Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List - Best Abilities and Characters

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Are you looking for the perfect ability to take your Anime Battlegrounds X skills to the next level? If you can't make heads or tails of the combat system, we've drummed up this Anime Battlegrounds X tier list to run you through everything that you need to know about killing it in this hit Roblox game.

With 45 different abilities and counting, it can be tricky trying to figure out which ABX abilities are going to be the most effective in helping you to conquer the arenas. Building them up takes time, and you can only equip a handful at once, making choosing the best from the ABX tier list increasingly important.

Why not make your life that little bit easier by heading to our Anime Battlegrounds X codes list, where you will find a range of freebies that you can unlock in-game. If you're looking for help in other Roblox titles then why not check out our Critical Legends tier list, our YBA tier list or our Critical Legends Potions list as well?

Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List - Abilities

Tier Ability
SSusanoo, Planet Burst, Amaterasu, Sand Wave
AWhirlwind, Blast Volley, Fang Spin, Power Impact, Tornado, Electo Pistol
BTexas Smash, Flashfreeze, Detroit Smash, Black Lightning, Burning Attack, Shadow Strangle, Kamehameha, Thunder Shock, Fire Lance, Destructo Disk, Galick Gun, Spirit Bomb, Hard Punch, Wood Dragon, Giant, Wood Prison, Flame Wall, Water Pump, Dee Smash, Beam Cannon
CHardening Punch, Bang Beam, Gift Bomb, Rasengan, Bug Attack, Raikiri, Masenko
DDouble Beam, Tail Spin, Duplicate, Twin Lions, Deathball, Clay Explosion, Air Cannon
E Fireball, TriBlast, Decay

The Anime Battleground X ability tier list is pretty big already. It's a game that features a huge supply of characters, weapons, and skills to choose from. For now, we've ranked the ABX abilities in terms of which we are most likely to use when the full plethora is available, but the more we play, the more we will alter this list.

Do note that tier lists are solely down to the opinion of those writing them, and therefore an ability that we may deem to be effective may be the exact opposite for you or vice versa. So do take this into consideration when you are selecting your abilities from our tier list. We also must stress that these abilities are being selected on their effectiveness in battle, not for any other reason - such as farming.

How these abilities perform for you will depend entirely on your skill and the strategy you have in mind when fighting. Even an s-tier ABX ability won't win you every fight if you don't know exactly how it works.

What Is The Best Anime Battlegrounds X Ability?

As per the list above, there are a number of weapons that we deem to be worth considering, with four taking pride and place in the top ranking of our ABX tier list right now.

Susanoo is arguably our favourite so far - a move that anime fans are likely to be very familiar with. The Susanoo casts a gigantic version of your avatar over your opponent. Brandishing two swords before firing a wave of destruction over your opponent, it's a move that's sure to pack a punch whether you're a novice or a pro.

Sand Wave is another personal favourite, and one of the best ABX abilities right now. Just as it sounds, this one casts a huge wave of sand over your opponents, slowing them down significantly, giving you ample time to rush in and deal the decisive blow.

Jordan may be the first, but he's not the last to make it onto the Anime Battlegrounds X tier list.
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Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List - Best Characters

Tier Characters
SLuffy, Doremiya, Daiko, Gozu Ultra, Kanai
ASora, Dara, Grandma Gale, Mayasa, Gozu
BFuji, Rodotoko, Hawki, Coco, Freezer, Bedward, Shiona
CSizon, Sandy, Kiza, Jimen, Narek, Jung, Twice, Almighty, Kid Logan, Rojiyo, All in One
DRiko Togo, Derby, Datu, Veena, Swami, Totto, Chai, Ashika, Future Krunks, Lady Summit

We'll adjust this ABX tier list as we get even more experienced with each character, but for now, here's a preliminary ranking based on both how much damage the character deals and how much Yen it costs to acquire them. There's no point spending good Yen on an expensive fighter when a more affordable one does the job just as well - if not better.

How Do I Get More Anime Battlegrounds X Abilities and Characters?

Unlocking abilities is quite straightforward: you simply work your way through the range of different Arenas that are available in-game.


Conquering each Arena will grant you access to new fighters and abilities. For each arena that you complete, you're handed a random character or ability. You will not get both, nor can you select which you would like to unlock, but you'll get something.

You can also conquer the same Arena numerous times in order to continue to unlock different characters and abilities. So if you find an Arena that you consider to be particularly easy, then make the most of it and reap the rewards.

You can then upgrade your fighters and abilities by heading to the respective pages in-game and spending those hard-earned (or bought) Robux.

And that's it for the Anime Battlegrounds X tier list for now. As mentioned above, we'll flesh out the character tier list as we dive deeper into the game. For now, though, the ABX abilities tier list will help you make a dent in this massive game. For more rankings, check out the Shindo Storm tier list - that's a PVP-focused game mode in the massive Shindo Life game.

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