Blue Archive Team - Best Teams for Each Raid Boss

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June 13, 2022: We're going to update this Blue Archive team page with new additions when Hatsune Miku drops tomorrow.

It's time to start building the ultimate Blue Archive team. With the game's first proper boss event scheduled for the end of November, newcomers don't have long to get caught up with Blue Archive's lengthy story campaign and pesky raid bosses.


It's expected that a lower difficulty setting will still be offered to get weaker players through the new content, but if you've played a gacha game before, you'll know that the best rewards sit behind optimal gameplay.

Before we drown you in terminology, open up our Blue Archive tier list in another tab. Combined with the latest Blue Archive banners, even a newcomer should be able to make sense of team building. And if you need more pulls, our Blue Archive codes list can help. Need another game to play? Final Gear shares a similar art style.

ShiroKuro will demand the best Blue Archive teams.

The Best Blue Archive Team for Each Boss

ShiroKuro Teams

Viability Unit
RecommnededHaruna, Izuna, Asuna
UsableChise, Arisu, Iori, Azusa (Swimsuit)
SupportKotama, Serina

This two-part battle pits you against Shiro and Kuro back to back. Primarily, you want to focus on avoiding the bombs dropped on random areas of the stage. Standing in overlapping explosions is sure to cause a problem for all but the best Blue Archive teams.


Luckily, the rest of the high-damage hits from this fight come from static placement attacks. Do a couple of practice runs to determine where these land and you should be able to easily avoid them when the real battle rolls around.

You need to clear Mission 4 Act 1 to unlock the Hieronymus raid.

Hieronymus Teams

Viability Unit
RecommendedAzusa, Serika, Akane, Yuuka
UseableShiroko, Hina, Akari, Shun, Mutsuki
SupportSerina, Ayane, Hanae, Hanako, Hibiki

In a cruel twist of fate, echoing some of the best raid bosses in gaming history, Hieronymus is a support-centric battle. Split into two parts based on HP, the main task here is to have your healers use their skills on the Green Lantern present on the field. Healing the item applies a stacking debuff on the boss that causes it to take more damage from your Blue Archive teams.

Each activation of the Green Lantern's effect makes the next harder to apply for 20 seconds. Either bring enough heals to get through this limitation, or work out how to survive long enough without rapidly stacking the debuff on the boss.

The second phase adds a similar idea: the Red Lantern. Activating it can stop the enemy's potential insta-kill move, but only the best Blue Archive teams will have a chance to defeat the boss before this even becomes a problem.


You need to clear Mission 4 Act 1 to unlock the Hieronymus raid.

Chesed Teams

Viability Unit
RecommendedTsubaki, Sumire, Tsurugi, Hoshino, Nonomi, Momoi
ViableMidori, Iori, Hifumi, Maki, Neru, Junko, Pina, Hasumi
SupportKarin, Serina, Yoshimi, Kotama

This boss hammers home the idea of clearing mob packs before focusing on the boss. Chesed won't appear until the second half of the battle, which takes a lot of enemy clearing to enter. Even after that, Chesed has high DEF.

The idea is to attack the boss with your Blue Archive teams enough for it to enter its stunned state, revealing a section of itself with drastically lower defences. Deal as much damage as possible while its guard is down or you risk having to repeat the process, clearing the mobs and revealing its softer core until it's defeated.

Endurance won't be on your side. The longer the fight takes, the less likely you are to survive. So bring whichever mix of characters from the list above that you think will see you through.

You need to clear Mission 4 Act 1 to unlock the Hieronymus raid.


Binah Teams

Viability Unit
RecommendedIori, Maki, Akane, Pina
ViableMidori, Nonomi, Neru, Junko, Hoshino, Tsubaki, Hasumi
SupportKarin, Serina, Kotama

This fight takes place over three phases, with the terrain changing each time, forcing complex team compositions to make full use of advantages. Each phase is triggered by knocking the enemy's HP bar down to a certain threshold, at which point it will retreat into the next.

Like Chesed, building up a gauge is the key to taking this boss on. Stopping bosses from attacking is a common strategy in Blue Archive, and by taking plenty of damage from Penetration units, you can repeatedly stun poor Binah. This is followed up with a powerful attack in the final phase, however, so choose your strategy according to your support at this point.

You need to clear Mission 4 Act 1 to unlock the Hieronymus raid.

What Are Blue Archive Raids?

Actually called Total Assault battles in-game, these boss battles are more commonly referred to as Raids by the Blue Archive Reddit community. They're challenging battles that you can tackle up to three times per day. Classed as events, raid availability changes constantly, so it's important that you get the rewards from any raid you can clear quickly before it goes away.


In raids, only the best teams will prevail. Because of Blue Archive's complicated type matchups and terrain bonuses, the list of viable units is particularly strict. You're not stuck to one team, however. Once a boss is selected, you'll have 60 minutes to defeat it. Any team that dies within that one-hour window can't be used in that same fight, but you'll still be able to send another team in to finish the job.

And that's it for this quick look at the best Blue Archive teams around. The Japanese version already has loads more characters available. And with plenty more bosses set to release over the next few months, expect this list to grow for quite some time to come.