Critical Legends Potions List - All Boosts and Prices

Screenshot from Critical Legends, showing a Roblox character wielding a red sword

Looking for that competitive edge? Critical Legends potions are the way forward in this combat-heavy Roblox experience. Though the system isn't particularly deep right now, we've pieced together a handy list of available Critical Legends potions to make it easier to pick out which are worth adding to your rotation.

Our Critical Legends potions guide will run through all the available potions in the game, as well as detailing what performance boosts they come with, and how much they cost. We'll also explain how you actually use these potions, as well as how you can procure more to make your character even stronger.

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Critical Legends Potions List

Potion name
Health potion
Heal 25% of max HP
30 Gold
Mana potion
Restores 25% Mana
30 Gold
Power potion
+50% attack stats for 10 seconds
30 Gold
Endurance potion
+50% defense buff for 10 seconds
30 Gold
Haste potion
+20 walk speed for 10 seconds
30 Gold
Purify potion
Removes bad status effects
30 Gold
Insanity potion
Makes you insane, and randomly generates new buffs and debuffs
75 Gold

Above is a list of all seven currently available Critical Legends Potions, the effects they have on your character, and how much they cost to buy. More potions will probably be added over time, but for now, these are all the ones you'll need to make room for in your battle strategy.

What Are Critical Legends Potions?

Critical Legends potions are small consumable items that will augment your fighter's stats. They're temporary boosts, lasting no more than ten seconds, that are generally useful for desperate points in battle or moments or when that last bit of luck is needed to defeat an enemy.

Critical Legends potions can stack in your inventory. If you're fighting a particularly unforgiving boss, for example, you can wheel out several potions at once to really boost your performance.

Potions tend to come in two varieties: ones that boost your stats, or ones that change your character's status. The most common Critical Legends potions will restore your HP or Mana, but Purify potions are there to remove any debuffs plaguing your character.

On top of that, you can get the special Critical Legends potions that can make you a more lethal attacking or defensive force. Combining the Power potion and Endurance potion gives a 50% boost to each of these meters, which automatically makes you so much more lethal in battle - and more proficient in taking damage.

Screenshot from Critical Legends, showing a Roblox avatar in front of the potion store
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How Do I Use Critical Legends Potions?

  • Boot up Critical Legends from the Roblox game page or mobile app.
  • Once you're spawned in, walk along the harbour to the Potions stall directly before the first encounters area.
  • Browse the available potions by tapping them, and hit 'Buy 1' or 'Buy 5' once you've decided which you want.
  • Your potions will then appear in your inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. Just tap them to activate.

How Do I Get More Critical Legends Potions?

Getting new Critical Legends potions could be one of the most important steps to your ongoing success in the game. If you're struggling in the early stages of the game, you'll want to collect as many potions as possible to make that learning curve just a bit less steep.

Some players will therefore be disappointed to learn that the only way to get new potions in Critical Legends is through the market. Since the game doesn't have code functionality just yet, there aren't any free potions lying around. On top of that, you can't get new potions as a reward for defeating enemies either.

Instead, the only way to get Critical Legends potions is to grind by defeating enemies, slowly accruing enough gold to afford them. It'll be a long and arduous process, but if you want those exclusive benefits, it's the only way to go.

That's it for our Critical Legends potions guide for now. We've gone over all of the potions currently in the game, as well as their benefits, and how you can get them. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to progress to the most advanced arenas in no time at all.

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