Graffiti Smash Tier List and Reroll Guide

Screenshot from Graffiti Smash, showing the roster of hunters facing off
April 18, 2022: We checked to see if any new details were required, but our Graffiti Smash tier list is up to date!

Gacha games are all the rage right now, with each often boasting hundreds of characters to choose from, and our Graffiti Smash tier list will help you to pick the best team in Bandai Namco's latest swipe-based mobile RPG. This one sees you playing as a range of hunters, blasting your PvP rivals with paint and altering the battlefield over time.

Our Graffiti Smash tier list will break down each and every hunter available in the game, ranking them by their effectiveness in battle. We'll then go over the best hunter, before explaining how you can get your hands on even more playable characters.

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Graffiti Smash Tier List

Stear, Byakko, Hadit, Halloween Elena, Seiten, Elena, Luke, Ortho, Tropical Stear, Aceida, Greed, Gluttony, Schneider, Diana, Butler Reise
Halloween Karin, Masamune, Lynn, Uruk, Karin, Lilly, Bard, Wrath, Claire, Fate, Kirin, Sherd, Neo, Yomi, Yau, Makina, Melta, Fran, Lust, Metatron, Pecora, Sakura Day Abel, Leloucel, Gamester Conrad, Anvar, Liberta, Uriel, Folia, Ting, Resty, Xmas Eve Alice, Zesta, Muley, Yanagi, Zeno, Rone, Miel, Iris, Linaria, Conrad, Prize, Shayle, Livio
Lothar, Lorne, Gabriel, Yuo, Maid Hina, Femina, Raphael, Justice, Kalm, Sariel, Kai, Fearmara, Lian, Raziel, Saizou, Amana, Markus, Iberis, Jet, Slyne, Janet, Masso, Victor, Werfen, Tropical Rufure
Krampus, Azalea, Ginji, Celio, Mikatsuchi, Halloween Anvar, Fullmoon Rum, Salva, Tropical Salva, Figaro, Vita, Abel, Gione, Nobody, Genbu, Rufure, Zapp, Lin, Michelle, Rudia, Anniversary Lilly, Hina, Nisse, Olga, Yunis, Noah, Eryx, Ruge, Treta, Darta, Anniversary Clara, Yurin, Clara, Jeddy, Nikolaus, Tropical Lynn, Sakura Day Yunis
Isaac, Edgar, Digny, Yue, Seiryu, Vicelli, Sion, Leo, Margaret, Reise, Simoun, Revery, Chloe, Elia, Ubel, Eline, Sophia, Assad, Lorenz, Negato, Homuna, Precia, Akeno, Mira, Nia, Gloria, Maje, Anniversary Amana, Noel, Spira, Liscia, Maxima, Fauna, Whalley, Baird, Rum, Jens, Tropical Kirika, Soulier, Garza, Anju, Ferres, Halloween Claire, Meryl, Jack, Gartium, Blanche, Innes, Fullmoon Yomi, Sanya, Perfee, Fidel, Arsen, Eremia, Ariel, Mint, Heine
Kirika, Riche, Vaivara, Purete, Xmas Eve Justice, Nordic, Juvia, Minnette, Gin, Einsarm, Crow, Tir, Praisir, Visbel, Tropical Sophia, Marcian, Fordeal, Lamp, Vento, Cheny, Soldat, Kaut, Nunnally, Kurche, Curtail, Ayame, Souji, Matia, Lunetta, Tarkish, Honnete, Noir, Rop, Tropical Lamel, Ideal, Stille, Mocha, Dangel, Soal, Rose, Ezelle, Inari, Orvid, Shu, Tropical Renge, Alice, Chaton, Lamel, Cecilia, Lutz, Vena, Lilin, Leah, Renge, Deetch, Karent, Betta, Dirnando, Fore, Halva, Avalude, Smittel, Stovy, Plium, Savant, Kaslan, Felsch, Sono

With over 250 hunters to choose from, your roster in Graffiti Smash can be littered with high-quality characters. We've ranked our list based on attacking stats, with the S tier containing the most potent attackers in the game.

As such, those characters are the ones you'll want in your roster to ensure your attacks are as lethal as possible. Also, it's worth bearing in mind that this ranking is based on each hunter's base statistics, so the positions could change if you upgrade some hunters using consumable weapon items.

Who Is the Best Graffiti Smash Hunter?

As per our tier list, there are a few Graffiti Smash hunters that are especially worth looking out for. If all-out attack is your approach, then you'll want to use Stear or Byakko. Both have base attack stats of over 27,000, making them proficient against most threats you'll face in the game.

If you prefer your characters tanky and able to soak up plenty of damage to protect teammates, then some other hunters are better suited to such a role. Namely, you should use Xmas Eve Justice or base Justice. Both variants have more than 30,000 HP before any upgrades, meaning they can play a brilliant support role to let attacking hunters strike.

Equally, Graffiti Smash purists may want to compile a roster of the game's rarest, most elusive hunters. Those are Uriel and Fullmoon Rum, both of whom are four-star base characters who can easily move to five-star with a few upgrades. Since they're so hard to get in gacha spins, any opponents that see you lining up with them will no doubt appreciate your dedication to the game.

Screenshot from Graffiti Smash, showing the gacha menu and the range of pulls available
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How Do I Get More Graffiti Smash Hunters?

Luckily, Graffiti Smash is quite like most other mobile gacha games in how you unlock new characters. It's done through a fairly rudimentary summon system, where you spend premium currency to randomly spin for extra team members. Here's how to do it:

  • Boot up Graffiti Smash, then complete the in-game tutorial
  • Head to the Gacha/Packs menu at the bottom-right of the menu
  • From here, you can spend Crystals on a range of pulls
    • One pull costs 50 Crystals, while 11 Pulls costs 500
  • If you've got enough currency, all you need to do is tap on the desired pull to spend the Crystals.
  • Then you'll see a lever-pull animation, where you meet your latest team member

Graffiti Smash Reroll Guide

Of course, if your gacha pulls haven't gone to plan and you're left with a sub-standard roster, you might want to perform a Graffiti Smash reroll. This is where you completely wipe your in-game progress and start from the beginning, letting you roll for characters once again. Since Graffiti Smash gives you one free spin during the tutorial, you could well get a five-star character right off the bat, so it makes sense why you may want to reroll. Here's how to do it:

  • On the Graffiti Smash homepage, tap Manage Data > Clear Cache
  • Next, select to clear your cache, which deletes any temporary save data not linked to a login.
  • If you're playing on a guest account and haven't signed-in via Facebook, Google, or so on, this will let you delete your data and start over

That's all for our Graffiti Smash tier list. We've gone over the best of the 250+ characters in this colourful gacha game, as well as how to get more hunters when you want to keep things fresh. Best of luck!

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