Hero Wars tier list - best heroes and how to reroll

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Screenshot from Hero Wars, showing the main character completing a puzzle.
January 30, 2023: A new hero called Keros has landed in Hero Wars.

With dozens of heroes to toss into your five-man squad, our Hero Wars tier list will help you choose which characters are worth investing resources in, and which are likely to just get you killed.

Our Hero Wars tier list will go through each of the 50+ characters in the game, ranking them based on their proficiency in battle, as well as the unique skills they have. We'll also run through the reroll mechanics, which should help you get the best characters you possibly can right from the start.

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Hero Wars tier list

Tier Hero
SChabba, Aurora, Cleaver, Corvus, Luther, Ziri, Rufus, Astaroth
AGalahad, Tristan, Ishamel, K'arkh, Markus, Andvari, Yasmine, Elmir, Lilith, Fafnir, Keros
BQing Mao, Satori, Alvanor, Maya, Arachne, Dante, Krista, Keira, Judge, Morrigan, Iris, K'hark
CCeleste, Kai, Isaac, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Mojo, Heidi, Jorgen, Orion, Ginger, Daredevil, Dark Star
DAstrid and Lucas, Iris, Cornelius, Faceless, Fox, Lian, Phobos, Artemis, Dorian
EPeppy, Jet, Thea, Helios, Martha

The good news is that as of right now, there aren't too many different heroes in Hero Wars. At just over fifty that pails in comparison to games like AFK Arena. That being said, it will likely grow in the future, so getting ahead of the curve now will pay off down the line.

At present, it's clear that some are better than others. Luckily, a lot of the heroes in the higher tiers can be unlocked naturally throughout the story, so don't go thinking it's all about gacha luck and big bank accounts.

Yes, in that sense Hero Wars is quite generous, as some of the best characters in the game are rather easy to get your hands on. Astaroth, an S-tier hero brimming with satanic skills, is available to unlock in the second quest within the campaign. Equally, the default character Galahad is another strong choice, appearing in the A tier. Therefore, you'll always have some strong heroes to play around with.

What are Hero Wars heroes?

As with a lot of mobile gacha games, Hero Wars heroes form the main part of your Hero Wars team. Each has a different combat specialty (tank, healer, mage, etc.), making each hero a unique unit to use in the game. You can have up to five heroes in your team at one time, so you'll want to unlock a broad range in order to cover your bases in battle.

Heroes greatly range in rarity and combat effectiveness, so the units at the top of our Hero Wars tier list are the ones you should aim for. It's good to combine different types of heroes too, as each has a buff that'll affect the entire team when used in battle. For example, some characters like Ishmael will increase the chance of your team landing critical strikes, so having them could well boost your success in combat. It's these sort of unique nuances that make each hero in Hero Wars worth examining.

Screenshot from Hero Wars, showing the menu to purchase Heroic Chests
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How do I get more Hero Wars heroes?

Luckily, there's a range of ways to get new characters in Hero Wars. Some can be procured simply by playing through the game's campaign, while others require a bit more grinding if you want to unlock them. Outside of the few unlocked in the early campaign missions, characters high on the Hero Wars tier list require you to collect soul stones to unlock them.

Each character requires a different amount of soul stones, meaning some of the rarer characters will require an awful lot of grinding. Each character's soul stone is exclusively tied to them, meaning you'll have to dedicate a lot of time into just one character if you ever hope to unlock them. It's not unlock how the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list works. Again, they're similar games.

Each hero in Hero Wars has specific quests through which you can unlock their soul stones. You can find out which quests these are by selecting a character, then tapping the 'How to Get' button. Completing those quests will earn you soul stones. Repeat them and you'll eventually earn enough to unlock each character. It's no easy feat, but it's a guaranteed way of getting the hero of your choice.

Elsewhere, you can unlock randomly selected characters by purchasing Heroic Chests. Some heroes are exclusive to Heroic Chests, meaning you can't get them by collecting enough soul stones. These are as follows:

  • Tristan
  • Isaac
  • Celeste
  • Arachne

These Heroic Chests are Hero Wars' form of gacha, using random spins that cost real money to unlock new characters. One random spin costs 200 emeralds, and ten costs 1,500 emeralds. The day's free spin will give you a small chance of unlocking new heroes without spending money, but it's certainly not the fastest way to the characters high on the Hero Wars tier list. Generally, these Heroic Chests will cost you real currency, making them somewhat less accessible than the soul stone route.

Hero Wars reroll guide


If you've had some hard luck in Hero Wars and aren't happy with your current roster, you can always use the reroll functionality to start again. This will wipe your current progress, letting you go back to square one and try your luck with the free and easy pulls you get early on. Here's how to do it:

  • From the main menu, tap your character icon on the top-left of the screen.
  • Select 'Change Server', and choose any of the other servers with space.
  • When doing this, you'll be offered the chance to create a new character, or transfer your current progress to the new server. Be sure to create a new character, as this is how you can restart the game.
  • From there a brand-new save file will start from the very beginning, letting you take on Hero Wars from square one. Of course, if you're doing this to give the free spin another go, you'll still have to play through the tutorial once more before you get that chance.

That's it for our Hero Wars tier list. We've gone over all the characters available in the game, as well as detailing which are best, and how to get your hands on the most elusive heroes out there. Enjoy!

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