINBREXTREMENOW - Five chicken medals
  • PARTYCRATETICKET - One free Party Crate
  • SKULLKINGTICKET - Skull King crate

  • WEEKEND2RD1M3 - Gold Bling Crate Ticket, Troi 200% BP Card, Erangel 200% BP Card
  • SNOWFLAKECRATE - Snow Flake Crate Ticket
  • HAPPYNEWSTATE - 6 Chicken Medals and 3 Royale Chest Tickets
  • LORDOFBLOOD - Lord of Blood Crate Ticket
  • WINTERHOLIDAY - 6 Chicken Medals
  • WINTERCARNIVAL15 - Winter Carnival Crate Ticket

What Are PUBG: New State Redeem Codes?

PUBG: New State redeem codes are special redeemables that will potentially grant you exclusive in-game items in the mobile release. They'll likely give you everything from in-game currency to limited-edition weapon decals to make you stand out on the battlefield. We're hoping that the codes will contain a healthy dose of coins, too, so you can kit out your PUBG: New State character with weapon upgrades and special cosmetics.

Now the game is live and available, you can bet that there will be a deluge of codes coming soon. From there, you can guarantee that PUBG Studios will release even more codes to entice new players during the game's early rollout. We'll have to wait and see what benefits the codes will deliver, however.

Here's how to use PUBG New State redeem codes at launch.
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How Do I Use PUBG: New State Redeem Codes?

  • Fire up PUBG: New State
  • Tap the "..." icon in the top-right of the main menu
  • Tap into Settings and hit the copy button by your Account ID
  • Tap back to the main menu and swipe the small carousel until you see the Promotion Code banner
  • Paste your Account ID and PUBG: New State redeem codes into the text boxes
  • Redeem your rewards

The process above can be a little hard to follow if you haven't played a PUBG Mobile game before. It can get a little laborious tapping back and forth as well.

To make it easier, load up another device and open the PUBG New State redeem code site on it. Copy your Account ID from your phone and send it to yourself on a Messenger service like email, Twitter, Slack, or Discord. Then, simply use your other device to copy and paste the ID and redeem codes quickly into the website.

Why Won't My PUBG: New State Redeem Codes Work?

There are plenty of bogus PUBG: New State redeem codes making rounds on the internet right now. Almost a dozen, in fact. As such, you'll want to avoid using these ones, as it'll just be a waste of your time. All the codes on our list are legitimate and valid, so stick to those instead.

How Do I Get More PUBG: New State Redeem Codes?

As it's such a new game, you can bet that there will be plenty of PUBG: New State redeem codes in the near future. If you're a social media user, you should follow the official PUBG New State Twitter, where you'll find all the big announcements. The game also has an official website and YouTube channel, so it's worth keeping an eye on them for the latest info about its release.

It's also a very good idea to bookmark this page and check back regularly. We'll be updating it whenever new PUBG: New State redeem codes release. Considering the game is out now, we should see a barrage of codes in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

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