Final Gear Reroll Guide

Looking to perform a Final Gear reroll? It's not so straightforward. Most gacha games of the past few months have included a pretty simple way to start the game with the right characters, but Final Gear has thrown out the rulebook.

You won't ever be without a powerful character. It practically lets you pick one right from the near top of the tier list. But when it comes to actually testing your luck, it'll be hard to get any serious results. A Final Gear reroll can help, but it's a lengthy process that's not always worth your time.

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How To Perform a Final Gear Reroll

  • Start the game with a Guest account.
  • Play through the tutorial, skipping text boxes to speed it up.
  • Clear Chapter 2-3 to unlock the Recruit menu and log-in rewards.
  • Claim your log-in, mail, Blacark, and trophy rewards.
  • Perform the tutorial recruit.
  • Keep pulling in the Special Novice Recruit for your preferred SSR.
  • Pull using Crystals and Elite/Standard Referrals in the two banners, moving to the region of the SSR you want.
  • Speed up the recruitment queue using Marvel Accelerators.
  • Claim any new rewards and pull again.
  • Use the Switch Account button at the bottom of the Settings menu to make an account using another service.
  • Repeat the steps until you get your preferred result.
  • Bind the account to your preferred service.

As you can tell by just how many steps there are, performing a Final Gear reroll isn't the most intuitive experience. With no dedicated account delete button, you'll quickly run out of ways to make new profiles as well.

Rather than give away multiple ten-pull recruits or summons like most games, Final Gear opts to let you automatically reroll for your favourite of five select SSR units for free. You can perform around 28 summons along the way with the launch bonus rewards, but most of the results are time-gated behind the Recruitment Queue system, limiting what you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time.

Reaching Chapter 2-3 doesn't take too long, but it's a very repetitive process that you won't enjoy doing more than a couple of times. Use the Final Gear tier list to determine which Pilot you want to aim for.

An infographic showing how to use the Standard referral item to pull for pilots on the Final Gear tier list.
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How Do I Pull Using Standard Referrals in Final Gear?

This menu-heavy game sucks the fun out of the classic gacha summon system by locking results behind a timer. The extra menu complicates the process as well. If you're struggling to work out how to use your Standard Referrals to pull for Final Gear units, read on.

To use your Final Gear Standard Referrals, head into the Recruit menu after Chapter 2-3, tap into the Pilot Recruitment tab at the bottom of the Recruit menu, then choose your region by tapping the arrows in the middle of the screen.

Each region features a different SSR character, changing up your potential results. Once you've decided on which unit you want to try for, tap the Start Recruitment button, use the arrows to state how many Standard Referrals you want to use (you're limited by the amount of unlocked and empty slots in the Recruitment Queue window), then finalize your decision.

At this point, you'll notice countdowns have started on the Recruitment Queue window. The longer the timer, the higher the ranking of the resulting pilot. You can either wait this out or use Marvel Accelerators to grab your pilot immediately.

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