Disgaea RPG Tier List - Best Characters and Reroll Guide

Screenshot from Disgaea RPG, showing a penguin and one other character on a grassy hill
June 6, 2022: Our Disgaea RPG tier list is up to date!

In need of a Disgaea RPG tier list to make sense of the hundreds of characters? This gacha RPG places you at the head of a troupe of battle-ready penguins fighting evil - and it's your job to slowly bolster your squad. With over 200+ characters, though, it's not easy to know who to focus on unlocking.

Luckily, our Disgaea RPG tier list ranks each and every character in the game based on their attacking potency, and potential for future upgrades. We've also got details on how to get more characters through the game's extensive Summon system, and a look at reroll. That will come in handy if you decide to start your progress all over again.

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Disgaea RPG Tier List

Champloo, Fuka XENO, Gym Fuka, Meliodas, Tyrant Overlord Killidia, Overlord Asagi
Merlin, Tyrant Valvatorez, Adell, Awakened Rozalin, Diane, Devil Girl Elizabeth, Zed, Killia, Dark Santa Laharl, Ban, Mid-Boss, Fenrich, Girl Lahari, Asagi, RE:Born
Bloodis, Fuka, Almaz, Desco, Laharl, Valvatorez, Mao, Gordon, Gym Raspberyl, Salvatore, New Year Rozalin, Meaver, Asuka Cranekick, Kurtis, Axel, Almax, Sister Artina, Jennifer, Lioness Princess Etna, King, Kyoko Needleworker, Lady Samurai, Pirate, Thursday, Majin Etna, Gowther, Dark Knight, Etna
Xenolith, Usalia, Majolene, Emizel, Sapphire, Zenolith, Fubuki, Beach Etna, Wrestler, Hoggmeiser, Felynn, Rifle Demon, Barbara, Ninja, Pringer V3, Bear, Horseman, Dragon Zombie, Living Armor, Seraphina, Zeroken, Artina, Yukimaru, Dark Artina, Virunga
Prism Red, Nether Noble, Death, Rozalin, Ayame, Lady Fighter, Martial Artist, Celestial Host, Summer Desco, Slumber Cat, Succubus, Dragon King, Prism Purple, Armor Knight, Rabbit, Winged Warrior, Lantern, Serpent, Dragon, Fallen Angel Flonne, Sicily, Pure Flonne, Warrior, Mirror Cake Prinny
Imp, Orc, Prism Orange, Prism Indigo, Prism Pink, Prism White, Prism Black, Fight Mistress, Archeress, Ms. Raspberyl, Sludge, Flora Beast, Twin Dragon, Christo, Noel, Pure Siciliy, Prism Blue, Celestial Hostess, Raspberyl, Fairy, Undead, Majorita, Love Oracle, Elizabeth, Cleric, Thief, Maid, Santa Usalia, Creator Asagi, Shroom, Gargoyle, Prism Yellow
Prinny, Rainer, Nine-Tail, Gunner, Professor, Chimera, Prism Green, Red Skull, Blue Skull, Green Skull, Star Skull, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Green Mage, Star Mage, Clergy, Spirit

As you can see, there are a lot of characters in Disgaea RPG already. They vary significantly in quality too, so you'll definitely want to aim for characters in the B tier or above to avoid wasting any precious resources on units that might quickly get replaced with a good pull.

Our ranking is based on each character's attacking stats, meaning those towards the top of the list have the highest DPS. Choosing these characters, therefore, will help you breeze through early-stage combat missions without having to worry too much about upgrades.

It's also worth noting that a lot of these characters have high-powered variants: especially Fuka. These variants are often limited-edition and premium, costing real money. That means our tier list combines free-to-play and paid characters, so be aware of that when choosing which characters to unlock.

Screenshot from Disgaea RPG, showing three characters in themed Christmas outfits
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Who Is the Best Character in Disgaea RPG?

As evidenced by our tier list, the best character in Disgaea RPG at this moment is Fuka. No matter which variant—XENO, base, or Gym—Fuka comes out with the best attack stats in the whole game. If you're looking for a definitive best option, then Fuka XENO is the one to go for. Boasting 49 ATK, 149 HP, and 34 DEF, she's a real all-rounder who excels in all forms of combat.

The base Fuka comes in a close second, with 47 ATK, 116 HP, and 31 DEF. There's a clear drop in health here, but a few upgrades and skill boosts should sort that in no time.

How Do I Get More Characters in Disgaea RPG?

As a mobile gacha game, you'll always have the chance to grab some new characters in Disgaea RPG. As with most games of this genre, that comes in the form of a Summon mechanic. They cost Quartz (the game's premium currency), so you can't always roll for free.

To spin for new Disgaea RPG characters, all you need to do is head to the Summon menu and select the type of Summon you wish to purchase. There are a range available, with some limited-time pulls containing characters that will eventually dip out of the roster. They're typically top-tier, so if you're serious about having a solid roster, pulling for these before they go away should always be a priority.

Premium Summon banners always stays in rotation, so you'll always provide a chance to get characters. Drops rates can be quite low though, with four-star characters having just a 0.13% drop rate, but the range available in these general pulls should always net you something new. Their standing on the Disgaea RPG tier list, however, may not always be the best.

For the F2P players, look out for new characters as you play through the campaign mode. They're generally the weaker characters, but they're typically able to get you through the core of the game with a few upgrades.

Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide

If you've had some bad luck with your gacha spins and wish to start Disgaea RPG from the very beginning, then it's probably time to follow the Disgaea RPG reroll process.

This is where you manually reset your data, starting back at square one, letting you have another go at using the free spins. Luckily it's quite a straightforward process, involving just a few taps on the main menu. Here's how to do it:

  • Boot up Disgaea RPG and tap the Menu button in the top-right of the landing page.
  • Hit User Center > GDPR > Delete Account.
  • Follow the steps on this screen, and your progress from all Boltrend games will be deleted.

Note: This will also remove save data from other games like Graffiti Smash, so make sure you definitely want to do this before continuing.

Follow the steps above to delete you account, make a new one, log in, and play through the game again up to a point where you have enough resources to perform a few free pulls (typically no more than 30 minutes). Repeat the process until you get at least one character high on the Disgaea RPG tier list and tie the account to your social media or email platform of choice.

And that's it for our Disgaea RPG tier list! We've gone over all 200+ characters in the game, ranked by their attacking potency, and explained how you can add these varied fighters to your team. Now you can spin to your heart's content!

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